Some Things Most People Do Not Know About Slip and Fall Injury Cases

The biggest misconception that should always be highlighted when referring to slip and fall cases are that you do not necessarily have a case simply because you fell and got injured on the property of someone else. If you want to get compensated, you have to prove responsibility and that the injury you suffered led to some losses.

The very important thing is proving liability. This is actually why you almost always need slip and fall StoneInjuryLawyers in Peabody MA at to help you out. Only after liability is proved you are entitled to get back monetary damages. This can include things like pain and suffering, together with several other losses, besides the obvious medical costs associated with your injury.

People believe the only question that appears in a slip and fall injury case is connected to how much money will be paid. In reality, so many other things have to be taken into account. The attorney can help you to discuss all these cases. Apart from discussing these things they would also help you decide if it would be worth the time and effort to file a case in court.

Type of Attorney who Can Help


You must select the ideal type of attorney who can handle your slip and fall injury case. The first thing that you might want to look for is the type of experience they possess with that kind of case. Choosing an experienced attorney gives you more chances to get the rightful compensation you deserve.

Usually, people choose to select a law firm with more than one lawyer to handle their slip and fall injury claims. It is because of the added thoughts that can come in handy when handling your specific case. It also betters the chances of you being awarded compensation.

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Initial Consultation and Fee Structures

Selecting a law firm that provides you with a free initial consultation is another thing to look for. It would mean that you do not have any financial commitments towards the law firm while you had suffered a slip and fall injury. Moreover, you will also be in a position to determine what your legal costs would be if and when you win your compensation in the court of law.

It usually gives you the cushion to be rid of any financial commitment unless the case is won in a court of law. There are law firms with experts who offer their services and seek compensation from the money you would get. Often this would not be a set amount and will be a percentage of what you have won in your legal claim for the injury and suffering.

Investigating Skills


Another aspect that you can look for in a law firm is the type of investigation they are capable of doing towards your claims. The inquiry would often determine the chances of success in your case in terms of slip and fall injuries. A thorough investigation is necessary in these cases which the law firm should be capable of handling along with filing paperwork accordingly.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating out-of-court settlements is also possible in case the landlord knows that they are about to lose. These cases are common and often decided out of court with the landlord agreeing to pay a certain amount to avoid the difficulties of attending court proceedings. Sometimes, this is also done in agreement by both parties to save time that they would have to spend until the case comes to a closure.

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So, an experienced law firm that has attorneys with good negotiating skills may end up working in your favor. You can seek a track record of their previous handlings of slip and fall injury claims they have filed. It would give you a fair idea of their representing, negotiating, and other vital skills required to handle slip and fall injury cases.

Responding To Talks About Case Worth


Although some people might want you to think differently, figuring out how much an injury case is worth is very difficult to do. In every single case, the value is different and needs to be determined based on the individual circumstances of what happened.

The actual injury is going to determine the initial amount that is discussed. All the injuries and how much they cost you are taken into account. Then, extra variables like losses of earnings are calculated. It is even very important to determine all the parties that are responsible for the injury you suffered. You might believe you have to get compensation from the landlord, as an example, but in reality, the party at fault might be another entity.

We should also highlight that when the plaintiff has a degree of fault in the accident, the compensation is going to be lower. And this is difficult to calculate without the help of an experienced attorney.

The Responsibility Of The Landlord


The term “landlord” is used way too loosely these days. From the legal point of view, the landlord is simply a property owner. This brings in some responsibilities. Being a tenant though does not mean that when you slip and fall, it is the responsibility of the landlord. And there is also some sort of managing agent in place that has to be taken into account when determining liability.

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In a building, there are usually some common areas, like laundry rooms, common hallways, and vestibules. This is where accidents might be the responsibility of the landlord. When the accident happens inside the rented home, it is much more complicated to determine fault. The adequately investigating of the case is also something that the law firm or attorney should possess.

Responsibility of the Insurance Company


A few insurance providers may be involved in your case, depending on the attorney you plan to choose. In reality, they would also be involved in case of a settlement that you are seeking from the landlord. So, knowing about these would also be your responsibility from the lawyer’s perspective.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you must file a personal injury claim after suffering an injury in a slip and fall accident only after you discuss your case with an attorney. As you can easily notice from the paragraphs above, countless things might need to be investigated and determined before the case is even started or filed in court.