Best Smartphone You Can Buy Right Now in 2024

Since the advent of smartphones in the early 2000s, changes and improvements have accompanied the various models and brands of these devices.

The new model of a particular brand has proven to be better than the previous one, and by following this trend, smartphones have come a long way from their first production to now.

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Deciding on the best phone to buy can be a little difficult because the device or phone has to meet certain requirements before it can really be considered the best.

For example, the gadget that an 18-year-old player would call the best gadget would certainly not be the same as the gadget that an 80-year-old man would call the best gadget. Also, the best arrangement for a high school student would not be the same as for a kindergarten student. It’s just to point out that the idea of a better phone is relative.

Still, the best phone can really be solved or, better yet, found. In this case, the best phone will be the one that most, if not all, meets the requirements of all smartphone users with different backgrounds. These requirements include price, battery capacity, user interface, customized design, storage capacity, user-friendly keyboard input, high-quality camera, fashionable and comfortable design, multitasking capability, ability to support specific applications or software, long battery life, durability, etc.

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Best smartphone 2024


Best smartphone - Tech Moby

Considering all the important points, Apple’s latest product, the iPhone 12, seems to be the best smartphone you can buy now.

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Considering each of the above mentioned requirements, it turns out to be the only device that meets most of the requirements.

Price: The iPhone 12 pro max currently costs about $1,100 on Amazon. Now, this may be considered expensive for some people, but for others it is considered the right price, because Apple products tend to be more luxurious products given all the specifications it offers.

Storage options : The iPhone 12 pro max has 6 gigabytes of RAM, while the ROM varies depending on the price. The ROM is available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

Battery life : The device can operate with 5g connectivity for up to 11 hours. Don’t forget that very few phones currently use 5g. That’s another big advantage of Apple’s iPhone 12 over other devices.

Camera quality : The front camera has an impressive 12 megapixel resolution and the rear camera offers the same quality. But these qualities seem to stand out more when you actually take pictures. You can take better pictures with a specially designed flash that lets in a lot of light.

Display : The iPhone 12 pro max has a height of 6.7 inch OLED.

All in all, the iPhone 12 pro max is the best smartphone you can buy now. He is closely followed by other Apple siblings.

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