Exhibition Marketing Tips to Attract More Customers

We all know that good advertising is what sells a service or product. The key to success in any business, including online sales, is in understanding consumer psychology. In addition, knowing psychology can help you convince your audience that the products and services you offer are exactly what they need, and that is exactly what every business needs. So, this is a job that you can easily improve with a few good tips.

Get to know your clients

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It is always good to choose the target group of consumers at the very beginning of planning the business strategy. It is much easier to attract customers if you know what type of consumer you are looking for, without that landmark your compass will be lost on the way to the attraction. Have a crystal clear picture of your target consumers, think about what makes these types of people happy, sad, or scared and what might be their trigger to buy, then come up with an offer that will make their life easier and better.

Get to know your products

Think carefully about the following – what is your product and what makes it unique, what is the price compared to the competition, think about the types of promotions you can offer to customers, as well as the location where your product or service will be sold, is it only online, do you have physical stores that you should think about, who will distribute your product.

Social networks

Presence on social networks is the best advertisement, especially if the target group is a younger population. Social networks are an ideal platform for promoting and attracting new clients, and they also affect the psychological factor because they provide a sense of community and connection, and people have an innate need to belong.

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These are words we all like to hear. You yourself have probably collected coupons at the supermarket or buy products that say “buy one item, get another at half price”. This is very often not true, but many customers are attracted by the mere thought that they could get something cheaper. The only thing you can do is to give the customer a bonus for purchases over a certain amount, which he will be able to spend on his next purchase. So, the customer will be satisfied because he got a discount for the next purchase, and you got a customer who will come back again. Click here to learn more about it.

The crossed-out price is higher than the new one, more favorable

This is a marketing trick that always works, even when it’s just a trick and nothing more. As we have already mentioned, people like to think that they had a good shopping experience. Maybe a $75 t-shirt is expensive, but if it was $100 and now it’s marked down to $75, it sounds like a good deal, right?

Promotion as an element of the marketing mix

Promotion is an element of the marketing mix and includes activities that send a message about a product or service and its qualities to target consumers and convince them to make a purchase. Effective promotion in combination with other marketing activities is the key to the success of any company, regardless of its activity. The promotional mix of marketing communications of every company includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, and in addition to the promotion, it is necessary to mention the holders of the promotion, such as the company, trademark, name of the product or service, and the media.

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Be at your service!

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What increases the number of customers is education about how they can use something, or education about new, interesting, creative ways they can use something. A demonstration of a certain product always increases the sale of that product, especially if you managed to interest the customer by showing him some new creative ideas. It is important that customers can get feedback if they want to know something additional about the product.

Modern marketing is not only about developing a good product, pricing it attractively, and making an effort to make it acceptable to customers, companies must also communicate with their current and potential customers, intermediaries, and the general public. Promotion is any form of communication whose role is to inform, and remind people about products, services, images, ideas, or social involvement and is the basic way through which an organization communicates or transmits messages to its target markets.

Today, companies face more and more aggressive competition, and it is crucial to constantly innovate and invest in the development and research of new products. It is precisely for this reason that companies face increasing challenges. The development of the Internet and social networks also changes the marketing strategy, that is, the communication channels through which companies reach their customers. Although it seems simple to reach customers through social networks and the Internet, it is necessary to stand out among numerous competitors.

Promotion of sales should affect all participants in the distribution process, through information, advice, and training in order to speed up and facilitate sales. The goal of store sales promotion is to gain the trust and support of sellers and encourage them to give more, which includes free merchandise, discounts, sales fees, conventions, fairs, and the like. It can be concluded that sales promotion and advertising are not the same, because advertising provides a reason to buy, while sales promotion gives an incentive to buy. Advertising is based on the use of advertising messages through the media, while sales promotion uses a wider field of action and various actions and means.

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Final thoughts

It is important for the company to reach its target segment, and it will achieve this through adequate promotion and distribution. We can conclude that the marketing strategy of product management greatly affects the acceptance of the product by customers. Companies should invest more in the development of their products and do everything to retain existing and attract new customers.