How to Find a Reliable Sourcing Agent in China – 2024 Guide

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands procuring companies in China, and if you choose to do your business via them, you will realize that just because you have a lot of options, it does not mean that they are all great ones. It is pretty easy to find a distributor from the country that is going to provide you with the merchandise that you want, but finding the right one for your needs may be more challenging than you may think. Since we are aware of the struggle, we’ve created this 2024 guide. Use it to learn how to find a reliable sourcing agent in China and find out what are the biggest mistakes that people make when looking for these solutions.

Understand the fees


The first thing that you should understand when looking for an attested procuring negotiator in the country is that everyone is going to have different fees. It is said that these companies will charge you between five and ten percent, but these numbers may differ depending on the time you’ve been collaborating, your overall budget, your exact field, and needs, as well as the ministration that they are going to provide.

Even though you may need to spend a bit more to ensure your satisfaction as a customer, it is always better to invest in something amazing than to opt for mediocre that could ruin your own business in the long run.

Look at the top-rated lists

If you don’t know what’s good and which brands are attested and trustworthy, then you should go online and just ask Google. There are many lists of negotiators that have been proven to be not only reliable and trustworthy but also extremely successful.

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You don’t have to look too far to find these lists, but know that this is just the beginning. You need to start your research by looking for agencies that are trendy and trustworthy now, and you should see what they offer.

Once you’ve compiled a list of places that you are interested in checking out, the next thing is to do deeper research on every one of them. See what the positive sides of collaborating with them are, and what are the drawbacks.

You will also need to contact them and see how much they charge depending on the things that you are interested in. Note that not every negotiator is going to have time to take you as a client, and you may need to outbid your competitors to be able to work with them.

Pick depending on the merchandise you are interested in


You need to choose the right procuring negotiator based on the wares that you want to invest in. Even though every one of them has knowledge of the whole industry, they still specialize in different fields. When you choose a professional who knows the market and the suppliers in-depth it is going to be easier for you to make better deals that are going to cost less.

For example, you can use sites such as to find out how you can find the right China toys sourcing company or anything else that you may be interested in. You can see which brands are offered, and you can understand the whole process of collaborating with a negotiator better.

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Check ratings

You cannot find a good person that has not been rated as one. Keep in mind that some mediators are fairly new and that they may not have the needed experience or the people to testify when it comes to their quality. When checking the ratings, understand the difference between companies that just got on the market and don’t have any feedback because they are new, and the ones that have been part of the business for a long time, but delete any negative comments.

Check to see what others think about the solutions that you require and see what they can give you as advice. There are a lot of groups where people share opinions and agencies, and instead of roaming the interest without having any clue of what you are doing, you can directly ask others who are going through the same challenges as you.

Be aware of the challenges


Finally, no matter who you choose to be your procuring mediator, you need to be aware of the challenges that come with the practice. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the time zone difference, and that negotiators may not reply to you as soon as you send them a message. This does not mean that they are not attested, it just means that they may be sleeping at the time when you reached out to them.

Another thing that you need to understand is the fact that not everyone in the country knows English. There might be some amazing mediators that do their job perfectly, but it does not mean that they know how to fluently talk to you in your native language.

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To ensure that you understand each other, you can use automatic translation solutions that are available for any device and know that sometimes things can get lost in translation. On the same note, you can also hire a translator and ensure the best communication between you two.

You need to be aware of the challenges before you choose the right establishment for your needs, and you should not judge them only on their English or how fast they reply to your messages. Be patient, look for the right type of collaboration and do your part in making sure that you are as clear as possible.

Since there are many agencies, you can choose from, it should not be too difficult to find a reliable negotiator. However, have in mind that the best ones may not have time to take you as a new client, or they may charge more than you are used to. Think if you are willing to invest more for the right person, or if you want to take your chances and go with someone who may not charge you as much, but who may not provide all the services you need as well.