Top 6 Sporting Events to Watch in 2024

2020 was a year that took people by surprise with the Coronavirus Pandemic and the massive lockdown that followed it. Most countries had not been expecting the virus or anything close to it at all. The pandemic caused a lot of disruption, and the sector of sports was not spared at all. All sports actions were stopped. Lovers of sports missed a lot for what they had a passion for. In 2024, a lot of big sporting events are set to hold. What are these top sports events to watch in 2024?

Well, 2024 is an exciting year for sports lovers as they would come to reignite the passion and love they had for these sports. Notwithstanding that some sports kicked off operation in 2024, like football, many sports, and popular sports competition had not kicked off as of February 2024. Many top sporting events have not kicked off and would kick off or hold some time in 2024. Here are a few of the top events to watch out for.

Top Sporting Events to Expect and Watch in 2024

These sports events cover a good range of sports and are often talked and written about, that sports lovers expect them to come up every year. Any of these events are exciting to watch regardless of what you are into. Let us take a look at each below.

1. Tokyo Olympic Games


On the top of our list is the Tokyo Olympic Games which was supposed to hold in 2024, but it could not hold due to the pandemic. It was cancelled and rescheduled. The important games, which have been holding for decades since the 1900s, would be opening in Tokyo in July. It promises to be a great sporting event as sports lovers missed watching it in 2024. There are a lot of expectations and anticipation for the great games.

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Athletes of the different sports in the games are beginning to get set for the games. There is widespread emotion of trepidation and expected success. Near veteran sportsmen and women would be looking forward to proving themselves again while the new sportsmen and women would want their names known. This game promises to be a great one to watch.

2. UEFA European Championships


The 2024 Euros, like the Olympics, will take place this summer. The event starts on 11 June and is expected to be hosted across multiple countries in Europe. Most fans will still not be able to attend the games, so if you are looking to follow the Euros, you can find detailed coverage on

The 2024 Euros have a updated format, with the participants increased from 16 nations playing 31 matches to 24 nations playing 51 matches, which means more teams getting a chance to play at the top level, but also means more football on TV and therefore more opportunities for advertising, which is what sporting events tend to cater to.

3. Rugby Championship


Lovers of Rugby would be coming together to watch countries go down in the struggle to become rugby champions. The winner of the last Rugby Championship is the South African team, and they would be looking at proving their worth in this championship. Other countries like the US, Britain, Canada, and others would prove their worth in the competition.

Rugby lovers are anticipating getting back to watching their favourite rugby personalities perform in the competition. They would also be excited about the return of the sports to the field and the screen.

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4. The Paralympic Games


This competition would be going on alongside the Rugby Championship. It would be starting on 24 August. The Paralympic games are an exciting game to watch for people who love anything sports. There is weight lifting, table tennis, and most sports you can find in the normal Olympic Games. It’s a return to the screen for sports lovers to watch the sportsmen and women from their countries struggle to perform and win medals.

5. Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury


This boxing fight between these two popular heavyweight champions is the most talked-about fight in 2024. Anthony Joshua would want to retain his belt and his reputation as one of the best heavyweight boxers in the world. He has not made much loss as a boxer in his career. Tyson Fury, too, has not made a grievous loss as a boxer which makes him a force to content with. They both a reputation to protect which they won’t want to lose that. This is what makes this fight one to watch out for.

It is like a 50-50 fight since both contenders are strong and almost evenly matched. Around 5 million people would watch the fight when it holds like most of Joshua’s and Fury’s fight. They are boxing superstars with a large fan base; people want to see who takes the beating.

6. The London Marathon


The London Marathon would be making a return to the roads of Britain and the screen. Lovers of marathons all over the world cannot wait to watch one of the most talked-about marathons in the world. Thousands of people would watch the competition from their homes and close to the marathon venue.

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The are other competitions that are part of the top sporting events to watch in 2024. They are,

All sports present in the world will be returning to fields, venues of action, and the screen from Formula 1 to tennis. In all these sports, they are the popular competitions and tournaments that have become sensations in the media. 2024 is a great year, the world is recovering from the economic shock of 2024, and as the economies of the world are picking up, people would want to relax and cheer with good sporting events. You should endeavour to watch these sporting events and get in touch with their flow and process, the success and pain of the sports personalities.