Fascinating Facts About Katana Swords That Will Impress You

Special katana samurai swords are generally one of the most recognizable deadly weapons that people all around the world know about. These swords were considered iconic Japanese symbols for centuries. Behind Katana swords, is a story of how a group of brave warriors, well-known as Samurai created the weapon in order to protect and defend their country. From that moment, Katana blades have become an important part of the overall Japanese culture.

Even today, people from all around the world are admiring these unique pieces of deadly weapons. In fact, you can find them in many homes or offices hanging on the wall like decorating pieces. Additionally, there are people who love collecting different katana swords as their hobby. However, there are so many great and interesting things about these swords. In this article, we prepared some highly fascinating facts about the history of this ancient weapon.

Samurai swords are so popular even today because of their authentic look. Despite that, they are well-crafted, strongly made, and have a very unique design. Therefore, it is not even strange to hear that people want to buy them as a decoration for their homes. The enticing appearance of Katana swords comes with a special feeling of strength and power. However, they are more than that – they represent confidence, courage, and tradition.

Today Katana Swords are not the same as old and traditional ones

The traditional and first crafted katana swords had a straight blade and single edge that was imported from Korea and China. After some years, this design was replaced with the special curved blade design because that design is better for stabbing and slashing. This happened in the 8th century when the warriors of Japan – Samurai started to fight on horses. Many people do not know this, but these swords were called Tachi. The straight sword shape was used by another group of Japanese warriors, well-known as Ninja.

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Katana was not the first weapon that Samurai used

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When we are seeing movies, we noticed that there is always mentioned in the story a deep spiritual connection between the samurai and his sword. This is not strange to hear, since this weapon was the tool they used to defend themselves in the wars. However, it is interesting to hear that in ancient times, Samurai actually used bows and arrows as their weapons while they were fighting on the horses. After that, they replaced arrows with Katana swords.

Three popular Sword types were used

There are generally three groups of Katana swords and it is interesting to hear that they are available even today.The first type refers to the katana which is the longest curved blade sword. It came in a length of more than 24 inches. In most cases, Samurai would pair their Katana swords with the smaller ones called tanto and wakizashi in the wars.

When it comes to the second type, we are talking about wakizashi. This sword type has a length of between 12 and 24 inches. The last group of sword includes tanto ones. They are small swords with a length between 15 and 30 cm. Despite their purpose in the wars, they are also used in the art called Tantojutsu.

Swords are made as a religious ceremony

As many people know the craftsmanship of a Katana sword is very difficult and complicated, therefore it requires a high focus and dedication. Interestingly, all the professionals that are creating these swords truly respect them. They do not consider them as just blades. In fact, though the whole history, all Katana manufacturers actually performed a purification of themselves before they started to create Samurai swords.

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This is clear proof of how serious and spiritual they were connected to this ancient weapon. Before the process, they took a bath under a special waterfall for the purpose of purifying themselves from sexual activity and other sins. Additionally, they have performed holy rites.

Soldiers used Samurai swords in World War II

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Many people know about this, but during World War II, all Japanese warriors were using their swords in the fights. Those swords are termed Showato. However, with the Meiji Reformation in the 19th century, the Japanese changed the way they are showing their weapons. At that moment, all katana swords are wipe out since the Ruler was a great advocate of firearms.

Katana Swords were prohibited after World War II

One more fascinating fact is that katana swords were banded in the period of 1945-1953. This resulted at the end of the massive production of the Katana weapon. After some time, they became legal, however, only certified sword creators were able to produce them. Nowadays, Japanese sword-makers need to pass a special training process before they get permission to design Katana blades. Additionally, there is even a limited number of blades that they are allowed to create on a yearly basis.

They used real human flesh and their bones in order to test the quality of the swords

One part of the katana-making process included sword testing that is conducted by cutting through the bodies of concerned prisoners or cadavers. The test results were recorded on nakado which stands for a metal piece that features a sword blade that can be handled.

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In some countries, if you want to own a Samurai sword you need to take a certificate

Japanese people have a complete right to own this deadly weapon since it comes with significant historical and cultural value. More than 60 countries (US, Canada, and most of the European countries), do not need a certificate to own a samurai sword. However, in some countries it is necessary to make the registration with the Japanese Sword Association to get an authentic certificate of ownership permit. In that way, you can own the Katana legally. If you want to own it, you can check https://www.truekatana.com/pages/about-truekatana and consult with them about the rules.

The quality of the blade indicates the sword’s value

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There is a special point of the sword that is called Kissaki and this part defines the quality and the value of the overall weapon. This is the firmest part of the Katana weapon that requires polishing during the manufacturing process.