Is StoryBlocks Stock Footage Worth the Subscription

Being creative is a great trait. It’s a great foundation to start with some creative work such as image and video editing, campaigns, marketing materials, and other similar creative solutions. These work engagements are well paid, and you will be even better paid if you make them in an interesting way, but also in a quality way for your clients. In order to work with quality and to be able to create content that will appeal to potential clients and clients, you need to have great ideas, good enough software to create, and of course – great materials that you would use in the creation and design.

Sometimes, in order to get a great final product, in addition to a good enough idea, good prior preparation is required. By preparation we mean the use of well-prepared images, sounds, videos and other materials that can participate in the development of a new project or order. These materials, especially images, can often be found for free on Google Images, where the selection is small and insignificant, but often of poor quality. When there is no choice there is a need to look for something else, far better and more affordable. The only place with a large selection of materials for finishing, processing, and adding to projects is StoryBlocks.

If you are looking for a place where you can find good enough material for your project at any time then this is definitely the platform. It is a place where freelancers post their photos and usually sell them for a small amount that is insignificant for the processors compared to the amount they earn from a project. It’s a great place to find work materials, but given the offer and the money you pay for a subscription, there is often a dilemma – is it worth subscribing and reaping the benefits? This question is the most common madness among all creators in recent days. In order to clarify this question, to give an answer, and no more dilemmas, we have prepared a small analysis that will focus on what StoryBlock offers. We are sure that our review will be of great benefit to you and that it will help you in making the final decision, and it will be up to you to follow us to the end and see what is what we have prepared for you, and which will solve all of you. dilemmas you have had so far and still have.

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What is StoryBlocks?


If you are acquainted with creative people, with people who have great workmanship, and neither the software nor their creativity is to blame, but simply the materials, then ask them where they get the materials from. Do you know what the answer will be? The answer will be StoryBlocks. What is StoryBlocks? It is a large base that is primarily intended for creatives working on new projects, freelancers, and other lovers of creative work professionally and recreationally. On it, you can find videos, audio content, but above all images that are created by other people. They are currently placed there either without a watermark if they are free and ordinary or with a watermark if they are more specific, more professional, and if it is a project in collaboration with more people who have to be paid for the engagement. To remove the small mark that is almost invisible, and yet visible, you need to subscribe. Most of the time, users of this site avoid that step, but sometimes it is simply necessary if we like the photo we have seen and really need it for the project we are working on. But there is a dilemma among creatives, and that is – is it worth subscribing to this platform? The answer to this question is found below.

Is it worth subscribing to StoryBlocks?

At the moment the internet is a huge endless sea of ​​materials for work, especially when it comes to freelance work through large freelance sites or work with existing clients who ask you for new, fresh, and interesting created content. The choice is especially large when it comes to large stock media platforms that offer a huge selection for everyone and for every purpose. There are currently about 10 such platforms, three of which are the largest, and one is the best and most popular – the StoryBlocks. It is the best platform and most popular among all freelancers, and IMHO Reviews also speaks about the popularity of StoryBlocks. According to many experts, this site has already received the crown for the best site for finding content. It is especially visited and respected because, in order to have access to all content without tags, a small insignificant amount of money is paid once a month in order to have access to fresh materials for work and content processing. So many freelancers are already here. StoryBlocks often say that the interest is great and that the number of users is constantly growing, both in subscriptions and new content that will be part of new successful projects made by freelancers, graphic designers, video editors, and many other people with wonderful ideas. If your work requires beautiful materials that will be available at any time, we warmly recommend this large database of materials for finishing and inserting into the projects you work on.

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What do you get on StoryBlocks that you do not get on other such sites?


If you are looking for a great offer, availability of a large number of materials, a stable and fast website, and support at all times, then this is StoryBlocks. This is the best option at the moment on the internet. It is ideal for both free users and those who want to subscribe, but the availability is greater if you subscribe. Choose something that is quality, something that has already been tried, and which is number 1 among content creators and freelancers. Be guided by the positive experiences of those who have tried this media stock site.

When you need an additional selection of materials for creative work that offers a good enough choice then StoryBlocks will help you with that. Leave all your needs to this web service, and the rest of the creativity is up to you to finish. When it comes to creativity, you are the king, and behind the king must always be such a great helper.