Who Will Be the Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms for 2024 ?

Earning money via affiliate marketing is not going anywhere soon. Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Most often the challenge is picking the right affiliate platform to work with.
According to some experts, the affiliate marketing industry generated more than $160 billion in 2024. Meanwhile, there are indications that the affiliate marketing industry would grow by 10 to 15 percent in 2024.

To enjoy some profit from the affiliate marketing industry, you need to invest or partner with a platform that knows its onus and has a prospect to grow in 2024.

However, you are about to learn about the top 10 affiliate marketing platforms that would make waves in 2024.

Let’s get started!


Source: awin.com

Founded in 2000, Awin is one of the big names in affiliate marketing. For a business that wants to grow continuously, you need to partner with the Awin affiliate program. Regarding affiliate marketing, Awin is one of the globally accepted platforms.

On Awin, you would connect with thousands of sellers. Also, Awin ensures that there is strict compliance with their rules. On average, Awin offers 5 percent as commission to their publishers. Awin has the potential to grow in 2024. Therefore, partnering with Awin for your affiliate marketing network in 2024 is a good choice.

Affiliate Lemonads

Source: ucompares.com

If you are looking for an affiliate program that has the potential to earn you huge sums, then go for this affiliate program. Lemonads affiliate program in the future. It affiliate program offers one of the fastest daily payouts you can imagine.

Also, to stop any form of fraud, Lemonads affiliate program has an efficient fraud detection tool via AI tools. On program like this you don’t need any start-up fees compared to other affiliate marketing programs.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, this one is available in more than 200 countries. Apart from that, it has more than 1,800 offers. As far as affiliate marketing is concerned in 2024, Lemonads affiliate program recorded the highest growth this year. Based on that, this has the potential to do better in 2024.

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Source: weloveaffiliatemarketing.com

Shareasale has more than 4,500 merchants listed on its platform. The Shareasale platform is a good platform for both physical and digital products. However, their affiliate program rewards their subscribers based on the merchant they choose.

On Shareasale, you have to individually apply to merchants and wait for the approval of the merchant before you proceed with offering their products on your website or blog. Amazingly, Shareasale has approximately 1,000 exclusive merchants that work with them. Unknown to so many bloggers and website owners, Shareasale has been around for a long time. Also, you can generate affiliate links easily with their bookmarklet.

Rakuten Marketing

Source: digitalmarketingcommunity.com

Unknown to a lot of affiliate marketers, Rakuten Marketing is one of the affiliate networks in the world. What’s more, Rakuten Marketing allows publishers to partner with various brands across various industries. With this, you can offer visitors with personalized advertising experience. You can also offer links to specific products to your visitors.

One of the reasons Rakuten Marketing is very good is because it offers an educational tool for affiliate marketing to its publishers. Meanwhile, with the Ad rotation feature, you can optimize your ads easily. Rakuten Marketing offers a good affiliate link between sellers and publishers.


Source: nichefinderdotblog.wordpress.com

No doubt, Clickbank is one of the “Old Gees” of affiliate marketing worldwide. However, in 2012, Clickbank suffered a huge setback when they were linked to products of poor quality. Nonetheless, Clickbank has come back with a bang. Right now, Clickbank is one of the affiliate marketing companies of choice.

Not to mention, Clickbank has improved its review process and come up with an efficient and user-friendly interface.

Initially, Clickbank focused more on marketing various types of courses. However, Clickbank has expanded and now offers both physical and digital products. Meanwhile, publishers can get as much as 75 percent commission on Clickbank.

Notably, their cookies often depend on the product you want to promote. Clickbank makes payouts weekly and they provide different payout options. To reassure their publishers, they also enforce a 60 days money-back guarantee on their products. Clickbank is a joint venture program that allows publishers to earn regularly and so much too.

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eBay Partner Network

Source: cpa-planner.com

Aside from Amazon, the eBay partner network program is one of the best. The eBay affiliate marketing program provides a huge platform for publishers worldwide.

On the last check, eBay has more than 1.4 billion listings at once. Also, eBay makes emphasis on unique items and specialized categories. Imagine earning from the sales of the fees collected. That’s exactly how eBay pays its publishers. You can earn up to 50 to 70 percent of the amount charged by an eBay seller.

Remarkably, new affiliates on eBay are rewarded with double commissions within the first 3 months of their membership. Furthermore, eBay makes payments via PayPal or Direct Deposit. On the other hand, there is a withdrawal threshold of about $10.

Because more than 50 percent of eBay are 7-day auctions, payments may be delayed sometimes. Aside from that, eBay cookies only last for 24 hours. eBay affiliate marketing platform is considered on this list because of its longevity and consistency. eBay affiliate marketing program has the potential to grow rapidly by 2024.

CJ Affiliate

Source: smartblogger.com

The CJ Affiliate was formerly known as Commercial Junction. However, the name was changed to CJ partners to improve marketability. The CJ partners Affiliate program is a trusted network that converges thousands of markets on one platform.

More so, you can find some of the big names like Grammarly, Office depot, GoPro, Lowes, etc., on CJ Partners. Also, on CJ Partners, you can find a wide range of physical and digital products too. Meanwhile, the least you can get a commission on CJ Partners is $100 for cheque and $50 as direct deposit.

The amount you receive as commission on CJ Partners depends on the merchant you choose. As you may know, choosing a merchant to payouts more on CJ Partners is the best.

One of the reasons CJ Partners is a publisher’s choice is its huge number of merchants. Notably, CJ Partners makes monthly payments. Impressively, CJ Partners makes prompt payments too. With CJ Partners reporting suite, you can optimize your sales performance too.

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Amazon Affiliate Program

Source: unsplash.com

Also called Amazon Associates, the Amazon affiliate program is a very good way to monetize your blog. No, you don’t need to pay a dime to join the amazon affiliate program. Also, the Amazon affiliate program allows bloggers and websites to advertise various products and promote anything in amazon stocks.

Right now, Amazon is one of the giants in online retail services worldwide. Amazon is responsible for 40 percent of all online sales. To get a share of Amazon’s profit, you need to be part of their affiliate marketing program. More so, you must make sure your website is good and promotes good quality products. Interestingly, the Amazon affiliate program offers up to 10 percent on qualifying product sales as commission. Above all, the Amazon affiliate program has a user-friendly interface.


Source: mooncatchermeme.com

The TradeDoubler is another affiliate marketing program that offers publishers an opportunity to earn good money. On TradeDoubler, you can have an insight into how the market works with their reliable technology to track and measure the performance of the digital market.


Source: stellia.nl

Thinking of another affiliate program that offers publishers a great way to monetize your business, opt for Daisycon. Right now, Daisycon is one of the biggest affiliate markets in the Netherlands. Also, Netherlands has more than 70,000 active websites on its platform.

Also, they have 40,000 publishers in Europe. Therefore, if your business is in Europe you can opt for Daisycon.

Wrapping Up

The affiliate marketing industry has a huge potential to keep growing. Unlike other industries that were affected by the COVID-19, affiliate marketing was fast-growing and it’s still doing fine.
If you need an affiliate marketing program to partner with, you can pick from any of the top 10 listed here. Finally, to get huge commissions from affiliate marketing you need to create a good blog or website. Opt for an affiliate program that does not require fees to start up.