5 Ways to Find Out If a Loan Company Is Legit

There have been so many internet frauds and scam loan companies that have cheated people of their hard-earned money. However, there are so many times you’d want to avail of online loans and you’d be chagrined at which website to trust. So, there are a few things you can double-check to try and decipher if a loan company is legitimate or not.

Features of a Loan Company

What would you expect from a loan company? First off, you’d expect seamlessly conducted transactions, good customer support, reliable online reviews, and ultimate professionalism.

There should also be a systematic approach to recording all the transactions and updating customers such as yourself about the details. Nowadays, companies email you regular reminders and timely intimations about the installments and interest amounts, an ideal loan company is expected to incorporate this.

Generally, the loan companies even would have their own calculator where the interest rates, principal amount, and duration would be assimilated. These calculators are usually put up on their website so you can clearly see what you are getting into well in advance!

This would help you understand every detail of the loan you availed, helping in easy repayment. This is a personalized way to avail a loan that makes it easier for you and the company.

These are really strong features of a good loan company. Some companies are even updated and linked to payment apps like GooglePay and other platforms. For an example of a good loan company, visit allthebestloans.com for more details.

Steps to ensure that a loan company is legitimate:

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1. Do thorough research. Start by checking reviews.

With the internet having information of all kinds, it is easy to run background checks of companies. Do this when you find a loan company. Check for the authenticity of the company, the shareholders, the designers, and the reviews.

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More than any of the other information, the reviews are an important part. Try to search for other options if there are just 5 to 6 reviews about a particular loan company and all are positive. Sometimes reviews can be faked, so you have to be careful. If there are many reviews, check for the negative feedback and find out if you’re willing to take a risk.

Another important research aspect you have to focus on has to be the time the company was set up. It shouldn’t be a recently established company, it should be kind of old, or should be backed by someone whose word is good. This lessens the risk of such websites being scams.

2. Ensure the registration of the company in your country.

Many online companies cater only to certain countries. There might be many good companies that you found, but their services wouldn’t be available in your country. So, finding out this factor is very important.

Registration just doesn’t mean catering their services in the locality but also having licenses valid in the region. These sorts of certificates should be seen on their websites or else you should steer clear of such online services.

Many people often get fooled by well-designed websites and do not check for legal certificates. This should be avoided. Some crafty websites would say false things like they would email it later to the person, or that it is yet to be published on the website and these would be misleading. Scam websites often say that people can verify their certificates but would not specify where and how.

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3. Make sure the website is encrypted

Bank-related work or money-related websites should always be secure. Hence, look for the padlock symbol in the bar where you type in the URL. This shows that the data you enter onto that platform is secure.

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Another way of checking this is by seeing that it is HTTPS and not HTTP. This lessens the risk of your data being stolen or lost and misused. Encryption is a key factor for both the lender and the receiver of the loan. Hence, if a website isn’t secure, there are high chances it might be a scam.

4. Verify their contact services

A really legit company would always have its details listed such that it can be contacted at any time. This is to ensure fast troubleshooting of any issues and this shows that they respect the money and time of the users. Make sure the company always has a phone number listed, and don’t leave it at that.

Call it and authenticate that number further. Some websites often list fake numbers and fake email IDs. So, the verification of these is very important. If there is a physical branch mentioned, look it up on Google Maps and check the reviews. This ensures that the website displayed to you is an actual business and can be trusted.

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5. Do not fall for too-good-to-be-true offers

Many people often fall for attractive offers and bonuses that scam websites offer. For example, loan forgiveness is a very popular trick to get people to avail of their services. This would actually be the beginning of a huge scam or fraud.

Remember that loan forgiveness is possible only for education loans that too there is a lot of paperwork behind that step. Hence, if any website claims to allow loan forgiveness, this is normally a scam.

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There would also be other offers like very low-interest rates and the rules being a little lax. This is also a red flag. Loan companies generate income by the interest they charge, hence make sure you do the math and understand if the low-interest rates are sustainable for them in the long run. If it isn’t, then it could be a scam or fraud.


Loan services are often used to bankroll people’s immediate need in a time of distress or during a big expenditure. Most people look out for low-interest charges and promptness of money crediting by the loan company. However, since everything is digitalized, there are loan companies that are online now and work seamlessly. This thus requires careful verification of details, a systematic approach while crediting money, and accountability of the company.

All in all, these are the main guidelines you should keep in mind while looking out for online loan companies. Make sure you avoid shady websites and questionable loan services when trying to avail of a loan online.