Samsung Health vs. Apple Health (2024)

Samsung Health vs. Apple Health

We spend about 5 hours on the phone every day and we don’t even ask how many hours we spend on the phone. New technologies have made it possible to monitor and maintain health. Two popular apps for tracking your health, Samsung Health and Apple Health, are good enough to be your digital assistant in 2024. How do they both work? This article is about Samsung Health comparison. Apple Health.

Quick comparison

Feature Samsung Health Apple Health
Follow-up of the steps
Follow-up of the exercise
Sleep monitoring ✔ (better)
Support from third parties
Multiplatform Apple only
Apple Watch

Quick comparison

Follow-up of steps

Following comparison steps is the easiest, but the two use different algorithms. To find the most accurate service, I went outside and walked around for a few minutes. I’ve also compared both options with Google Fit to help you choose the right tool.

The results were quite fascinating, because when I started, the number of steps was 267 in both applications. Even before the test begins, the figure clearly indicates that both are very accurate. The graph below shows the results, and the video above shows both in action.

Annex Initial pedometer Number of reconciliation steps Difference
Samsung Health 267 529 262
Apple Health 267 529 262
Google Fit (for reference only) 465 735 270

A step-by-step comparison of Samsung and Apple’s health.

Both options provide an interface to display vertical and horizontal distance. Additionally, Apple Health allows you to add data manually and calorie data is not displayed.

Samsung Health, on the other hand, displays calorie data and you can’t add data manually.


Samsung Health

Samsung Health All exercises

Both come with a variety of activities. Samsung Health offers about 100 workout options for automatic and manual tracking. You can start working out and the app will automatically calculate calories based on the exercise and time.

The application also offers:

  1. Food consumption
  2. Sleep diary
  3. Weight
  4. Water absorption
  5. strenuous exercise
  6. Blood pressure (other devices)
  7. Load (other devices)
  8. Blood glucose (manual)
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The meal option offers, if not thousands, then hundreds of foods to follow. You will see food information, including calories, nutrients and an overall summary. The app automatically adjusts your calorie data and you can set a goal.

All these features make Samsung Health the ideal application to become your digital health assistant.

Apple Health

Apple Health Events

Apple Health, on the other hand, doesn’t offer many fitness-related activities, but it does offer plenty of health-related options and data. The problem with Apple’s Health is that almost every action must be added manually, or the device must be connected to be tracked.

Looks like it: Samsung Health vs. Google Fit: the fitness battle

Sleep monitoring

Samsung Health Sleep Notification

I love the Samsung Health sleep tracker. The application has advanced options. Once you’ve logged your sleep time, the app sends notifications in the morning to add sleep data. It uses your phone’s screen time to calculate sleep time and displays it in a notification. All you have to do is click on Save.

The application also has sleep limitations: you can only record sleep data for up to 17 hours per day.

Apple Health’s sleep app is difficult to use and does not support notifications. Add to that the fact that everyone can log 20 or 22 hours of sleep, which is not ideal.


Samsung Health Together Challenge

Samsung Health has a sharing feature that allows you to connect the app with your friends and participate in activities. It allows you to challenge yourself and your friends. Monthly events are held and thousands of participants share their step data and compete for first place.

Apple Health doesn’t have similar features, but it does show items and apps as you browse. See, for example, Steps for more information and apps that track steps.

The same applies to other areas of work. I don’t know if this is a paid collaboration, but these apps could be useful since Apple Health doesn’t track workouts.

Support from third parties

Which third-party applications and devices are supported? Samsung Health does not support the Apple Watch, but you can sync data between Apple Health on the Apple Watch and Samsung Health on your iPhone.

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Samsung Health also supports many devices and applications. The Accessories tab of Samsung Health displays all supported applications.

Under Apple Health, you’ll see popular apps as you browse. These applications support Apple’s health. Apple Health also supports third-party devices.

Additional functions

In this section, Samsung Health vs. Apple Health, we look at a few small features that can make a difference.


  • Stairs: Both indicate the general floors you have climbed.

Samsung Health

  • Performance: The app keeps a circle of your most steps, floors, most active times, etc.
  • Lock the application: You can lock and unlock the application with your biometric data or PIN.

Apple Health

  • Medical approval: The application generates a medical ID stating your age, weight and height. A medical ID card can be opened in the state of a phone lock.
  • Clinical Documents : You can store your clinical data so you can easily access it and share it with other healthcare providers.

Which one should I choose?

I think Apple Health offers more features, but is limited in what it can do. Most actions and data can only be entered manually. Samsung Health offers a sufficient number of features and does most of the work for you.

As far as I know, it’s Samsung Health. If you don’t want to create an account and prefer a simple app for tracking turns and a quick sign-up process, Apple Health is the app for you.


Keeping track of your health can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. The article on Samsung Health vs Apple Health provided information on both apps. If you have time, please let us know what you think and which application you will use, so that other users can easily make a choice.

frequently asked questions

Can Apple users use Samsung Health?

Like all of Apple’s services, the Health app is only available on iOS. And it’s supported by the iPhone and Apple Watch Series. Samsung Health is available on iOS and Android. You can track data from any iPhone or Android device, as well as your Galaxy Wearables.

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Is Samsung’s health app accurate?

Samsung’s health app is accurate and efficient. It works very well and can be used for more than just tracking calories and steps.

What is the latest version of Samsung Health?

The latest version, Samsung Health 6.0, brings a new design and new features to help you take control of your health and encourage you to pursue your fitness goals.

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