How To Light Up Your Cafe Shop With Neon Signs?

Implementing a unique design is very important for a café shop. The key feature of good design is that it will significantly improve the appearance and make people feel more comfortable. Therefore, securing attractive visual aspects will bring more customers.

Still, choosing the right thing is not that simple, especially if you want to be more unique. We all know the typical appearance of an urban café shop. They all look alike in some terms. However, it’s the details that make the difference.

In that matter, you should never rush with your decision when you are planning to decorate your shop. We have to mention that neon became a very popular option in recent years. There are modern products that provide an outstanding appearance. If you want to check some of the best Neon Sign options, check out

The proper layout and other features of lights in your cafe are very important for the overall design. The biggest advantage of neon lights is that they can be a perfect detail that you can place on some walls, under the table, inside the bar, and many other places. Here are some tips for choosing the best models.

Set Some Limits


Keep in mind that mistakes are possible as well. For example, the process of installation is quite simple. There are long pipes that you can form into all kinds of signs and letters. While it can be an excellent idea to replace a traditional blackboard on some walls, and use these lights instead, there is also a risk that you will use it too much.

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In that matter, always create a plan before you start buying random things. Also, start with smaller details so you can be sure that you won’t go too far with lights. The same is for the combination of different colors, which can be a good thing, but only if you find the right proportions.

Choose the Right Features


One of the main benefits of these lights is not related only to attractive appearance, but also the fact that they are very affordable. In that matter, it won’t affect your financial conditions so much. Still, there is no reason to waste your money, which means that you should look only for well-known producers that can provide high-quality products.

Moreover, there are different technical specs that you should pay attention to. For instance, flexibility and width. The size of the sign that you want to create by using these lights is crucial. If you want to add some details above the bar section or on some wall, we suggest you get a model that is narrower and flexible since that will help you create the right layout.

When it comes to the color, there is a special well-known feature that makes them so popular in the first place. The way they are glowing makes it very comfortable sitting next to these lights. Also, they won’t irritate the eyes as is the case with standard options. However, it only represents a decoration, which means that you will have to combine them with other models of lights.

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Play Around With Different Details


One of the best things is that you can choose any corner or detail in your café and improve it with these lights. You can start from the front doors or the area in front of the café shop. The best scenario would be that there are no powerful lights in front of the shop since that will affect the effects of these lights.

If you have a shop on some side street, and the public lights are not so strong, the effects of these pipes will be amazing. You can choose various symbols as a way to tell people that you are working. For example, the name of your shop, a cup of coffee, or some interesting quote or symbol.

When it comes to the interior, you will have endless solutions. However, it depends on many other details like the furniture, size of the bar, regular lights, and more, when it comes to choosing the right proportion of these LED pipes.

There are different approaches that you can choose as well, like creating a romantic ambient, retro design, or something more aggressive. When it comes to romantic design, you can place small pipes with red color in some corners, on the floor, on walls, and in other places. Therefore, when you lower the output of the main lights, you will get a special atmosphere here.

It is all up to your preferences. There is a small chance to make a mistake, and that could be the case only if you go too far by not making any plan or choosing the right style of lights that will be suitable for the ambient.

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Find the Right Producer


The key is to secure high quality, and you can do that only if you choose a well-known company that will provide you with a high-quality product. Also, if you don’t have any experience in placing them on walls, you should always call an expert to help you with that.

Moreover, you can be sure that these lights are safe and properly flexible, and that there is no way that you will face any issues with them over time. They are known for their excellent durability and energy efficiency, but trying to save some money by choosing unknown producers may lead to issues.

Last Words

As you can see, the key is to create the right outline and make a plan for how you can improve the design of your shop with the use of this product. There is no reason to rush since there are so many options available. The best approach for the start is related to small details. For example, you can add a symbol at the entrance to your shop.

This symbol can be the name of your shop or anything else you like. You can add some additional features as well, along with many details inside that can improve the feeling of people when they are spending their time there.