Taking a Look at All Celebrities That Have Invested in Bitcoin

For several years now, BTC is revolutionizing our perception of money, and it has become popular in every corner of the world. Since this cryptocurrency became one of the most valuable products/services in the history of humanity, thousands of people are looking to join its network and dive into this world to make a profit. Many of them are learning a lot before they start digging, the others are just trying their luck, but it is difficult to find the person who has never heard about that and doesn’t know some basics, at least. The motives for trading cryptocurrencies are different, and they vary from a wish to earn some money to simple curiosity.

Some reports even state that there are approximately 100.000 millionaires in the world who amassed their fortune through this type of trading and investment. Many celebrities are included in the Bitcoin network, which is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article, and it is also a reason why we are going to take a look at some big names that have decided to invest in BTC and already are part of the crypto community. But first, let’s see how people actually make money with it and learn more about the whole trading thing.

How Do You Make Money With Bitcoin?

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Mining and trading platforms are the two crucial elements of trading and making a profit with digital money. Mining is how it all started and what actually keeps the blockchain network of Bitcoin running. That is why all miners receive Bitcoin as a reward for doing this process. Basically, mining requires people to record and verify all the transactions that are made each day. Each recorded transaction is known as a block, and it is integrated into the blockchain. It represents a log that stores all transactions made, and the reward for that is a Bitcoin, and more mining means bigger prizes, so it is necessary to be persistent once you start with that. Of course, it will take some time to earn big since there already are more than 18.5 million BTC mined, and the overall number of BTC is 21 million.

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After a certain amount of coins are earned, we go to the second crucial element – trading sites. These sites are the platforms that act as marketplaces. This step needs a complete check because unreliable platforms can easily lead to losing all the money. Finding a reputable trading site can make a huge difference as it can lead you to a bigger profit. How? Let’s take a look at BitcoinBillionaire, one of the most popular platforms in the world.

Bitcoin Billionaire uses an advanced AI system that analyzes the market and collects all the data about this currency. The purpose of this action is to predict its future fluctuations, which this site does very successfully, and what makes it trustworthy as it has proven to make the right suggestions and assumptions. Those reports are then handed to the traders, who then know when is the best time to sell their assets and maximize their profits. The best thing is the fact that this platform can help the traders avoid losses, which can be more significant than anything, and a good prediction can save you from losing everything you have. That is why having information on time can mean the world, as even some small change can be a difference between earning big or not.

Okay, it is now time to look at the celebrities that have invested in Bitcoin. Let’s check them out.


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Logic is one of the most recent inductees into the Bitcoin network. In the fall of 2024, he announced that he invested around $6 million in Bitcoin. His investment came just before the market spiked and broke the 2017 record in value. These days, it is valued at around $60.000, so you can only imagine how big his profit is. As of March 2024, Logic has not made any statement on the outcome of his investment, but nonetheless, we are sure that it paid off nicely. The timing for investment was great, so probably are the earnings. There are different predictions about it, and in the worse scenario, he gets back about 75% of the investment, and in the best one, he earned almost as much as he paid in the beginning. The rapper himself changed his name into the ‘Bobby Bitcoin,’ meaning that he is sure more than happy with his bold and perfectly timed investment.

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Elon Musk

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Elon Musk has always been supportive of innovative ideas, and he is famous for making many predictions about the technology and how our future will look like and is one of the biggest investors in tech. That is what made him one of the most popular scientists on the planet. He invented PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX. Elon revolutionized online payments, brought a new light to the automotive industry, and has one of the biggest and most valuable space shuttle companies in the world.

Recently, his company Tesla announced that they invested over $1.5 billion in Bitcoin. That investment is what spiked Bitcoin’s value as it rose from $47,000 to over $50,000 in a matter of a few days. Not only that, but it is reported that Tesla has already made over a billion in profits. Furthermore, the company also plans to integrate it as a payment method for their products and services. Some even speculate that Elon Musk is the person behind the cryptocurrency and BTC revolution as one of the most intriguing persons in the world, and his investments in this crypto, only sparked more rumors. The best way to explain Elon Musk’s influence on BTC, let’s just say that every time he tweets about this crypto, its value goes up.

Serena Williams

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The last entry on our list is the GOAT of female tennis. Serena is not just successful on the field, but she is also known for her successful business ventures. She invested and made a clothing brand and is also a big part of the Miami Dolphins football team. These are just some of the investments of this tennis star, and one of the latest is, of course, Bitcoin, as she has invested in it and numerous trading platforms like the one we mentioned at the beginning. As she follows business trends, this seemed like a logical decision, and it was just a matter of time when she would choose to try to earn some money this way. It appears that she is doing so well for now and that she will continue with crypto trading. She is a born winner, and that is something that pushes her all the time. Knowing that, along with knowing how successful she already is, this type of investment is something that everyone could expect from her.

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