E-Commerce: A Trillion Dollar Marketplace

E-commerce is the tycoon in making the world a “Global Village.” The “E” in the E-commerce terminology stands for electronic. E-commerce is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers. Sellers showcase their wide range of products and services, whereas buyers are the ones who are looking for these products and services.

With the changing world dynamics and paradigm shift due to the worldwide Covid-19, e-commerce has surged to mountainous heights. The world is dependent on e-commerce and online marketplace. It has been a proven fact that people in the 21st century are more inclined towards buying from online e-commerce platforms. Moreover, these buyers make up to 68% of the total buyers. So, the statistics mentioned above can signify the importance of e-commerce.

Make no mistake that managing an e-commerce business is not a piece of cake. It takes time, resources, and effort to stand out in an online market. There are millions of e-commerce platforms, and it is not easy to have the online audience come out to buy from you. Therefore, you have to stand out among the top rankings or be unique in your niche.

It would be best if you kept some factors and parameters in mind while managing e-commerce websites. Let’s have a brief overview of the tips and factors to help you flourish.

E-Commerce Hosting Platform

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First, if you are about to start with an e-commerce business website, you need to select an e-commerce platform to host your site. There are millions of online sellers. Likewise, hosting platforms are also in great numbers. Choosing between them is of paramount importance since traffic, and online presence will be dependent on the platform.

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Hosting platforms usually offer a domain name for a fixed subscription fee, which they charge annually. Go Daddy is one of the most famous web hosting platforms. The domain name will be the name of your e-commerce site, and you can buy your domain if it is not already taken. So, you should select the platform according to your audience and the range of business you want to develop.

For instance, if you want to sell gun equipment, such as the best AR-15 upper receivers, you need to choose a server and platform to handle consistent traffic. Click here if you want to see an example of such a website. You may get anywhere between 1000 and 10,000+ users every day. So, you need to ensure that your chosen platform will handle the traffic.

User-Friendly Interface:

The interface of any e-commerce website should be user-friendly. This makes it easy to use for audiences belonging to any age group or any part of society. The interface should be designed keeping in view that it should be for “layman.” This way, anyone can easily use it.

Those who make the interface difficult to understand often end up in despair since people expect online e-commerce to make things easy for them. If it is not easy for them, they will look for somewhere else where they won’t have to struggle or know a lot to make a purchase online.

Authentic and Accurate Product Description

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Building a trust relationship with the customers is of utmost importance because an e-commerce site can only develop if the influx of customers increases rather than decreases. For this, providing the best and authentic description of your products list on your e-commerce site is crucial. The more transparent your approach is towards the pros and cons of your product, the more will be the customer satisfaction and consequently higher volumes of sales.

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Please note that the customer review will directly impact the online presence of your e-commerce site. So, if your product description is at par with the actual product being delivered to the customer, positive reviews will come flooding in right away. Therefore, always provide authentic and complete product descriptions to clear all the ambiguities in the customer’s mind.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Support

Every E-commerce business has customer support or customer service section, which is done through 3 different channels:

  1. Chat Support
  2. Email Support
  3. Voice Support

It is highly recommended to use all these three channels simultaneously for the customer support section of your e-commerce business. The reason is that there are customers from every walk of life. Some prefer to chat, others perfect email as authentic, and some rely on voice support.

Make sure that whatever channel the customers are using to approach your e-commerce site, you must provide them with timely resolution of a problem if they have issues regarding any of their orders.

Apart from this, even if they are contacting you to get some information regarding your e-commerce site or any product, you need to treat them equally since they might be your next potential customers.

Keeping The Customer Informed of Order Process

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Once a customer finalizes an order with you, they should be well aware of every step. So, it is your responsibility to convey the current status of their order via email or message. If the order is in processing or in shipping or en route to delivery, you should inform the customer accordingly. Moreover, there should not be any miscalculation in this section because it can agitate the customer and bring bad reviews.

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Offer Special Discounts and Promos on Special Days

Customers love discounts, and they love it more when it is a special day like New Year’s Eve or Mother’s Day, etc. So, try to offer discount policies for the special days to attract customers and enhance the standing of your e-commerce site.

However, if you are going to offer discounts or special offers on religious days of any religion, make sure you cover most of the religions. This is because if it is confined to a handful of religions, your e-commerce site may be regarded as racist among the customers. Moreover, these things are very harsh and can plunge the traffic in a matter of few hours.

A Feedback Section to Increase Customer Interaction

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There is a difference between the feedback section and the review section. Now, the review is given regarding product purchase and its quality. Feedback, in general, is the customer’s desire to see more changes in your e-commerce website.

So, take each feedback seriously and always acknowledge customers that their valued feedback has been taken into consideration. This way, the customer is assured that their feedback is important and you want to improve.

If you follow these tips by heart, there is no stopping to your e-commerce site. Adhering to them is the key to surviving in the online marketplace of millions of sellers. Good Luck!