Top 6 Sports to Gamble on Singapore Gambling Sites

Singapore is a relatively young gambling location, given that the nation’s government first authorized and implemented appropriate laws for gambling in 2005. The island city-state draws throngs of affluent foreigners, mostly from neighboring Asian countries like China and Indonesia. They inject millions of Singaporean dollars into the local economy every year despite their lack of expertise in the field.

Despite the industry’s success, the nation continues to impose strict gambling regulations, mainly where locals are involved. Due to the rule requiring locals to pay entrance fees, the gambling habits of Singaporeans are restrained.

The nation imposes similar limitations on online gambling. The legality of Internet gambling in Singapore, including casino games, lotteries, and sports, was until recently forbidden by Singaporean regulations. They can bet online if they do so on trustworthy sites that WeGamble has hand-picked for gamblers.

Along with selecting your favorite sites, picking a sport to wager on is crucial. It is advised to wager on sports you are knowledgeable about in this situation. Furthermore, having a large variety of athletic events is vital so that you can choose from the many sports gambling sites in Singapore when one event is unavailable.

Sports To Gamble on

1. Football


Football is well-liked worldwide, including in Singapore. Men’s and women’s teams are meticulously chosen to represent the nation in international and regional competitions. The most popular leagues include the Singapore Premier League, Division 1, the Singapore Football Leagues, and Division 2. However, supporters can wager on international and national teams when playing football.

2. Basketball

Basketball is a must-have on any list of Singapore’s most popular sports. They feature some of the top basketball teams, making for an exciting experience. Singapore makes it simple for you to watch live sports or place bets.

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3. Cricket


Singapore Cricket Association oversees a strong cricket league in the island nation. The nation competes in major cricket leagues worldwide, and Malaysia is its fiercest competitor. Malaysia and Singapore face off yearly, and players may wager on it. Furthermore, you may check out a lot of cricket websites.

4. Rugby

Although rugby is not a popular sport in Singapore, there are several up-and-coming teams to watch, including Singapore Rugby Club. If you love rubies, you can never pass up a chance to place a bet. Rugby gambling sites allow you to wager on national and international competitions.

5. Badminton


In Asia and around the world, Singapore is renowned for its badminton players. The major national team has won the prestigious Thomas Cup three times since the game’s creation in the 19th century. By taking home several medals at the commonwealth games, Singapore has continued to rule the world stage.

6. Volleyball

In Singapore, volleyball is also well-liked. A volleyball team for women and men exists in addition to the many teams, leagues, and community levels. The squad has engaged in competitive play against other local teams. You may place bets on national and international volleyball teams by visiting betting sites.

In addition to football, cricket, basketball, badminton, rugby, or volleyball, practically every prominent Singaporean gambling site offers wagers on other athletic competitions. Softball, baseball, swimming, hockey, golf, squash, and cycling are all options. The laws and the variety of marketplaces are ever-changing and expanding.

Cricket, tennis, hockey, and volleyball are the most popular sports today, with football (soccer) coming in first.

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Top 3 Football Leagues to Bet On In Singapore

1. Champions League


The Champions League is the best football accurate tip 12 competition in Europe. In the club tournament, where legends are made, it is the most coveted and highly valued prize. For gamblers, wagering on the Champions League is comparable to earning excellent value and difficult-to-predict games simultaneously.

The event’s 32 clubs in total are split into four categories. The two teams that come top in each group move on to the next round right away, the third-place team moves on to the Europa League, and the fourth-place team is eliminated from both competitions.

The knockout stages begin in February, and the group stages are contested from September through December. Because the knockout stages are split into two legs, each club must face the opponent in both home and away games. However, this creates additional opportunities, demanding situations, and clutch plays.

2. World Cup


More money is wagered on the World Cup than on all other football leagues combined. The 32 top teams worldwide that advanced from the qualifying rounds compete there every four years.

With five championships, Brazil is the most successful team. Germany and Italy each have four championships, tying them for first place. The World Cup odds don’t change much because France, Germany, and Argentina are among the usual suspects when discussing champions and finalists!

3. Europa League


The Europa League is the biggest European club championship cup after the Champions League. Since the 2009–2010 season, the tournament’s structure has altered due to substantial reform and rebranding. The number of clubs competing in the qualifying stages has increased by eight to forty-eight.

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The clubs are divided into 12 groups of four, and there are four rounds of knockout games played over two legs. The final is often played at a neutral site a week before the Champions League final. The Europa League championship is a popular wager and a source of pride for the experts.

Teams are frequently compelled to focus more on competitions they are more interested in winning because of the vast number of games played annually for clubs that qualify in Europe. However, this increases the level of uncertainty and makes it easier for you to identify good value bets.

Because of the workload, many teams prioritize the Europa League and occasionally utilize these games to play some players on their development squads. You should consider this when placing a wager on the Europa League.


Singapore is dedicated to reorganizing its regulatory organizations and providing a clear operating framework to online betting businesses and their customers as one of the industry’s burgeoning giants. Several high-quality sites are available right now, some of which are present in other countries.

It would never be a mistake to create an account on any gambling site, excluding those on the blacklist. However, each consumer should have a list of specifications they expect from a betting site. Checking payment alternatives, website operation, license, and respect for established gaming regulations are all things we urge you to do.