4 Most Popular Tea Varieties to Try in Vietnam in 2024

For a man who does not like tea and does not enjoy this beverage, the Japanese say that a man is without tea in himself, that is, without emotion and spirit. The drink that is the best thirst quencher on a hot day is tea. There are a large number of its variations in the world: black, green, yellow, red, Indian, Chinese, and many others. Although this drink is usually associated with the UK and their famous “tea at five”, this drink is enjoyed around the world. It can be made from different plants, as well as their combination. In some countries, they sweeten it with honey and add a little lemon to it, while in others they prefer to drink it with milk. In any case, everyone will enjoy the cold winter days, to warm up, and we know that it is recommended in the summer precisely because it equates the internal temperature of a person with the outside.

Tea is of great importance for good health and long life. It is also very good for the heart. Since cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death, we should definitely get into the habit of drinking tea. Also, it is normal for cognitive functions to decline with age, but this decline is less in those who regularly drink this hot beverage.
When visiting any country, there is something you should not miss – if you are in Greece, try gyros, in the Czech Republic be sure to try one of their famous beers, in Italy drink espresso, in France a glass of good wine, and if you go to Vietnam, prepare for a cup of good tea!

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Tea is a traditional drink in this country and is drunk in all its forms. Also, if you refuse tea salt, the host will be offended. In many restaurants, you will get them for free. In any case, this country also has special types of tea by which it is recognizable, and these are some of them.

1. Vietnamese green tea

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This tea is definitely number one in this country and is very popular all over the world. Tea contains more than 400 types of chemical compounds useful for the human body and has lower levels of caffeine than Chinese green teas, and higher levels than Japanese green teas. Green tea is considered good for detoxifying the body. Today, it is increasingly used for weight loss and has proven to be very effective in doing so. It has a bitter taste and does not sweeten when consumed. What is specific about this tea is that it is drinkable and chilled, so it is a smart choice throughout the day.

2. Black tea

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Black tea is often overlooked, but one cup of black tea a day can have a lot of positive effects on your body. Research has shown that black tea reduces dental plaque, the formation of bacteria in the mouth, and also protects teeth from decay. A cup of black tea after a meal slows down the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity and thus reduces their ability to destroy tooth enamel. It is also very good for the heart, and it is believed that three cups a day can reduce the risk of heart attack by as much as 20%. It also lowers cholesterol levels. However, only if the menu is not rich in unhealthy fats could increase it. This is an excellent antioxidant, and at the same time reduces the risk of diabetes.

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3. Lotus tea

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Lotus tea is very popular in Vietnam and has been used as an antioxidant for years. It is effective in fighting acne. It has a very pleasant and sweet taste, prevents digestive diseases, and restores balance in the intestinal flora. It is rich in vitamin B and strengthens bodily functions and movements. It can often be found in combination with ginger. On danhtra.com you can learn more about how to make a tasty tea.

4. Ginger tea

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One of the most well-known benefits of ginger is the relief of nausea. Just one cup of ginger tea can prevent travel-induced nausea or morning sickness in pregnant women. If you often suffer from nausea caused by travel, drink a cup of ginger tea 1 to 2 hours before the trip. It will be very effective in fighting allergies, as well as sinusitis, flu, or colds. Ginger is very often added to other teas, especially in winter. The nutritional value of ginger is astounding. It contains vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium. and phosphorus. So, there is no doubt that this amazing spice thanks to its medicinal ingredients has numerous health benefits!

Basic rules of tea consumption

In Vietnam, tea is drunk after a meal because it is considered to be harmful to health on an empty stomach. Since they contain caffeine, it is recommended not to consume them after 6 p.m. because they can cause insomnia. Although many believe that it cannot adversely affect the body, it is not recommended in combination with drugs because the high content of tannins reduces the effect of the drug.

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How to buy Vietnamese tea?

To be sure which flavor is the right choice for you, we advise you to try a few flavors at a local cafe. It is also advised not to buy tea packaged in the factory, but in bulk. Quality tea should have the same color so that the dried leaves are easily crushed into powder.


Like any other product, Vietnamese tea may have contraindications if not consumed as recommended. Given the high presence of caffeine, this tea is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Also, if you suffer from stomach and hysterectomy, it is advisable to eliminate it from the diet. In people with mental disorders, it can cause irritability and even anxiety.

If you are planning to bring souvenirs from this country, tea will definitely be a good gift, perfectly packaged and useful.