NFL Stars Who Have Invested in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have become so vogue that everyone’s getting paid in cryptocurrencies nowaday. They are also increasingly investing in cryptocurrency than ever before. Celebrities, stars, and even NFL stars are deeming cryptocurrency as a potential alternative passive income source and increasingly pivoting towards it.

Recently, it has been making news that NFL stars are getting paid in cryptocurrency. Not only are they getting paid, but they are also investing in the same and generating additional wealth. Does that sound fascinating and interesting? Well, your most favorite NFL stars are on this list, who are investing in cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to know about those who are investing in cryptocurrencies? Then, let us jump right into the details without any further ado.

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NFL stars who invested in cryptocurrency

1. Trevor Lawrence


Until now you must have seen celebrities, NFL stars, or even ordinary employees receiving their salary in cryptocurrencies. But, Trevor has taken a giant leap forward and invests a certain part of their income directly into crypto.

After signing contracts, he puts a part of his contract bonus into Blockfolio or his crypto portfolio. Isn’t that a clever idea?

2. Tom Brady


There were speculations initially that this seven times “super bowl” superstar invests in cryptocurrency. There are no speculations anymore because this NFL star has acknowledged it openly numerous times now.

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It is the 21st century already and who doesn’t believe in cryptocurrency? Well, Tom has agreed on it himself and said that he is a huge believer of cryptocurrency. Does that ring any bells for you? If that’s the case, he must be investing heavily in the crypto world. Tom is not revealing that yet though.

3. Russell Okung

Russell Okung tops the list of NFL stars who receive their salary or income in cryptocurrencies. Russell is that one technology geek who doesn’t leave a stone unturned while it comes to exploring new ways of maximizing his wealth. Does cryptocurrency appear like that source to him? Well, yes. Who can wave away the grace and potential of cryptocurrency?

That is why Russell never misses a chance to invest his wealth in cryptocurrency and double it.

4. Rob Gronkowski


Whenever the topic of NFL stars investing in cryptocurrencies arises, Rob Gronkowski makes his surprise and must-have visit. He receives his income in crypto and invests it in the same wealth. He also has a habit of gifting bitcoins.

Rob is all things crypto. So, you can expect a huge wealth of knowledge about cryptocurrency investments and trading from Rob. He must have at least amassed a million of wealth according to speculations because he knows how to reap the benefits from cryptocurrency.

If you ever need some help in cryptocurrency, Rob is the helper guy. That’s how much in-depth knowledge he possesses about the crypto world.

5. Sean Culkin


Sean is the person who has shifted and has been diverting his entire income source and wealth into crypto. In 2024 alone, all his income and monthly salary, he has received in the form of crypto in his crypto wallets.

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In that sense, no one knows how much exact wealth he owns. Isn’t that advantageous? Because you can amass a lot of wealth without letting the outside world know it. Especially when you are a celebrity or NFL star, you will definitely be subjected to public scrutiny. In that case, investing in crypto is the best and clever option. Sean too approves it, as you can see.

6. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron is another NFL star who tremendously believes in the potential and wealth of cryptocurrency. Not only does he shift to cryptocurrency, but he also made all the arrangements necessary to receive his income and salary in his crypto wallet.

Do you know how often he invests in cryptocurrency? At that pace, he must have amassed at least a billion dollars by now. Yet, we do not have the chance to decode or know that information.

Aaron Rodgers once revealed that he is interested and excited about cryptocurrency and its future. If the prospects are high, you can even see him receiving his entire future payments, income, and salary in cryptocurrency alone. Because as of now, he receives only a part of his income in the form of crypto.

7. Odell Beckham Jr.

If there is a competition conducted to see who receives most of their wealth in the form of cryptocurrency, without any second doubt, Odell will top it.

Right from the stage of his initial agreement, Odell makes sure he receives at least half of his annual currency or salary in the form of cryptocurrency.

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According to sources, Okung’s one contract with Panthers alone amounts to $13 million. Imagine if half of it goes into his crypto fund, how much he must have amassed in his crypto wealth. Remember, this is just one source and one project. There are a lot more. So, we can only imagine his wealth but not exactly know it.


It is indeed interesting to know that these stars are investing in cryptocurrencies. Most of the time, celebrities and people like NFL stars are mostly busy in their careers. That’s why people don’t often believe that NFL stars invest in cryptocurrencies.

But, the recent development has been this way. They are both earning and investing in cryptocurrencies. It helps them make additional income, savings, and generate more wealth, of course.