Do Your Dreams Really Hold a Hidden Meaning?

You must have woken up from your sleep at least once and thought it really happened. This is the moment when we ask ourselves if our dreams have any meaning. Many experts have an explanation for this, and they say that our dreams and how they mean something. First, dreams are a reflection of our psyche and describe many of our life situations that have occurred. On the other hand, there is a symbolism that runs through them that experts can also read.

Either way, they show our state of mind and help us deal with our inner problems. They influence us to be happier, healthier, and to develop as a person. If you follow your dreams properly you can learn a lot. This is an opportunity to recognize yourself, your habits and decipher all your emotions. However, dream analysis is not so simple because dreams are unique. Keep reading and learn more about the meaning of dreams.

Why do we dream?


We all know how much sleep is necessary for every person. You may not remember your dreams sometimes, but know that you also dreamed because it is a natural part of sleep. This applies to our brain and heart, because while we sleep, our brain thinks. It processes various information without order, and the heart works at an accelerated pace. Then dreams are also seen as a form of psychotherapy, because in our dreams, sometimes memories or images of some objects, people appear. Our desires and fears also appear, and the brain is constantly trying to find some connection in order to solve the problem.

It’s a way to deal with negative thoughts or emotional stress at the end of the day. So, you are on certain psychotherapy even though you are not actually aware of it. So don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning with an idea or solution to a problem that has bothered you for a long time. The brain worked hard all night on it, processing the information, processing and categorizing it in the end.

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What happens while we dream?

The REM phase is key to dreaming. And during it, our eyes move very quickly in different directions. This phase occurs just over an hour after we fall asleep. Since the brain is very active, intense dreams happen. Our brain behaves quite differently at this stage compared to the waking period. While some parts of the brain are completely dormant, others are quite active. During this phase, there is a loss of muscle tone, and all muscles fall into some kind of paralysis except the eye muscles and the diaphragm. Then everything that happens in our dreams gives a metaphorical commentary on ourselves. And because of that, sleep paralysis can sometimes occur.

Why is this happening? While the brain sends a message to the muscles to relax and they do it, sometimes a mistake can occur. Sleep paralysis occurs when the body has a “problem” with that transition. We are awake, but the muscles fail to get out of the state of rest and complete relaxation. That is called lucid dreaming also. If you are interested in learning more about it, visit, where you can read many guides.

Factors affecting sleep paralysis


Thus, dream interpretation refers primarily to our mental health. However, restless dreams are also a consequence of excessive physical fatigue, stress, etc. That is why it often happens to some people to experience sleep paralysis. The reason may be poor sleep that includes sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, or lack of sleep. It is also important to know that sleep paralysis is hereditary. And that means that there is a genetic factor that contributes to this condition.

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In the end, mental health is very important, and usually, people with trauma and various difficulties have a higher risk of this phenomenon. In addition, the reason may be stress, frequent travel or sudden changes in daily routine. Don’t worry, there’s no room for panic. If this happens to you, you are completely normal and this phenomenon has absolutely nothing to do with paranormal phenomena or the afterlife.

Dreams and beliefs

People from different cultures look at the interpretation of dreams differently. That is why there are many theories regarding the importance of dreams. People have been trying to interpret their dreams for a long time. Ancient peoples attached a mystical meaning to dreams by describing them as gifts from gods and supernatural forces. Cultural patterns and social milieu influence the forms through which dreams appear and are remembered. Finally, Freud is also a representative of a theory where he interpreted dreams as unconscious or hidden desires.

Symbol analysis


Modern theories describe some of the most common dreams. In the first place is the dream in which we fall. This has certainly happened to everyone at least once because these dreams are very common. According to some popular interpretations, it is a sign that something is not going right in your life or you are considering other directions. Many recognize it as a symbol of fear in that sense. Then, another common occurrence are dreams in which we are naked in public. This belongs to the group of the most unpleasant dreams in which you only suddenly find yourself naked in school, office, etc. This indicates some shortcomings or imperfections according to various opinions.

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We also have dreams of persecution that are very frightening, and that would mean trying to escape from something in everyday life. Dreams of tooth loss are also common and it would have more meaning. One of them refers to the ability to communicate, the other to attractiveness, etc. Students often dream of taking a test, which is quite logical considering the studies. However, many also analyze the fear of failure. If you dreamed that your romantic partner cheated on you, it must have been very disturbing. People interpret this as a simple fear of infidelity or a problem with trust, loyalty, and communication in a relationship.


Since every dream is connected with your own reality, that is, only your emotions or experience, they really hide the real truth. Keep in mind that they unite the body, thoughts, and spirit. However, the stories that come to us in dreams are often very complicated and it is almost impossible to immediately understand their meaning. So always think carefully about everything, remember as many details from the dream as possible, ask yourself questions and bring the dream into connection with real life.