How To Find a Bull: A Guide for Beginner Couples

Couples who have become interested in interracial cuckolding may think that it will be easy to find for them a guy for their woman. In fact yes. However, implementing the desired connection may be a little more difficult than you might think. We will look at some tips that will help organize the search for a bull more effectively for aspiring cuckolds and hotwife couples.

Before you start looking for a bull for your woman


Let’s start with the fact that regular dating sites are not suitable, so you are better off using special reliable sites for cuckolds, such as the huge forum. Using specialized sites for cuckolds and hotwives gives you a large platform for the necessary acquaintances and connections with people in the topic.

There are a few simple tips that will make your bull search effective. Here are the main ones:

  1. Decide on your desires. Before entering into a cuckold or hotwife relationship, you should make sure that both partners in the couple share this desire. Discuss fantasy within your couple, play out possible scenarios, and share your deepest fantasies with your partner.
  2. Formulate an option that suits both of you. Do you need a bull for cuckold humiliation? Maybe you have the option that he will simply watch the sexual act of his wife and the bull? Perhaps you need a bull for three-way meetings? As soon as you discuss and play out possible scenarios for the sexual fantasy of a cuckold or hotwife, then move on to practical actions.
  3. Discuss what kind of bull you both need. It is possible that each of you in a couple has different ideas about what a bull should be. Discuss your fantasies in detail. What should be the appearance of a bull, its behavior, its role and possible actions. What kind of sexual experiments are you willing to do with him?
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If your ideas don’t match, that’s completely normal. But discussing this will give the opportunity to learn both of you about each other’s ideas and what each of you expects.

  1. Be prepared for difficulties and long waiting times. If you have already discussed all the nuances written above, then you can begin to take action. But you should be prepared for some difficulties that may arise in the process of finding a bull for the perfect date.

These can be different situations that darken your ideal fantasy. For example, men who just want to get sex from a woman, without understanding the lifestyle and relationship in your couple.

How can possible bulls disappoint you even before meeting?


Your couple will need patience to find the right guy to date. After all, the Internet is full of guys who will disappoint you even at the moment of searching. Frequent causes of disappointment that may await your couple are: photo collectors, married men cheating on their wives, cyber wankers, dreamers.

All of these people will just take up a lot of your time, not really wanting to get off their couch, not understanding the dynamics of cuckolding and hotwifing, or just wanting to get sex from another woman while still in a relationship.

These negative scenarios for the development of events can affect every couple, which is why you should be patient and wisely weed out suspicious candidates. But don’t despair. Since the Internet still allows you to find a site for specialized dating and searching for a bull.

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A huge advantage will be that the bull will know about the lifestyle of an interracial cuckold and hotwife. Since this is a relationship that satisfies the needs of all three participants in the entertainment.

Some tips for finding a bull


As we said before, use cuckold and hotwife themed sites. This will obviously save your time when looking for guys who are clearly into the cuckold and hotwife theme. Regular dating sites contain a large number of fake profiles and profiles of men who could lie. You may come across profiles of married people who cheat on their wives or guys who just want your naked photos, and a lot of other things that will distract you from your goal.

Many men are ready to correspond for a long time, exchange photos, and conduct dirty conversations. It’s interesting, but it won’t get you what you want in the end. Don’t waste your time on such empty talk!

If you are a beginner, then choose among men who already have cuckold dating experience. This guy will know how to make you enjoy this game. In the end, cuckolding is a game that satisfies the needs of both husband and wife.

State clearly what exactly you want. You may not know what you need yet. But we definitely advise you to decide on this before you look for a bull. This is a relationship that includes the three of you. If you make it clear to the bull what you want to receive, it will undoubtedly be easier for him to please your couple.

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To do this, discuss this first with your couple, and only then tell this to the guy when you meet on the Internet. You can correspond with several guys, deciding which one you like best. Once you clearly formulate your desires, it will be easier for you to find the right person based on the criteria that are important to your couple.

You will be able to immediately indicate this in correspondence and get an answer whether the bull agrees to this, whether he participates in similar scenarios and whether he has similar experience.

It would be wise if you meet in a public place when you first meet. You can first make sure what he is like, whether his descriptions in appearance, age, figure really correspond. Is it pleasant for you to communicate with him, interact, and generally collect a certain portrait about him? Choose any public place that does not oblige you to anything. Once you understand that you are all happy with everything, you can easily arrange a meeting!