Top Healthcare Translation Tips for Startups and New Business

Healthcare professionals are constantly on the verge of improving patient care. ­­­Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, or any other healthcare professional you want to provide your patients with the latest the industry has to offer. From its innovations in the latest technology to discoveries in medicine, the healthcare industry is an evolving world.

However, since discoveries and innovations are not limited to one person or region it can often be difficult to spread them on a global scale. Leading to many healthcare providers to lead their trust in a translation company. Nonetheless, acquiring translation services can be a daunting task especially given the complexity involved in the healthcare industry and not everyone is willing to share tricks of the trade.

Learning the Tips of the Trade


The healthcare sectors comprise many subfields such as pharmaceutical translations, clinical research, medical devices, and regulatory to name a few. Each sector of healthcare comes with its challenges when it comes to translating and localizing content for the native audience. Although a translation company never truly shows all its cards, we at Latino Bridge believe that there are some vital steps you can take to ensure your healthcare translations are completed in an efficient manner.

  • Research Your Audience – a mistake often made in many industries is tackling too much. Home in one language and one region. For example, Portuguese translation services in Latin America are a melting pot of languages. However, in-depth research will tell you that Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the region.
  • Pay Attention to Your Font Style – in the healthcare industry there are many special characteristics that may not be supported by all font types. This is especially important when manufacturing new drugs or developing research notations. These two examples often include roots words from Greek or Latin that require a little more attention to detail.
  • Create a Glossary – there is a lot of medical jargon that a common person does not understand. Generate a glossary of terms and phrases that will be used across the various platforms you wish to pursue. i.e., the word surgery in American English means that a doctor will perform a procedure on a patient. Whereas the same word in British English refers to the office hours of the doctor.
  • Equality for Everyone – over the course of time more individuals choose to join the healthcare industry as compared to any other industry. For some, it has become a generational or cultural tradition to do so. Each individual comes from a unique background and lifestyle, it is vital to ensure that your healthcare translations are suitable for a global audience. Avoid using colloquialisms, idioms, or phrases that may offend a person.
  • Hire a Professional – spreading your message on a global platform is hard work. Each nation comes with its own set of laws and regulations that are monitored carefully. With the many regulation guidelines, it seems nearly impossible to break the language barrier. Hiring the help of professional translation companies like translations can put your mind at ease. The acquisition of translation services can be beneficial to you in more than one way, as reputable translation companies offer in-house native translators, subject-matter experts, and the latest technology the market has to offer.
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Why a Local Localization Firm?


When looking to globalize your company it is vital to choose an agency that will not merely translate but correctly help you carve a niche with the native audience. Nevertheless, in an industry, such as medicine or healthcare, trying to make sense of the terminology is not always that straightforward and involves the requirement of professional healthcare translation services.

Keeping in respect with the linguistic diversity of Latin and South America, we cater to languages such as Spanish and Brazilian, Portuguese and much more. Our translation services in Latin America truly represent the pride, honor, and passion that Africa has to offer to the world. Some key features that we offer include,

  • In-House Native Translators – We hire all native-speaking translators that can cater to more than 20 different languages globally and have helped more than 150 clients localize their business in the African subcontinent. Therefore giving our clients a truly personal experience of the native audience, as our translators understand the cultural and political aspects of a certain region.
  • Subject-Matter Experts – At Latino Bridge, we go the extra mile and hire experts from the field itself. This guarantees that there is no room for error as they will be familiar with all the special terminology required for the matter.
  • A Quick Delivery –Upon client requests, we have even handled projects over the period of one night. Therefore, no matter the size and budget we have promised a fast turn-around time.
  • A Quality Product – A rigorous multi-step quality check process guarantees there is never a need for a ‘do-over’ and our clients walk away with a final product that they can proudly display
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The Future of Healthcare Translation


Many of the world’s minorities rely on the proper translation of documents to better aid them in accessing equal healthcare opportunities. Many foreigners also are also heavily dependent on proper medical translations when traveling to new countries.

Healthcare translation services continue to be an important link in spreading the understanding of medical terminology on a global level. With the industry, rapidly excelling in multiple fields it presents stakeholders with many challenges as well. They often have various legal prerequisites to comply with among other requirements. This can simply not be obtainable without the help of expert translators, as they can ensure the maximum global outreach for people who may only be able to comprehend a single language.

For further information on all the healthcare translation services, Latino Bridge has to offer contact with our team today and embark on a journey for global success.