5 Ways Canadians are Using CBD Creams in 2024

There is no doubt that CBD creams are becoming hugely popular in Canada. Their popularity stems from the fact that they’re meant to be topically applied to our skin. This consumption method is vastly different from other CBD products.

Unlike inhaling or orally consuming, topically applying CBD creams offers Canadians something different. But if you’re unfamiliar with how to use them, then this is the article for you. In this article, we will look at the 5 ways to use CBD creams.

So with all that said, let’s start.

1. For Acne and Other Skin-Related Conditions

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Probably the most common way to use CBD creams is to simply rub them onto your skin to eliminate acne and many other skin conditions. Doing this gives Canadians a fast-acting and very effective consumption method. CBD interacts with our body through the endocannabinoid system. This system, as you can imagine, is responsible for regulating a lot of body functions. These include functions such as hunger, perception of pain, sleep, and many more.

By simply taking the cream and applying it to our skin, we instantly feel the anti-acne effects of CBD. This is all thanks to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These can be found right under the external layers of our skin. While this is a common way to use CBD creams, it is not the only way.

2. For Managing Pain

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Pain affects us in many ways. Some can cope with it while others can’t. But one thing is certain; CBD can help you manage pain more successfully. This is all thanks to the pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol. It is precisely because of the anti-inflammatory properties as to why CBD creams are great for acne.

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When it comes to managing pain, CBD scores points again thanks to the ECS. We did mention that the ECS helps manages our perception of pain. By rubbing CBD cream on an area of the body where you feel pain, you’ll have a much easier time managing it. This is precisely why Canadian athletes are using CBD in general. The pain relief effects are a huge reason why CBD is on everyone’s shopping list.

3. For Better Sleep

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Canadians are no strangers to sleepless nights. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians report losing sleep. While there are countless ways to solve your sleeping problems, one way to do it is by taking CBD. CBD creams, in particular, will help you do just that. By simply applying the cream onto your skin, you will instantly experience its effects. The way CBD can help you sleep easier is by relaxing you and regulating your sleep-wake cycle. This is, again, thanks to the ECS.

The best way to use CBD creams for sleep is by incorporating them into your nightly skincare routine. Simply apply the cream before going to bed and you’ll have no trouble falling asleep.

4. For Anxiety and Stress

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A huge benefit to using CBD creams is for anxiety and stress. Canadians are no strangers to both conditions, much like sleepless nights. Stress can really negatively impact you, while anxiety can make it difficult to live with. Luckily, CBD can help with both. Thanks to its relaxing properties, you’ll have no trouble beating stress. More so, CBD is a natural anxiolytic. This means that CBD can be a natural solution to your anxiety issues.

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While no doubt anxiety comes in many forms, it’s important to cope with it otherwise you’ll have a big problem on your hands. Anxiety can completely ruin your life and we’re seeing CBD as a possible solution. From social phobia to panic disorders, CBD creams can help you cope with all forms of anxiety. All you need to do is simply rub it on your skin to experience the calming and relaxing effects of cannabidiol.

5. For Nurturing Your Skin

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Since we are talking about a skincare product, it’s important to mention that CBD creams are generally good for your skin. While they’re excellent for acne and removing other conditions, they are also even better when it comes to moisturizing, preventing wrinkles, and helping sunburns, among others.

Considering that CBD creams are infused with cannabidiol and other ingredients, we can benefit from these ingredients in many ways. Simply look at the product and the ingredients used, and you’ll get a better understanding of how your skin can benefit from the nurturing effects.

Many Canadians believe that CBD creams are only good because of cannabidiol. But simply said, that is far from the truth.

Where to Buy CBD Creams in Canada

When it comes to buying CBD creams and other topicals in Canada, online makes sense. The reason people are shopping online is because you have a wide variety of high quality CBD products to choose from.

Local stores tend to have a very narrow product line which doesn’t benefit you, the consumer. Shopping online also gets you access to the best deals in Canada and exclusive coupon condes.Í

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Now that’s it’s clear shopping online is the way forward, here’s some more specific tips for you.

Find the Best Deals

To find the best deals on CBD cream in Canada, do some research by Googling a few terms like “cbd cream canada “or “cbd topicals canada“. Look for a website that reviews the top brands, they’ll usually include coupon codes and other helpful information about buying CBD cream and other topicals.

Read the Reviews

Don’t just take a websites word for it, google the brands and products you find. Read the user generated reviews left on third party sites like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau. If a company isn’t providing high quality products, people will be complainting.

Pay Attention to Shipping

Several online stores in Canada offer free shipping, use them. The others compete on price but you’ll find that when it omes time to checkout your bill is considerably more expensive. The standard shipping time in Canada is 3-5 business days, shorter if you’re in Toronto or another major city.


Canadians are using CBD cream for a variety fo reasons and its usage will only continue to expand. Using CBD in the cream form is a great way of achieving targeted relief and we expect the product lines to increase. If you are interested, always speak with a doctor before trying CBD for the first time.