12 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Presence

Having the opportunity to be a social media influencer is one of the best things that can happen to you, and if you have the ability to do so then it will be incredibly important for you to monetize your media presence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Tiktoker, a meme page owner, or something else, you can always find ways to monetize. There are many different ways to do so and we’ll be covering some of the best ones today. Let’s dive into things.

1. Sponsored posts

A tactic that is used a lot by big Instagram pages and more recently Tiktokers is making sponsored posts. You basically get paid a certain sum of money to create a post that is centered around that product and/or service. Of course, your viewers may not be happy if they see too many of them so make sure to only do this in moderation.

2. Advertising

Most social media platforms have their own advertising systems in place and this is a great way to monetize your page. You can set up an ad campaign and show it to specific audiences that will be most interested in what you have to offer. This isn’t something that is easy to do but once you get the hang of it, you can really make some good money.

3. Affiliate marketing

Source: advertisepurple.com

Another very popular thing used in recent years. It involves getting paid to show a product off, mention it to some degree, and basically do a small amount of marketing to your audience. It’s different from a sponsored post as it doesn’t need as big of a spotlight so it can be done a bit more frequently without attracting the ire of your audience as much.

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4. Fan interactions

Fans simply love to interact with their favorite social media stars and you can use this to your advantage. If you use a paid messaging site such as Alua then you can get a decent bit of money from fans who would like to talk to you and have some form of interaction. Some influences that do this in a spectacular way are Irish Tan, Maria Follosco, Abby Poblador, and others. You can occasionally mention this site in your posts or simply link it in your bio and have a decent stream of income from it with minimal effort.


5. Monetize Drama

One way to monetize a scandal on social media is through brand partnerships. If a scandal involves a product or service, you could reach out to that company and offer to partner with them to create content that addresses the issue and promotes their solution. This approach can be effective if done tactfully and can potentially turn a negative situation into a positive one. However, it is important to be transparent with your audience and not compromise your integrity in the process.

6. Coaching and consulting

Depending on what the main focus of your social media persona is you may also be able to provide coaching and consulting. This is done very often by bodybuilders and even pro video game players. People are willing to pay a decent chunk to get coached by their favorite bodybuilder, pro player, or even cook. You can also give consultations if they are applicable to your case.

7. Enroll in platform-specific monetization

Most social media platforms have some ways of monetizing your presence on them built in. Good examples are Youtube or recently the TikTok creator program. While they may not earn you that much money initially they will become well worth it as you grow your brand and gain an increased audience so it’s best to get in on them as early as possible.

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8. Events

If your social media presence is large enough then you can even organize a meetup or similar kind of event in person. Charge a reasonable amount for entry and you can expect a lot of people to pour in. This is highly dependent on location and of course how big your fanbase is so think it through.

9. Brand partnerships

Source: forbes.com

You can also look into brand partnerships if sponsored posts aren’t enough for you. It’s quite similar but instead of making a dedicated post, it will instead be something that you will do in smaller amounts but far more frequently. Often it’s enough to simply mention that you are partnered with them and like their products.

10. Fan donations

This option is actually a bit older than some of the previous ones. There are many Youtube channels, small and large, which have set up Patreon accounts in the past to supplement their income. A lot of them advertised it in a way where they wouldn’t place ads in videos if they earned enough from the Patreon donations which was an interesting trade.

11. Digital products

This one can sometimes be hard to fit in depending on what your social media accounts are centered on, but if you are an artist then you can easily earn a decent bit of extra money by selling your art online digitally for a small fee and setting up an option to buy prints from you for an increased but reasonable price.

12. Paid memberships

There are many social media stars who have in recent times begun making paid memberships in exchange for various perks. Oftentimes these memberships will provide a small amount of additional content, an early peek into upcoming releases, or perhaps some behind-the-scenes stuff that may be interesting to their audiences. It takes some thought to set up but is well worth it.

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These are just some of the ways that you can monetize your scandal on social media. Of course, there are many more ideas out there and if you’re creative enough then you might be able to devise your own unique way of making money from it. Just remember to keep things ethical and above board when looking for these opportunities and you should be able to find success. Good luck!