Panel Bed vs. Platform Bed – Which One is To Choose?

It might seem difficult to select the right option when it comes to furniture since there are so many options available today. Therefore, you should focus on the main features like durability, design, and comfort. Comfort is especially important for the beds and sofas. Therefore, you should never rush with your decision about making the choice. Also, it is very important to find a reliable producer and store, like NFO, where you can find a wide selection of furniture and home accessories.

If you are interested in buying a new bed, you should learn more about different options and their main features. There are two most popular options, panel, and platform. We are going to introduce you to their benefits and downsides in the following article.

Main Features of Panel Bed


This option represents a simple solution since it is using a box as a base where you can place the mattress. The main advantages are a wide selection of designs, cheaper price, and traditional appearance. However, you will have to pay more in addition to get better frames. The main reason for high popularity over a long time is the appearance. Also, you can choose all sorts of materials like metal, wood, logs, and more. On the other hand, a high level of maintenance is essential to keep the condition of the base in a proper way.

When it comes to the size, you can choose from all kinds of dimensions. Another feature is related to height, which is higher than most other options. The box is the main reason for that. However, many people see that as a great advantage. In terms of prices, various factors can affect the amount of money you need to spend, such as the quality of the mattress, material of other components, details, dimension, and more.

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Main Features of Platform Bed


This one is the most common option, and it serves people for thousands of years already. Before the modern design was invented in the 19th century, people have been using rocks as the base under this bed. There are many benefits of choosing it, like the ability to make additional storage under it, you don’t essentially need a box spring, and it is easier to apply additional features on it to make it more suitable for the bedroom and to give it an even better appearance. For example, you can combine it with shelves and pieces of furniture beside it. Also, you can create a system where you can pull it upside and keep it by the wall to save more space during the day.

Moreover, it is lightweight, but can be much lower on the ground. Also, there is a much better selection of styles, which is great when you are interested in buying a particular style of furniture to combine it with other pieces in your home. However, it might be more difficult to assemble it if you choose a model with additional shelves and drawers. Even though many models are too low in height, there are some extended versions as well. The pricing is the same for any other option, and it depends on the quality.

What Are the Differences?


We already mentioned that the panel option has a much more traditional look, but you can achieve that with the platform as well. However, the main difference is related to components used in the manufacturing process. Also, the use of a box spring is necessary for the panel, while you can avoid it with another option. In terms of design, the platform is a much better option for modern apartments and people who prefer minimalism and the most recent trends. On the other hand, the panel offers improved elegance.

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While both models can be found for a cheap price, there are many differences between them. The most important ones are that you can add extensions to the panel bed, while you want to have that solution with the platform. On the other side, we can see a lot of creative designs when it comes to the platforms that support the mattress. For example, using stocking wooden pallets for the platform has become very popular in recent years. By choosing this model, you can achieve a modern design and save a lot of money.



When it comes to this feature, which is essential, you have to know that the main factor is related to your selection of mattresses. However, some other features could affect it as well. The platform is a much better solution when it comes to supporting since it offers improved stability and less need for maintenance. On the other side, people find it much more comfortable when they get up from a bed with increased height since it requires less effort, and it can be especially important for older people. Also, the right selection of materials can improve durability and resistance to weight and pressure. Therefore, metal structure and hardwood might be the best options.


Both options offer some great features and the best way to make sure that you have made the right choice is to be aware of your preferences before buying. The first thing to consider is comfort. Also, pay attention that the material will provide you with a longer lifespan and durability. Besides that, make sure to pick the right size, design, and color, to make it suitable with other items in the bedroom. In most cases, people choose the same color for the bed, shelves, closets, and other things.

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Moreover, if you lack space for keeping your clothes and other things in your room, you should consider buying a panel bed. However, if your main goal is to get a model that you can fit in the best way and ensure improved style, then the platform is a much better choice. Besides that, always pay attention to the manufacturer, and avoid models that are too cheap since there is a high chance that the producer was using low-quality components to make the furniture.