Popular Websites That Use React.js

It’s no secret that technology has completely reshaped the way we lead our lives and run business. Furthermore, having a website can help your business increase sales and customer base. That’s why many big companies and small businesses found their way online. Not only does it help them provide round-the-clock services globally and make conversions on their products all day and night, but they can also eliminate pen-and-paper-based work and manage their businesses from anywhere in the world. However, if a website is poorly optimized, slow and not user-friendly, it’s imperative to arrive at a big decision when selecting the ‘right’ technology for creating the aesthetically pleasing and performing web solution to drive leads and then increase sales as well. That’s where React.js technology comes into play. Today, it has about 153 000 stars on GitHub and over 1500 contributors who do their best to constantly update and improve technology. This makes React.js one of the most commonly used JavaScript-based libraries to develop websites today. Keep on reading to reveal more details below!

React.js technology: What’s it exactly?

Being an open-source JavaScript’s library, React.js allows software engineers to build impressive web solutions that are highly efficient, scalable and flexible. Not only does it help them to improve their speed by creating different types of robust component-centric User Interfaces (UIs), but it also allows development teams to write clean and modular code. This drastically reduces the page loading time and helps improve the website’s ranking. Moreover, React.JS comes with a complete toolset that streamlines building, updating and deploying different features for web solutions. A recent survey indicated that 68.9% of respondents liked the library and ranked it as one of the most loved development libraries.

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With such features as real-time reload, reusable components, modular architecture, virtual DOM and generous ecosystem, software engineers can deliver more dynamic and mobile-friendly web solutions powered with complex UI structures. Only by opting for React.js technology can you reduce development time and increase the performance of your web solution. Sounds impressive, right? Let’s take a closer look at some websites that use React.js technology.

Top websites powered with React.js technology

Let’s overview some of the top websites built with React.js technology!

#1: CNN

Source: theverge.com

Being the most widely distributed news channel, it provides a worldwide audience with the latest breaking news and information on the top stories, business, entertainment, weather, politics, etc. Not only can you find a variety of news written in a fast-paced approachable tone by expert-led authors, but you can also discover a plethora of content that is mobile- and multimedia-enabled. Powered with React.js technology, CNN website delivers high performance and a rich user interface that keeps users engaged.

#2: Tesla

Electric vehicle and clean energy Tesla company opts for React.js technology when going online. Not only does it help deliver an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing website, but it is also visually appealing, fast and functional. Powered with React.js technology, Tesla website positively impacts visitors, doesn’t leave them frustrated and encourages them to stay longer.

#3: Netflix

Source: itresenja.com

Being a streaming giant, Netflix had more than 167 million subscribers and accounted for 15% of total downstream internet traffic globally. To display award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials, the company had been forced to maintain website performance on a high level. Only by opting for React.js technology can it bring their website performance to a higher level and modernize UI architecture. Not only can kids and adults enjoy a great watching experience, but they can watch as much as they want on any internet-connected screen.

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#4: Dropbox

Designed specifically as a cloud storage service, Dropbox allows users to save files online, sync all the content to their devices with ease and access files from anywhere. Moreover, users can share files and folders with other people eliminating sending large attachments. Not only does it help users to be organized and work more efficiently, but they can also stay secure with their teams. Equipped with React.js technology, it provides visually aesthetic UI and improved accessibility in terms of self-developed components (dropdown menus, tree views, etc.) that can be conveniently reused in different areas of the website interface.


Source: fintechfutures.com

With the benefits of React JS, PayPal provides a great-customized interface and security options for making safe and hassle-free transactions. Not only does it help users to pay bills and purchases through their PayPal balance or bank account, but they can also send and receive money transfers quickly and easily. In addition to that, you can make recurring payments not only to all your monthly bills but subscriptions with a simple click.

#6: Scribd

Built with React, Scribd is utilized as a book subscription service that provides access to terabytes of eBooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, sheet music, etc. Not only does it help you make the best use of your time at home without having to go to the nearest brick-and-mortar bookshop or physical library, but you can also perform sophisticated searches for a variety of queries as many times as you need.

#7: Salesforce

Source: salesforce.com

Being an early adopter of React.js technology, Salesforce opted for it for a providing customer-centric experience and delivering consistent interactions in the best interest of users. Thanks to React.js technology, website visitors understand and stay on your website longer. Moreover, it helps to create logical navigation with a clear hierarchy and implement consistent layouts and visual cues for great functionality across the site.

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Bottom line: Ready to move toward the great website powered with React.js technology?

When going digital, non-risky, advanced and responsive React.js technology is here to stay. Not only does it help bring to life small, medium and large-scale web solutions that are highly interactive and visually pleasing, but it also allows software engineers to make them user-friendly and fast. Moreover, it speeds up time to market and increases your business competitiveness by taking advantage of fast development possibilities. That’s why draw attention to React.js technology if you want to achieve your business goals fast and meet with success.