11 Small Business Functions You Should Consider Outsourcing in 2024

Internally managing all your operations as a small business owner is never easy, since you are limited by time and resources. A simple way to keep everything under control without overburdening yourself or your employees is by outsourcing tasks. Below, we look at 10 small business functions you should consider outsourcing for long-term benefits.

1. IT management and support

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As dependence on IT services continues to grow by the day, and cyber threats become severe, your competitiveness relies on how your IT infrastructure is managed. Outsourcing your IT support from firms like manhattantechsupport.com will ensure you have seasoned professionals proactively managing tech issues and ensuring your systems operate at full capacity. They will also help maintain a secure and robust technology infrastructure that aligns with current standards.

2. Accounting and bookkeeping

Among the most common reasons small businesses struggle to sustain their operations is the failure to track their finances. A practical way to mitigate these risks is by avoiding handling your bookkeeping and accounting, as handling these on your own may only lead to costly mistakes. Instead, outsource these vital services to a reputable accounting firm, and you will never have to worry about the accuracy of your financial records. This will make it easier to track expenses, pay taxes, and make important financial decisions.

3. Human resources and payroll administration

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Onboarding and managing your team is critical, and you never want to spend too much time sifting through applications to find the right people for the job. Take this burden off your shoulders by hiring a human resources firm to help you pick the right candidates for open positions. It is also highly recommended to have an independent third-party company to manage your payroll administration. This will give you much-needed peace of mind, since you will not have to worry about staying abreast of employment laws.

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4. Customer support

Consumers today expect timely and adequate support. Your in-house team cannot handle their respective duties and still provide the level of customer support expected by responding to all emails, calls, online chats, and inquiries on social media platforms. A smart way to manage these functions is by outsourcing your customer support services to a seasoned firm to guarantee greater accessibility. A dedicated customer service company will go a long way in building client loyalty by enhancing levels of engagement with your target audience.

5. Marketing

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In today’s business landscape, you need to invest in marketing. The internet has redefined the approach to marketing, and you need a full-time marketing team that can manage all aspects of your digital presence and online advertisements. These services are best managed by a marketing firm that understands content creation, social media marketing, PPC, and SEO strategies to give you a competitive edge in your industry.

An ideal company to outsource these services should have a track record in managing all aspects of small business marketing, right from idea conception to execution and campaign measurement.

6. Administrative tasks

There are many administrative tasks that serve to ease daily operations. These tasks could be as simple as managing your contacts, planning your weekly and monthly calendar, or scheduling appointments, but cumulatively, they are time-consuming. You gain more value by outsourcing these services to virtual assistants. These professionals will save you from the costs of hiring a full-time administrative assistant while keeping your business more organized. If you want to stay more focused and productive, with fewer distractions while you work, you can also automate certain daily tasks as an alternative to outsourcing. For example, when it comes to appointment scheduling, you can use online reservation software from companies like SuperSaaS. This software enables you to scale your business while saving time and money. With tools like these, there’s no need for back-and-forth emails or calls – as you can set automated custom reminders for your clients in order to reduce no-shows and late arrivals.

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7. Shipping and logistics

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If your business has high logistics demands, it is best to partner with a logistics recruiter to assist you in finding a competent professional to head this department. This will be a lasting solution to managing the many challenges faced when handling your inventory and the flow of raw materials and products.

You will also need to take better charge of how your products get to your clients, which impacts customer satisfaction. A lasting solution is outsourcing these services to a firm with a strong presence in your primary markets. Strive to settle for a shipping and logistics company with a massive capacity to avoid unnecessary delays after fulfillment of client orders.

8. Research

We are in the age of big data and ever-shifting consumer behavior. This means you need to utilize collected data to better understand the market and your industry. Step up your game by working with a research firm to handle these highly demanding tasks as you benefit from the insights provided.
Make it a priority to work with a research firm before making vital business decisions such as launching a new product, venturing into a new market, or diversifying your product line.

9. Sales prospecting

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Today, consumers have so many options, and you have to reach out to them with a unique proposition before they make purchases. Setting up and executing a sales process requires special skill sets best acquired by outsourcing this function. Remember, the efficiency of your sales prospecting will determine how quickly you can convert your leads into customers.

10. Manufacturing

Even world-renowned brands are still outsourcing their manufacturing. It is no secret that setting up a dedicated manufacturing facility will be costly and challenging to manage for a small business. Search for an established manufacturer and get into a manufacturing contract that allows you to get the products you require at competitive costs. Meanwhile, you will have more time for establishing and growing your business as a product seller who understands your target customers’ needs.

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11. Web design and development

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While logo design, social media graphics and website development are all an important part of the creative process, handling these tasks on your own can severely limit your output due to the time they take up. Instead, outsource these services to dedicated designers who will bring fresh perspectives and deliver quality work. You can easily contract these services to professional freelancers with the specific skills you need. This will help to reduce costs, since you won’t have to worry about entering a long-term contract with a creative agency.


As a small business, you may lack the finances and capacity to hire a large team or acquire resources to support all of your operations. Outsourcing other functions will assist you in improving efficiency and remaining competitive while keeping costs under control.