How to Know if Your Discount Codes are Legit – 2024 Guide

Coupon codes and discounts offers have become more prevalent as more and more people have started shopping online. Everyone wants to save money by buying products at a discounted rate. But before you use your discount codes ensure that it is not expired or fake and are completely legit.

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Ways to determine the legitimacy of your discount codes

Getting a free coupon code is easy, but determining the legitimacy of your discount code can be hard as there are fake coupons all over the internet. Here are few ways to know if your discount codes are legit:

1. Check all the details related to the coupon


To determine the legitimacy of your discount coupon, you should check the following details related to the coupon before you use it.

  • Generation date – Generation date is the date the coupon was activated or created. You must know about the generation date to determine the validity period of the coupon.
  • Validity period – The validity period is important to know the legitimacy of the coupon. There is no point in using a coupon after its validity period is over.
  • Discount type – There are mainly two types of discount codes, i.e., a fixed value couple or a percentage coupon. Some websites allow both types of coupon codes, and some allow only a single type of discount. The code is legal or not depends on the website you are using.
  • Number of uses – Mostly, all free coupons have a limited number of uses. If the coupon has already exceeded the number of uses, then the code is not legit anymore.
  • Product validity – Not all coupon codes apply to every product. A coupon code is useless if you cannot apply it while making a purchase.
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2. Check your Coupons on the coupon websites

You can easily check if your discount coupons are legal or not from coupon websites. There are several trusted websites that help you to determine the legitimacy of discount codes of several websites. Along with that, you can even get codes for several other online shopping websites to help you shop at great discounts.

Once you enter the code, you will find all the necessary details regarding the discount coupon that will help you to know if your coupon codes are legit—for example, the generation date, validity period, maximum usage of the coupon, etc.

3. Check the source


Not all free coupon codes are useful and legal. Several websites show expired or incorrect coupon codes. To check if the code is legal or not, you must check the source from where you find the coupon. There are several websites that offer free discount coupons, but not all are genuine.

Take few minutes to search for reputed sources and websites to get valid and legal coupon codes. With increasing scammers and fraudsters, you can easily get tricked into getting an expired or false coupon code. Try to look for a discount coupon that is directly offered by the retailer. If you receive any coupon codes on your email, then don’t click on the links until you verify the source.

4. Verify your coupon from the Coupon information center

You can also check the legitimacy of the discount code from the coupon information center. The coupon information center provides you with the blacklist of several fake or counterfeit websites that provide expired or illegal discount coupons. If you are uncertain about the website that’s offering your free discount codes, then you can have a look at the coupon information center and check its legitimacy.

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Even though you can check the legitimacy of your coupon from these platforms, the circulation of fake coupons is so fast over social media and emails, many people still fall into the trap and end up getting a fake coupon.

5. Coupons with free or discounted products


Usually, coupons with free or discounted products are fake or counterfeit of the actual coupon to attract people to buy more products or sometimes also an invitation to online scams and frauds. The links to these coupon codes might redirect you to unknown websites that ask for personal information or ask you to sign-up to obtain free gifts.
This information is used illegally to make spam calls, send you unwanted emails, or can lead to online fraud. Double-check the legitimacy of the coupons offered with free or discounted products to ensure they are legal.

6. Use alternative sign-in details

Using alternative sign-in details is always useful to be on the safe side and protect yourself from online frauds or scams. Enter your information with a fake name and a fake email address to avoid the exploitation of your actual personal details. You will still get access to the coupon code even if you enter fake sign-in details.

Once you ensure that the website is safe and offering genuine discount codes, you can get multiple codes using your actual email address and other details. This can be effective in stacking up more coupons and using them together to get more discounts during checkout. Using alternative sign-in details has multiple benefits other than determining the legitimacy of the discount codes.

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Wrapping up

Discount coupons can be really useful in getting a good discount, but you might want to check whether they are legit or not. Several websites offer free coupon codes, but not all are genuine. Several sites give you expired or fake coupon codes that are bogus. Beware of online scams while searching for these coupons.

Always get coupon codes that are offered by the online shopping platform itself or trusted coupon websites with good reviews from other people. The above mentioned are the ways that will help you to check the legitimacy of your disc.