Good Habits of Customer Service Managers

Throughout their journey from the parking lot to your store, potential customers make decisions about your company’s image and brand. You can do a lot to improve your image through excellent advertising and marketing, but the best time to prove yourself to your customers is through their cooperation, whether it’s over the phone, online or in person.

A competent customer service manager with the skills to lead a customer service team is the key to customer loyalty and a positive brand image. Ultimately, the daily actions and overall management practices of the customer service manager should reflect the image and goals of your company. But what are the qualities of a good account manager? Below is a list of 6 habits account managers should have.

1. Use appropriate language when addressing the team.

When addressing your team’s issues and concerns, use positive language to minimize a negative view of the situation. Your words are very powerful and can be used to build trust between you and your team. Make sure you always use positive language when giving feedback to your team members.

For example, instead of saying: Don’t say , sorry to a customer when he tells you he is not satisfied, but say: The best answer to this customer comment is , if I understand correctly, how can I help you solve this problem? . Also, make sure you remain the real, authentic you. Stay positive and calm even when your team members are dejected or seem overwhelmed.

Be open to feedback

Asking and analyzing feedback from your team and your organization can only help you as an account manager. Use one-on-one conversations, weekly meetings, and even departmental surveys to find out how your team and other departments view your performance level. If you know where you can improve, you can focus on those areas to stay ahead of the competition.

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3. Always active listening

When customers interact with your team, they want to be heard, helped and feel truly understood. By the way, as an account manager, these are the same things your team expects from you. You should approach every conversation you have with your team members with the goal of discovering something new about their daily activities. If necessary, ask questions for clarification and provide feedback with a summary of what was discussed.

4. Empathy for the concerns of your team

Demonstrating your ability to understand how your employees feel is essential to being recognized as an effective leader. Try to see the problem through their eyes and imagine how you would feel if you listened to their concerns or frustrations.

  • Do you resist the next phone call after being annoyed by a customer?
  • Would you feel frustrated if your direct supervisor took two days to respond to your email?

Team members will be much more receptive if they feel understood and supported by you.

5. Know your systems and processes like the back of your hand

As a manager, your team comes to you with all kinds of problems, and they want you to solve them quickly. If you struggle to navigate ticket systems or are unsure of your company’s policies and procedures, you may appear ignorant and incompetent. Stay up to date on the latest customer service policies, system updates, and HR policies, and be prepared to answer employee questions about them.

6. Improve your communication skills

Probably part of your job as a manager will be to teach and train your employees. To do this effectively and help them with their daily tasks, you must be an excellent communicator.

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You should be able to evaluate the performance of your team members and provide useful feedback for improvement. It all comes down to active listening and the ability to suggest ways to help them overcome the obstacles to their performance.

Good communication skills not only help you retain good employees, but also create a positive work environment, and it’s no secret that a positive work environment promotes productivity.

Some of these skills and habits may come naturally to a customer service manager, while others may take time and practice. In general, the key to good customer service management is communication and patience. For this purpose, you can find more information at DeskMoz.

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