Are All Online Casino Slot Games Based on Luck or Skill?

Slot machine games are not new for online gamblers. But beginners still have confusion whether it is a skill or luck-based game. They want to prepare themselves before getting involved in this game and investing money in it. If any game is skill-based, then a person needs to have in-depth knowledge. The gambler must make strategies to win different gaming rounds, and it takes a lot of research and experience.

But if the game is luck-based, you can win the game only when you are fortunate enough. Therefore, it is necessary to know what type of game you are playing before depositing your money. You can try different gaming activities on

In the following write-up, we will discuss whether online casino slot games are based on luck or skill. You can enhance winning chances only when you know how to play any game. You need to gain enough knowledge about slot machines before you play online.

What Type of Game is Slot Machine?

Generally, slot machines are luck-based. You have to place the bet and wait for the result. If you are fortunate enough, then you will win the bet; otherwise, you will lose. But it does not mean that it is purely luck-based. You can convert it to a skill-based game and make money with your knowledge and experience. But it is possible only when you pay attention to various factors.

Factors to Convert Luck-based Slot Machine into Skill-based Game

1. House Edge


As per experts, you can win the slot machines only when your luck supports you. But it does not mean that you cannot do with your skills. You need to consider the house edge that you have to keep low to win the game. It is also known as an average casino advantage that every player should consider in every game.

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If you keep the house edge high, your payout will be low. You can understand better with a simple example. If the house edge is 2%, the player will lose 2% on the average money he makes. You can relate this thing with other games like roulette, blackjack, poker, etc. You can also apply house edge rules in slot machines.

2. RTP


It is a percentage of the return amount that the player will get after every game. Many people think that there is no use in considering this term in slot machines, but it directly connects with this luck-based game. You have to consider it as a fundamental parameter if you are playing slot machines.

With the help of RTP, a player can determine the money percentage that he will win while playing any gaming activity. Many gamblers combine the concepts of house edge and RTP. In fact, they are pretty related to each other reversely. If the calculated house edge is 2%, then it means that the RTP is 98%.

Make sure that you have to choose a game to play with a higher percentage of RTP. Playing your favorite slot machine does not mean that you do not have to check the RTP. It is a crucial factor that you must check if you want to play as per your skills.

3. Volatility


Another factor determines your winning rate in the overall gaming session. You need to check the volatility rate of the slot machines. It can be either low or high. If the volatility rate is high, then there are higher chances of winning the bet. But occasionally, you can win less on a low volatility rate. This factor’s concept is quite different from RTP because you may get the same percentage in both low and high volatility rates.

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Therefore, you have to be careful while placing any bet. It is necessary to have enough knowledge and experience of this game to determine the volatility factor. When you keep on playing slots, you will know how this factor works and how you need to place the bet. It will take time to understand this concept, but you will master it after some time.

4. Bonuses


Whenever you visit any online gambling site and create your account, you will get several bonuses. Even existing users can also get bonuses for playing and winning different games. Every player loves to have rewards because they can try various gaming activities without investing much money. They may get extra spins even if you are losing or winning.

It is a common marketing strategy for many online websites to attract gamblers and engage them in playing games. The money you will get after playing slots also depends on the site’s bonuses.

Before you try any bonus round, you need to check out all the features to know what you will get after playing any game. Depending on the available themes, you can get free spins, multipliers, etc. No matter what symbol is present on the pay line, the multiplier will multiply the winning amount.

If you are trying any slot for the first time, you can use free spins. You can make multiple bets within given bonus coins. In this way, you will learn how to play this game and make strategies for future rounds. You will better understand that you can convert these luck-based slots into skill-based.

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The Bottom Line

All online casino slot games are not luck-based. Sometimes, you need skills to enhance your winning chances. Make sure that you understand the game initially and consider all the mentioned factors. Like other games, you have to go through all the rules and make strategies to win the bet. You can use bonus rounds to try new games.

Plenty of online casino platforms such as GoldenSlot provides free spins to play slots without depositing any money. You will understand whether it is a luck-based or skill-based game with time. Make sure that you gamble in budget and have fun while playing slots. While spinning the reels, get the experience of playing slots and enhance your chances of winning the bets.