How Do You Analyse A Football Match Before Betting – 2024 Guide

When it comes to successfully predicting the outcome of a football match, luck plays a very small part. The key is to analyze the match before placing your bet to have the highest chance to win the bet.

But it’s easier said than done. So in this article, we will look at how to analyze football matches before betting on them. With all that said, let’s start.

Find a Match


First things first, you need to find a match to analyze. This isn’t hard to do, but you will have to look at plenty of matches to find the one that is worthy of placing a bet.

What we advise you do is to narrow your search. There must be a particular football club that you follow. Analyzing the clubs that you follow is much easier as you are more familiar with them.

You can then spread your search to other teams within the same league. But what professional football bettors do is they stick with a couple of teams and bet only on them.

You don’t have to look at lesser-known leagues to find good odds. Stick with what you know.

Look At Past Results

The best way to know the form of a particular football club is to look at past results. Most football statistics websites will show you the form from the past 5 games. You can go beyond that and look at exactly how their season went up until that point. But regardless if you’re looking at the last result or the last 10, it’s important to do this as the form is very important in football.

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A team that has lost 3 games in a row is in bad form. Naturally, they will be given much bigger odds to win their next game. And the more games a team loses, the poorer they will perform throughout the season.

A good team shows consistency, and these are the teams you should be betting on.

Look At H2H (Head to Head)


When you find a particular match you want to place a bet on, you must go through each team’s past results. But football statistics and results websites will also show you the h2h results of both teams.

What an h2h means is essentially how both teams have performed in the last X games against one another. H2H statistics are highly valued tools in the football betting world as it directly tells you how both teams perform when playing against one another. If a particular team constantly beats the other, then chances are they will also be the favorites in this match.

H2H statistics are valuable tools when placing different kinds of bets, not just predicting the winner. For example, you can look at how many goals both teams score on average in these matchups. Do they score both against each other or is only one team constantly performing?

There are all sorts of valuable information hiding in h2h statistics that you can utilize to your advantage to formulate a winning bet.

But before you do all that, you will have to create an account with a betting website. The online betting industry is huge. This gives you plenty of options on who to sign up with. You must find a website that has the best odds, the most options to bet on, and plenty of games. If you’re looking for that, then make sure to visit

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League Position

This is probably the place many bettors start. Looking at the league position of a particular club gives you a pretty clear indication of how their season is going.

If you’re looking to place a bet on a team sitting in 1st place vs a team in the middle of the table, then the former is clearly the favorite. A team’s league position can also tell you a lot about how good they are.

Teams that are up the table are better than those in the bottom half. But this should come with a caveat. Just because a team is 7th doesn’t mean they’ll beat the 15th ranked team in the league. In certain cases, the difference between the 7th and the 15th ranked team in the league could be five or six points. If the 15th ranked team managed to beat their opponent, then they instantly jump a couple of places.

The league position can be very useful when formulating your bet, but it should come with a pinch of salt.

Players Missing


In many football matches, certain individuals can make all the difference. Most teams rely on the brilliance of their star player(s). Let’s look at Juventus for example. Although they have kept a monopoly on the Italian league for a decade, one mistake in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo and you can clearly see how vulnerable they are. Ronaldo might be the best player in the world, but that is all Juventus have. If Ronaldo doesn’t perform or is injured, then Juventus would be a lot of trouble. So much that they could even fail to beat the smallest of opponents in Seria A.

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Football bettors should pay closer attention to this aspect of the game. Players are essentially responsible for the outcome of the game, and if the best players don’t play that the team in question will have a harder time getting a favorable result.

Luckily for you, football statistics websites keep track of this as well. Injured players are reported to the press a couple of days in advance and we generally know the information to be true.

Managers, however, will very likely play mind games, especially when up against a rival. When this is the case, the manager won’t notify the press of a particular player missing from training. This is done so the opposing team doesn’t plan on it and that will hopefully throw them off at the beginning of the match.


Analyzing a football match is hard stuff. There are plenty of things to look at and plenty more to research in order to make a successful bet. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined the sort of things every football bettor needs to look at to do just that.