3 Reasons to Use Protective Equipment When Skateboarding

Skateboarding has been a very popular activity for decades because it is both fun and a great way to get physically active. Skateboarding is equally enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults, and it is also vital for all age groups to take care not to get injured while enjoying the ride. There are several different precautions you can consider in order to protect children from injury while riding a skateboard. One of them is carefully choosing the place where they will ride it, and the other is wearing protective equipment that will not allow them to be injured even after falling. If you want to learn more about why wearing protective gear when skateboarding is important, keep reading.

1. Wearing a helmet protects your skull and brain

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Perhaps the main and basic reason why it is necessary to wear a protective helmet is to prevent injury to the skull and brain. These types of injuries can even lead to a fatal outcome, and the worst thing is that they can occur very easily. It is enough to hit a certain part of the head, which is especially sensitive, and that will leave consequences on your health for the rest of your life. Nowadays, children are particularly susceptible to concussions and head injuries for several different reasons that as a parent you need to be aware of in order to influence them:

Proving to others and rebellion

It’s no secret that skateboarding is one of those activities that is often associated with rebellion. Children often choose to ride a skateboard in order to prove themselves in front of their peers and look cool in their eyes. That is why they often decide to ride a skateboard without a helmet, as well as to ride in dangerous places. All this is a perfect base for head and skull injuries.

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Riding in a skate park

Although a skate park is a great place to skateboard, acquire new skills and have fun, it also brings with it a lot of bad driving examples that can affect children. Simply put, a lot of skaters in one place also means that there will be a few who do not drive carefully, do not wear a helmet and do not behave carefully. Children often know how to behave with that and try to ride a skateboard on their own in a way that increases the risk of injuries.

Internet era

We live in an era of the Internet that has brought with it platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This has its positive sides, but it can also adversely affect the younger generations who watch different content that affects their psyche. And maybe they themselves want their videos or pictures on a skateboard to go viral on the Internet, which means that they will have to perform some dangerous tricks in order to cause the desired effect in people. These dangerous tricks, if performed without protective equipment, can lead to concussions and other serious skull injuries.

As a caring parent, you certainly want the best protection for your child, that will ensure that any type of head injury will be prevented. A suitable helmet will allow your child to be safe while enjoying skateboarding. Click here to learn more about the best Helmet skateboard.

Imitating the world’s best skateboarders

Another reason why children are often injured on a skateboard is that they imitate the world’s best skateboarders and the dangerous tricks they perform. Every year, some of the bravest tricks skateboarders can perform are shown in the X Games. Although this is not recommended even for them, they still possess certain skills that reduce the risk of injury. However, when an amateur in a skateboard tries something like this, it can be fatal for them, so it is crucial to explain to your children how dangerous it is, especially if they do not wear the appropriate equipment.

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2. Pads can help your joints

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It is inevitable that you will fall off the skateboard a few dozen times when you are at the very beginning. All this is completely normal and there is no reason to be ashamed. No one was born as an expert in this field and with a little practice you will become much better at riding a skateboard. However, it is crucial to protect your joints from injury during these numerous falls. Knee and elbow pads and wrist guards are the perfect choice and will ensure that you enjoy this activity without worrying about joint injuries.

3. Mouth and teeth protection

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We all know at least one person who broke or lost a tooth while skating, rollerblading or doing some similar activity. Although this is not the most dangerous thing in the world, it is still something that is not pleasant at all, especially when it comes to losing permanent teeth. Even for a child who will soon lose a baby tooth, it can be traumatic and stressful if something like this happens to them. That’s why it’s a good idea to prevent such situations with mouth guards at the beginning of your child’s skateboarding experiences. Visit https://rioranchosmiles.com/.

Mouth guards are another piece of equipment that can be very useful for all skateboard fans. In case you want to protect yourself or your child, mouth guards can be a good way to ensure that all your teeth stay in place while having fun with this activity.


Skateboarding is a very fun activity for recreation that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. However, anyone who has ever tried to skateboard will tell you how dangerous it can be. That is why it is a great idea to protect yourself or your child with skateboard equipment that will prevent injuries.

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Wearing a helmet and pads for elbows, knees and joints is an indicator of responsible behavior, because in this way the skull, brain and joints are protected from serious injuries that could lead to permanent disability, and sometimes even fatal outcomes. With the right equipment, you will be able to ride a skateboard carefree and enjoy every moment without fear that something you do not want will happen.