Botox, Fillers, Microneedling, and Lasers. What Do I Need and Why?

There are many skin care products available, including anti-aging facials and serums that claim to cleanse your skin of all impurities and reverse the signs of aging that have been building up over the course of several years. Unfortunately, these products only do the bare minimum for skin care, and typically offer no more than some hydration and possible wrinkle prevention. Medical advances have also made it possible to offer a wide range of medical-grade facials and treatments that are found at medical spas such as Skinly Aesthetics and can be used to restore our skin, reverse signs of aging, and even prevent them from happening. While they are more invasive and therefore may be intimidating to some, medical grade skin care treatments absolutely offer far more advantages in comparison to over the counter creams and products that most people use. Although all of these medical grade options are great and incredibly effective, sometimes it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. You may also have heard disturbing things about some of these procedures, making it difficult to decide which one to choose and to know whether or not they are safe. Below are some details about a few non-invasive treatments that can rejuvenate your skin and face, including injectables such as Botox or fillers and medical-grade facials such as microneedling and laser treatments and all the basics that will help you decide whether or not they are right for you.



Botox has become a household name over the past 20-years. Botox is no longer an exclusive treatment that was only available to celebrities and wealthy people to create and maintain a youthful appearance to look good in the spotlight. It is now widely popular and available to you, your mother and all your friends and neighbors. Botox is the best treatment for you if your goal is to remove or prevent wrinkles. Be aware that side effects such as droopy eyes and squinting eyebrows are possible, though they are incredibly rare and only occur if the injections were administered by an unskilled or unqualified injector. Botox works by paralyzing the muscle in which it is injected. This restricts facial muscle contractions that normally cause wrinkles and fine lines. The effect of Botox is that there will be a reduced amount of muscle movement around the area of concern. This will reduce the appearance and formation of wrinkles and lines. This site is a great educational resource about Botox indications, scientific background and the benefits it may provide. It can be used on people who have already existing lines and wrinkles, and on people who don’t have any signs of wrinkles yet, but want to prevent them from forming in the future.

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Microneedling is also known by mechanical collagen injection therapy. is a very popular treatment for skin tightening and smoothing effects. It comes in many forms from lighter microneedling treatment to more advanced micro needling treatments. Microneedling is a skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin through controlled injury. This stimulates collagen and elastin production and formation as the skin heals and repairs itself. You can microneedle up to twice a week depending on the microneedling treatment used, and it is great for maintaining healthy skin. Mesotherapy and Secret RF are more advanced forms of microneedling. They require a bit more downtime (about one month) to allow your skin to heal from injuries.



There are many dermal fillers available, including Sculptra and Radiesse. Radiesse and Sculptra are all great options for rejuvenating your face, though hyaluronic acid based fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are more common for certain areas of the face. Botox is injected directly into muscle to decrease muscle contractions. Fillers are different in that they are injected above or below muscle to increase or replace volume that may have been lost over the course of aging, lack of sleep, genetics, disease, or other factors. That is the reason many celebreties are choosing dermal fillers, and in recent times they’re all going to Canada clinics, such as, since Canada has the most reputable cosmetic experts in this field and the clinics there are using advanced and innovative methods. Although fillers can be used for plumping the lips and creating a prominent jawline, the most common areas to inject are the cheeks, under the eyes, and the nasolabial folds. Our faces lose volume as we age. This makes us look tired and worn out. The areas that are lacking volume can be filled with fillers to give a more youthful appearance. Botox cannot completely eliminate deeper wrinkles so fillers are also available to fill in those deeper folds.

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While laser treatments can sometimes be more intense and complex, there are some that are relatively easy to apply and can be done once a week like the carbon laser facial. Although the carbon laser facial will not give you dramatic results in one session, it is an excellent tool for maintaining a healthy glow by getting it once per week. Fraxel, a more intense laser skin tightening treatment, which targets more severe skin conditions, will deliver more dramatic results. It can be used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, or to treat sun damage or pigmentation. Fraxel takes about one month to fully heal the skin, compared to the carbon facial, which requires multiple sessions. The carbon facial is light enough to be painless. Fraxel will require a numbing cream to prevent any discomfort. You can learn more about Fraxel and other alternatives by visiting this website for more in depth descriptions of skin tightening treatments.

These are just a few of the many treatments available to reduce or eliminate signs of aging. Although they serve the same purpose of making you look younger or helping you maintain your youthful appearance, each one works in a different way and requires a consultation with a doctor before administering. Botox and fillers can be used on most people of various ages and skin conditions. However, Secret RF or Fraxel may not work for everyone depending on their skin condition and any medications that they are currently taking. To determine which treatment plan is best for you, consult a board-certified doctor before considering any of these treatments. It is also advised to do extensive research on whoever is performing your treatments to confirm that they are qualified to do so and so that you end up with amazing results.

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