Intelius Review: People Search and Background Check

If there is a way to find accurate information about a person or to check their background effortlessly and perfectly, it is by using a person and background search site.

It’s the most important option right now, and people rely on it more than anything else. Intelius, this name is the most reliable when it comes to requesting help from people and background check service. Health Street is another dependable background check service that also offers drug and DNA testing.

Founded in 2003, this is the oldest background check. You’re probably thinking:

  • What makes Intelia different?
  • Is it really worth the effort and cost?

We’ve done extensive research on Intelius and tried to find answers to all these questions and more.

This article contains a summary of our findings. If you are looking for free background check tools and services and want to use Intelius, read on.

Intellius – Precision yacht

Intelius, as mentioned earlier, is an online search platform that helps end users find data such as contact numbers, criminal records, public records, reverse phone searches, person directories, identity protection and more.

Take his help and make the life of many people easier, because they will be able to get accurate and up-to-date information about the person. The huge database contains millions of records, and the fast technology provides immediate results.

Since all information about an individual is gathered from reliable sources, such as federal agencies, governmental bodies, and local governments, reliability is not an issue.

That was a brief overview of what Intelium is all about. Let’s talk about some of the key features.

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High-tech safety

The website is designed to the highest quality standards in the industry. Each search is performed over a 128-bit encrypted connection, so no information can leak out. In addition, end users will benefit from a seamless experience.

Top secret

Intelius is known for its secrecy in every search. The wanted person will not be able to know that his data has been found.

Forget it, because no one will understand that you are looking for information about someone. He makes a mystery of every quest.

Database Width

Intelius maintains a database of over 20 billion people with complete perfection. This is a big problem because it is very difficult to maintain such a large database. Advanced data filtering technology filters data and delivers accurate results in no time.

Transparent guideline

With Intelius, you don’t have to worry about what could go wrong, as many misguided researchers do. The homepage itself makes it clear that people have a right to know all the information available about a person.

If someone doesn’t want to be noticed so easily, they can contact us and ask to have their posts removed. Reference has been made to the pages of the website and it clearly states that this is not a consumer reporting agency.

When a platform is so transparent about what it does, the risk of fraud or misinformation is very small.

Is it okay to use Intelius?

Yes. Intelius is a 100% legitimate way to find details about a person. This is a properly accredited site that complies with state law. It clearly states that it does not support the use of its website for illegal activities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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Details of this site are already available in government documents. All it does is bring all the information together in one place. It does not modify any information or provide any hidden information. There is nothing illegal about his activities.

How much does it cost?

Intelius not only impresses with its impeccable features, but also with a very reasonable price. The best part is that they don’t force you to pay first and then use their services.

It allows you to experience its services first and then pay for them. Once you run a search, a report is generated. You review the information in the report and then have the option to sign in.

There are also three options at this level, each of which is very cost effective. Here are the details of his subscription.

One month subscription – $22.86 for unlimited reports

2 months subscription – $38.86 for unlimited reports ($19.43 per month)

The Premier Plus membership costs $29.95 for unlimited reports ($14.95 for the first month).

Compared to other person search sites like BeenVerified and Instant Checkmate, Intelius’ subscriptions are very affordable. It’s not like those shady platforms that make you pay even for the first report or lure you with a free trial.

You have a very flexible return policy. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can simply file a complaint and the rest will be taken care of.

Pros and cons of Intelius

Before we end this article, let’s review the pros and cons of this platform and understand its features better.

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It is very fast and gives accurate results.

It is very easy to use

The database is huge and extensive

The mobile app is great. Get free updates for iOS and Android platforms.

Customer support is very responsive. You can contact them at any time Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Highly compliant with numerous laws and approvals.


There is no correct price information.

Concluding remarks

BBB accreditation, fair and transparent policies and a large database are just some of the elements that made Intelius a wise choice. His reports are very informative and help you to know your personality in detail.

The best part is that it is a legal platform that you can use. As long as you use it, you have nothing to worry about. This way, you’ll easily know everyone you want to know.

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