Let’s Prepare For Your First Off Road Racing

While off-roading, certain things go through your mind. Are you good enough? Am I crazy for doing this, or am I skilled enough?

These questions are inevitable, especially when it is your first race. But, once the adrenaline kicks in, you realise that you are here for fun and not to prove anything or to win something.

Your first off road racing can be an overwhelming experience and a scary one indeed. Remember to prepare yourself so that when the day comes, you are confident and skilled enough, as your first race will always be the most memorable.

Here is everything you need to prepare for your first off-road race.

Practice Makes You Perfect

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This one may seem cliche, but it is very accurate. Practice is a crucial factor you must pay attention to throughout your journey from motocross to supercross. Keep a tap on your seat time. With more seat time, you will get more comfortable on your bike.

You need to train harder and push your limit by increasing the length of each trail. Make your practice more fun and easier by asking a friend to join. You can challenge each other to improve your seat time.

Remember that you will get better with time and by continuously practicing and elevating your skills. You may have experience with trail rides, but racing is a whole different ball game. It requires persistence and a lot of training. The intensity and length are hard to mimic with trail rides, but you can get there by having a friend to challenge you.

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Remember Your Goals

To achieve anything, first, you need to set some goals. These goals will help you have a better perspective and improve with every ride. Racing can help you set some personal goals as well. It motivates you to be healthy and fit, eventually impacting your race track performance.

But try keeping these goals realistic. You don’t have to ride your bike 12 hours a day to improve. Let things take their course.

Inspect Your Bike

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Before the race, remember to take time to inspect your dirt bike carefully. Keep a close check to ensure everything is working fine, and there will be no interruptions. Going ahead without an inspection can cause complications and will be a huge hassle on the race track. Your bike might stop unexpectedly or your seat time can decrease due to discomfort.

Here is the checklist to determine if your bike is in the right condition for the race.

  • Make sure breaks are working
  • Each bolt is tight and screwed perfectly
  • The tires are all fresh
  • The filters are clean
  • The throttle is smooth and in perfectly good condition

There are many more other things you need to check before you start. It is an important step that you shouldn’t ignore. Prepare your bike before starting out. It is your first ride, so you need to ensure there are no interruptions. This way, you would be able to give your best.

Invest In The Right Gear

Source: dirtbikemagazine.com

In order to ensure a smooth and fun ride, you need to invest in the right gear. MXstore has some of the best and most incredible bike gear for you to shop for. With the right gear, you will be more confident and save yourself from any discomfort during the race. To be a pro at dirt biking, you need professional gear. It is an investment that needs to be made with the right information and reliable sources.

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You will need a well-ventilated off-road helmet, neck brace, body armor, dirt bike riding boots, knee braces and pads, etc. These all are essential, and should not be ignored, as safety should be your top priority during your first off-road dirt bike racing. With time you will be able to build a nice protective kit for yourself, but you need to have basic safety gear for your first race. Experiment with different grips and gloves to find the right pair for yourself. A decent pair of goggles, a windbreaker, or a jacket would be a nice addition, as they keep you safe from bad weather and hurting your eyes from tree branches.

Pack Supplies

You need to be prepared for a long day on your bike. That is why it is better to pack supplies to stay prepared. Most dirt bike riders carry hydration packs to carry tools, snacks, and water. You can also use hydration-enhancing powder in your water to prevent muscle cramps. Also, it adds a little flavor to your water, so you sip throughout the day.

Although, remember to sip water instead of chugging, or you will have to take a pee break every 15-30 minutes. For snacks, something for a quick bite, like protein bars or trail mix, provides your body with enough nutrients and keeps you satisfied.

Be Realistic

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While starting out, you need to be much more realistic with your goals and skills. Remember, people are doing this for years and still learning their way around. You will not be able to be good enough to compete in the supercross within your first month. Becoming a pro will take some, meanwhile, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. The world of off-road racing is full of adventures and thrill. So keep your expectations realistic, and eventually reach a point where you can proudly call yourself a pro.

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Join A Community

Dirt bike riding is built on a community of like-minded people helping each other and having fun together. If you are new to this, try joining a community. There are plenty of Facebook groups and social media pages that will help you reach out. Before your first off-road racing, talk to a pro rider for better insight.

Final Words

As the flag drops and the bike starts, it’s time to go!

Stay on the gas, keep your pace and remember to stay smooth because smooth is fast, and smooth is good. Let the adrenaline take over, and have a fun time.