Scandi Style Home Interiors

Lets take a look at Scandi inspired home interior ideas. Every few years, some new style takes over the interior industry. We have seen multiple design genres come and go, but none had the staying power as Scandinavian Style. The Scandi style, which emerged in the 20th century, is inspired by simplicity and minimalism. It later flourished in Nordic regions: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.

Scandinavian style is a blend of textures and soft tones to make modern decor cozy and inviting. It focuses on clean lines and simple furnishings that are modest and cozy. This style is often influenced by nature, combining natural shapes and elements. The main principle of this style is to create harmony with the environment and create sustainability.

It is hard to create a space in your home that is modern yet filled with an environment that encourages a life well-lived. But scandi style promotes a simple home environment without sacrificing modernization. If you are a fan of Scandi-style homes, this article will guide you on how you can design your own sleek and beautiful home.

  • Natural Lighting


From beautiful bright sunrises to the deepest darkest nights, lights have always been of great significance for Nordic people. Scandinavian designs are known for their minimalism and warmth. There should be multiple light sources in every room, low to bright, without creating a harsh atmosphere. The natural glow in an interior enhances materials, creates coziness, and energizes a place. It makes a home feel more bright and illuminates spaces, adding value to the architectural designs.

  • Modern Furniture

Scandinavian style has emerged and now prioritizes affordable and elegant furnishings. They emphasize clean lines and functionality without compromising beauty regarding furniture. Scandi furniture is aesthetic, functional, and flexible. The furniture you choose should have a modern touch with smooth edges. The main attraction of this style is the innovative use of space which adds visual interest to the home. Modern furniture is a key element even in contemporary newly built houses.

  • Wood Accents


The Scandinavian style combines versatility with traditional craftsmanship, which gives the aesthetic vibe. It allows self-expression and helps to create bright and spacious interiors. This style features wood widely used in Nordic countries: beech, ash, and pine. Friendly wood tones and Sepia hues are popular because they make a room sunny without overwhelming colors and warm colors make this style so pleasant. You can use wood flooring to add warmth to the interiors. Check out StoriesFlooring if you are looking to create a Scandi-flooring.

  • Muted Colors

This style is simple, clean, and cheerful. Scandinavian style has a particular color palette, including grays, whites, and brown hues. The winters are long and dark in nordic regions, and neutral colors help brighten the place. While designing your home, focus on neutral colors to create a soothing effect. Paint your walls white or ivory so that your furniture and art will stand out.

  • Mix Textures


Too much simplicity could feel uninviting, but a cozy mix of textures and striking photography can change that. Scandinavian interiors offer a combination of different periods and styles, making a space feel layered and welcoming. Hang frames and oil paintings with a pop of colors and show the collectibles to make it fascinating.

  • Sustainable Art

Sustainability is an integral part of this style. This style features handmade elements that come from artistic craftsmanship. Scandinavians take pride in their sustainable lifestyle and natural, renewable materials. This style is all about the beauty of simplicity. Therefore while decorating, always choose decorative accents with simple designs. Decorate your couch with pillows having geometric shapes, add textures and subtle color to your interior.

  • Use Contrast


Contrast plays a specific role in design style. Often black and white are paired with red or blue to add interest. But you can add contrast dramatic statements using textures, woods, fabrics, and decors. Play with different moods, add accent and quality art pieces without overcrowding the space to add visual attraction to the home. Modern furniture also contrasts with traditional historic buildings.

  • Fireplace

Winters in Nordic countries are harsh, so the Scandinavian house is incomplete without a fireplace. They are the room’s focal point, usually located in the corner. The fireplace creates a classic, relaxing ambiance and an ultimate hygge cabin vibe. This addition is a balancing element in your home which keeps the room warm. Place a chair beside your fireplace and leave a walking space in the room.

  • Decluttered Space


The essential characteristic of Scandinavian design is to make sure that the space is clutter-free. Minimalism is a vital principle of this style. Decorate your home with personal touches and choose quality craft as per your taste. The basic rule to follow is “Less is more.” In the 1950s, Scandinavian homes were small, so they didn’t allow any extravagant decoratives. Thus, designers avoid crowding homes unnecessarily.

  • Greenery

This style has a unique appreciation for nature because natural resources were scarce in Scandinavian countries in the past. This respect comes from people’s time outdoors, which affected designing their living space. You can use plants, flowers, and other botanicals to add floral elements and enhance walls and furniture’s magnificence. You can incorporate natural and nature-inspired elements to honor this style.

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Final Thoughts:

Scandinavian style has inspired many architects and designers for over a century. This style is timeless and versatile, a perfect minimalist aesthetic, functionality, and comfort. The furniture creates an elegant and cozy living space. It embodies the concept of hygge, which means a feeling of contentment. Make your space as comfortable as possible.

Scandinavian beauty has grown phenomenally in the past decades with its organic essence. It is more than furniture; it has found a way in every aspect of our life, from electronics to fashion, architecture to interior designs. This clean, calm, and warm theme without any clutter are why the Scandinavian style is popular. It allows people to invite peace without chaos.

For more Scandi-inspired interior designs, check out this article by Swiss Interior. Contact our design experts if you want to design a Scandi style interior and need assistance with that. They will help you turn your imagination into your dream home.