6 Basic Jewelry Rules Every Man Should Know

There are those who think that jewelry is not such a good accessory for men, because it spoils their appearance. Many more will agree that good style suits every man. So, the right image will make every man even more attractive and appealing to their partners. However, jewelry has been a part of men’s culture for centuries. However, sometimes it is not clear to men how to wear it.

We can see that some approach from two extremes. And this is because some consider it exclusively feminine and wear minimal jewelry or none at all. On the other hand, some exaggerate in that and look like they are acting in mafia movies. The secret is in balancing and not exaggerating, but achieving an effective look. If you want to bring out the jewelry as well as possible, we can help you establish the right balance and avoid these extremes. Below, find out about the general rules and guidelines when wearing jewelry.

1. Less is more

Source: baldingbeards.com

In order not to go to this other extreme and avoid exaggeration, opt for a minimum amount of jewelry. The best advice we can give you on this issue, and shared with us by jewelry experts from DigitalJournal, is that the rule of thumb for jewelry is not to overdo it.

Keep in mind that also very important thing is to match it with your clothing combination. You don’t have to worry about not attracting enough attention, because with good jewelry you can always achieve that. Know that the essence of jewelry is to decorate the wearer and vice versa. Limit yourself to a maximum of three items to carry. For example, it could be a watch, a few rings and a bracelet. Another great combination consists of an earring, pendant and watch or cuff, tie clasp and watch. So, choose accessories carefully and strategically place them so that your look has a story.

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2. Synchronize the watch and the bracelet

Since this piece of jewelry is the most popular, it is important to match them well. However, many men here make the biggest mistake and completely forget about the differences in color or metal. It is very important to follow this rule, because the wrist is a part of the body that other people notice immediately. It is also very easy to notice these differences when handling and do not experiment by violating some basic rules of wearing jewelry. Instead, opt for darker skin, which is a great choice in that case. It would be best to opt for a gold or silver bracelet so you don’t have to think much.

3. Minimalist rings

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Believe it or not, seal rings have a long tradition among the male population. It was mostly carried on by the baby and passed from generation to generation within the family. This kind of ring is authentic and it has large dimensions. However, if you are not part of this male population and you have a simple style of dressing, stick to this rule. So it is similar to bracelets and watches. It is best to opt for the silver or gold version of the ring and stick to it. Seal rings with very reduced design lines, somewhat forgotten men’s jewelry, became a fashion hit overnight.

That’s true, but keep in mind that a few simple rings are enough to arrange on your hands to achieve a great effect. Trust us, it will seem equally striking. However, if you really care about expressing yourself with jewelry, opt for the simplest possible clothes. A white or black T-shirt will make you look completely casual, and when it comes to festive occasions, a classic suit in one color is a complete hit. Make sure that jewelry and clothes are a winning combination.

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4. Gemstones are also worn by men

It is a mistake to believe that this piece of jewelry only suits women well. Of course, it looks impeccably feminine on them. However, it can make men equally masculine by knowing how to wear it. For example, a wedding ring can look a million times better if you add a precious stone to it. Also, a bracelet with this accessory can look very powerful and complete your macho look. Today, the demand is growing when it comes to this supplement.

5. Self-confidence is everything

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We all know that self-confidence is the main ingredient of a happy life. No matter what area of ​​life you want to succeed in, you just have to have it. Have you noticed what kind of creations the models have to present on the catwalks? Most of them are not wearable in everyday life events, but we want to carry them to the grocery store. This is because they know how to bring out whatever the designers ask them to wear, and that is because of their self-confidence.

So, if you have chosen your ideal combination of jewelry and followed all the rules of wearing, do it to the end. Take it out with the highest dose of confidence and one that will make sense is up to you. It may not be a skill you can learn in a week, but good jewelry can definitely help you with that. Everything leaves an impression on you, and depending on what you want to order to other people, choose jewelry.

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6. Oversized jewelry is not cool

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Avoid wearing oversized jewelry, as it has nothing to do with the status symbol. You always strive for subtlety, which is the key to true elegance, and oversized jewelry is definitely not a part of that. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to determine your ideal size. For example, you may have bigger fingers or you are bigger and then it makes sense to choose a bigger ring. However, if you are very thin then this choice will seem very funny to you.


Do your best to explore for yourself and find out which jewelry suits you best. We hope that this has inspired you to create new, authentic looks that will win the trust and compliments of many! The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to choose and embark on an exciting journey of exploring yourself.