How to Tell the Difference Between Lab-Created & Real Diamonds – 2024 Guide

Are you planning on proposing to your girlfriend, or do you wish to surprise someone you love with a gorgeous diamond ring? Real ones can be an amazing birthday surprise, and they are an awesome idea for anyone who loves luxurious jewelry. Keep on reading and understand what is the difference between real & lab-created diamonds, and understand which kind you should go for.

What is a lab diamond?

A lab diamond is made in a lab and it is quite similar to a real one for the plain human eye. These two are quite similar to one another when it comes to their length, width, shine, as well as weight. The main difference is in the tiny amount of nitrogen that is found in natural diamonds, which we will talk about later down below. Lab ones are also easier to find worldwide and in most stores.

What is a real diamond?

A real diamond comes from the earth itself. It is unique and rare, and it has been formed hundreds of miles below the surface billion years ago. They are considered a miracle of nature and are pricey for a reason. The price of real diamonds will increase in time since they are so rare, while lab ones might become cheaper. Real ones are just as heavy as a lab, the main difference is in their history and origin.

What is the difference between cubic zirconia and moissanite when it comes to lab diamonds?


These are diamond simulants, and they are not the same thing as a real diamond. However, they are popular and often offered at some jewelry stores. If you are looking for the highest quality right after a natural diamond, consider these two options.

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Cubic Zirconia is a lot softer when compared to a diamond. It can be colorless like the real deal, but it is not as resistant or durable as an actual diamond. You don’t want it to rust or show signs of aging, do you?

Moissanite can be found in a natural form, but this is quite rare. It is a better solution than Cubic Zirconia, but it is still not as tough as the real diamond. It is sturdy, but it can also get quite pricey since it is so rare.

How to know the difference between lab and natural diamonds? Top 4 key points to understand

1. How do they look


Lab and natural diamonds look the same, but lower quality lab ones will have some indicators that will make them stand out.

Both of them can be colorless, and they are available in every shape that you can imagine. However, lower quality lab diamonds will have fewer inclusions.

2. Pay close attention to their price point

Lab diamonds are more affordable. This is because they don’t depend on Mother Nature to produce them, and they haven’t been processed for millions of years. You can find them 30-50% of the price when compared to natural ones in most stores.

3. What is their value


Lab diamonds don’t have settled value, while natural ones have been quite consistent. Lab diamonds are newcomers which means that their value is hard to settle. More manufacturers worldwide have been producing lab diamonds, which would further justify their lower price point and mass production. Real ones, on the other hand, can have an interesting story to tell, and you will enjoy their beauty, as well as the history that comes with them.

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4. Sustainability

Both options are sustainable, but lab diamonds are a bit more desirable than natural ones. According to one statistic it takes to go around and dig 100,000 tons of rock to find one single crystal!

Lab ones take a couple of weeks to grow, and up to a month in a specialized lab to process and produce. Their process is a lot simpler, as well as mess-free.

Are lab diamonds perfect?


They can be, and it can be hard for true professionals to tell a difference between lab and natural kinds. Every diamond will have inclusions on top. Some lab-grown diamonds are laser engraved with their inscription, while natural ones will look a lot neater. It can be hard to get those lines perfect, but the best manufacturer will know how to make them look seamless and flawless.

Why should you purchase lab diamonds?

The answer is pretty obvious and straightforward: because they are affordable and easy to get. Their production is quick and simple, and it is almost impossible to tell a difference when it comes to everyday people and our plain eye. These are also more sustainable and perfect for people who need an engagement ring in a shorter time possible.

Why should you purchase natural diamonds?

If you or the person who you’re shopping for are more-so into natural versions, tradition, as well as something rare & unique – this is ideal for you. This can also be a part of your family tradition that you can pass onto your kids. If money is not an issue for you and you love glamorous things (or you’re trying to spoil someone) this might be a better move for you.

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Which diamond to go for?


In the end, the choice is entirely up to you! Ask yourself who you’re shopping for, and what is the message that you’re going for. It is different when you’re shopping for your future wife, best friend, or even friends & family. Do you care about the price tag, or are you more-so into tradition & history? Either way it may be, there is no right or wrong answer! Both options are considered bulletproof solutions.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend hours looking for that ”the one” ring. In fact, you can find your ideal engagement ring and you can design it however you like. Find the ideal shape, diamond size, color, and budget solution for your loved one!

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