From Fiat Currency to Bitcoin: How to Buy Bitcoin in Turkey Safely

Are you interested in investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies but you’re not sure where to begin? You don’t need to worry as we have come up with a comprehensive guide for you on how to buy Bitcoin in Turkey both safely and securely. This blog post provides with you a guide to buying Bitcoin in Turkey while emphasizing the security and safety measures you need to take.

Cryptocurrency has become one of the hottest discussion topics in the recent past, and many people have been working hard to get a slice of the lucrative crypto pie. However, there are some real risks involved and you need to know how to go about transacting in digital currencies to avoid losses or getting defrauded of your hard-earned money by unscrupulous actors.

Why Consider to Buy Bitcoin in Turkey?


So, why should you consider investing your hard-earned cash in Bitcoin if you live in Turkey? Here are some of the key advantages of buying Bitcoin:

To protect yourself against inflation

Turkey, like many other countries, has suffered from high inflation rates in the recent past, and that results in a real vulnerability of the Turkish Lira. However, to protect yourself from any loss in the value of your cash, you can hold Bitcoin—which is a decentralized currency and has a limited supply. This makes it a perfect hedge against inflation and an excellent store of value.

To enjoy the potential for high yields

Bitcoin prices have already shown massive appreciation over the years making it a very attractive vehicle for investment investors looking for opportunities with prospects of high returns. However, it’s worth noting that BTC is extremely volatile and investors should weigh their risk tolerance carefully against the potential rewards and do extensive research before investing in it.

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To diversify the investment portfolio

Those who wish to spread their risks when it comes to diversifying their investment portfolios should consider investing in Bitcoin. You can reduce your risk exposure from traditional assets such as stocks and bonds if you add cryptocurrency to your asset mix, thus you need to consider buying Bitcoin in Turkey.

To enjoy lower transaction fees

You can buy Bitcoin in Turkey to take advantage of lower transaction fees, especially cross-border transactions. Bitcoin transactions tend to attract lower transaction fees than traditional wire transfers and banking systems.

What are the various ways to buy Bitcoin in Turkey?


There are various ways you can Buy bitcoin in Turkey—and each has its pros and cons. Below are some of the options for purchasing BTC in Turkey you can consider:

1. Bitcoin ATMs

These are automated machines located in strategic locations and people use fiat currencies like the US dollar and Turkish Lira to buy BTC from them.


  •   Convenience: They provide a fast, convenient, and accessible option to buy Bitcoin in Turkey and elsewhere because they operate 24/7 and have an easy-to-use interface for executing transactions.
  •   Privacy: Bitcoin ATMs offer a good level of privacy because you can purchase BTC without any need for thorough identity verification


  •   Higher transaction fees: the machines attract higher transaction costs than P2P platforms and exchanges increasing the total cost of buying BTC.
  •   Limited availability: Bitcoin ATMs are not found in all areas of Turkey so some users do not have convenient access to them.
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2. Crypto exchanges

Using cryptocurrency exchanges such as NakitCoins is one of the best and safest ways to buy Bitcoin in Turkey. Most of the exchanges allow users to transact online on their platforms, and some have physical premises where investors can visit and buy BTC in a safe and secure space.


  •   Wide availability: there are several crypto exchanges in Turkey offering investors and crypto enthusiasts easy access to BTC and other coins.
  •   Several payment options: exchanges allow users to use multiple payment options including credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or cash for those that operate physical trading offices and other methods.
  •   User-friendliness: exchanges are user-friendly because they have easy-to-use interfaces and others have offices where you interact with staff face-to-face making it easy to buy Bitcoin in Turkey even if you’re not tech-savvy.


  •   Potential security threats: online crypto exchanges are at risk of hacking which can lead to the loss of your assets. Thus, as you choose an exchange, go for the one with robust security measures in place. Also, consider transferring your BTC to a more secure wallet after purchasing.
  •   Verification process: exchanges normally require users to validate their identity by submitting their personal details and identification documents. This can compromise your privacy and prolongs the time it takes to buy BTC through this method.

3. Peer-to-peer platforms


P2P platforms are online sites that connect people who want to buy and sell bitcoins so they can negotiate and agree on the terms of their transactions directly between them. Some of these platforms also offer other services like escrow services to secure the assets of both buyers and sellers.

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  •   Flexible payment options: generally P2P platforms offer a wide array of payment options because they allow the buyer and seller to agree on them.
  •   Higher level of privacy: because P2P platforms allow buyers and sellers to interact directly, they offer a higher level of anonymity and privacy in transactions.
  •   Competitive pricing: Buyers can compare the prices of various buyers through the P2P platforms and choose the most favorable one that also meets other criteria.


  •   Poor regulation:– P2P platforms have fewer regulatory requirements than cryptocurrency exchanges and this exposes the users to fraud and other risks like money laundering and disputes.
  •   Scam risks:– users are more exposed to scams and other fraudulent activities so each must be cautious, do their due diligence, and safeguard themselves.


If you needed to know how to buy Bitcoin in Turkey, you now have some guidelines about how to go about it. It is vital to consider several factors as you choose a method of buying BTC, including:

  1.   Security
  2.   Transaction fees
  3.   User-friendliness
  4.   Customer service
  5.   Speed of transaction

You also need to be aware that the price of Bitcoin can rise and fall erratically; so, take only properly calculated risks, and gauge your capacity to absorb any losses. Nevertheless, investing in Bitcoin can be a worthwhile venture and offers a lot of potential to grow your wealth and diversify your investments.