Erection Problems, Causes and Treatment

What are erection problems or impotence?

We speak of an erection problem when you repeatedly fail to get an erection. Or when your erection disappears during sex. If you fail to get or maintain an erection once, you don’t have an erection problem yet. That happens to every man. Impotence means not being able to have sex because of erection problems, to overcome erection visit .

Causes: mental, physical or both

There are several reasons why your erection becomes weaker or disappears:

  • your arousal decreases during or before sex
  • you are not getting enough stimulation
  • you find the sex monotonous

Someone wants to persuade you to have sex against your will .Erection problems can have both physical and psychological causes. In many cases it is a combination of both. They can be temporary, situational, or of a longer duration.

Mental causes


Mental or psychological difficulties can also play a part in your erection . This concerns, for example:

  • fear of failure or insecurity e
  • feelings of shame or guilt
  • relationship problems
  • problems with intimacy
  • depression

With erection problems you run the risk of entering a vicious circle . The lack of an erection then has a negative effect on your self-confidence. That’s how you get performance anxiety. The pressure of not being able to ‘perform’ again next time becomes so great that it does indeed fail.

Physical causes

  • fatigue
  • obesity
  • to smoke

Specific diseases can also cause erection problems, such as:

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • prostate disorders
  • nervous disorders

Erectile dysfunction as a side effect of alcohol or drugs:

Excessive alcohol or drug use can cause stiffness problems. This is because too little blood can flow into the cavernous bodies. If you take medication , it is possible that they prevent an erection. This applies to a number of antidepressants and tranquilizers. Do your medicines mention erectile dysfunction in the package insert? Consult your doctor to find a solution together.

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Losing erection when putting on a condom


Some men lose their erections when they use a condom .Often the erection loss is not due to the condom itself, but to the fiddling that can accompany it.

Different treatment methods for impotence are available to doctor and patient:
This is of course not always so simple; one should realize that with aging erections occur less often and eventually disappear permanently.



In the past, the possibilities to treat erection problems with medication were very limited. A very old remedy is, for example, Yohimbine, popularly called Spanish fly. This medicine can sometimes give a minor effect in limited erection difficulties. However, the effect is more similar to the so-called placebo effect. Trazolan is also a drug that was often given in the past for erection problems. However, for some time now, the well-known Viagra has been put on the market. This drug marked a milestone in the drug treatment of erectile dysfunction. Depending on the indication, a very good result can be obtained with this medication. Meanwhile, Levitra, Cialis, etc. were also introduced to the market.

Intracavernous injections

This concerns injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis. A vasodilator is injected with a very fine needle at the base of the penis. This substance opens the arteries to the maximum, so that the penis is maximally supplied with blood. This leads to a good erection. If the erection is not strong enough after a first injection, don’t panic yet! Often you have to look for a dose that is right for you. One always starts with a medium dose, which can be increased or decreased as needed.

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Sometimes one can stop the injections after a while, and the erections will still remain good. The reason for this is that the arteries become flexible again through the injections: a large blood flow gives flexibility to the blood vessel wall.

This medication can also be administered through the urethra in some patients

Vacuum pump

One can also suck the cavernous bodies of the penis full of blood. Special devices have been put on the market for this purpose, which consist of a plastic tube, a suction pump and a rubber sealing ring. The tube is placed over the penis and an empty space around the penis is sucked via the pump. This creates a negative pressure (vacuum) around the penis and blood is drawn into the erectile tissues. When the penis is well erect, a rubber ring is slipped over the base of the penis so that the blood remains trapped in the erectile tissue during the period in which one wants to have intercourse. The disadvantage is that the penis is stiff at the base, but the base behind the ring itself is slack and the penis is therefore stiff but hangs down (instead of standing up). Because there is no blood flow, the penis also feels slightly cold and looks rather blue. The rubber ring can be left on for up to 30 minutes.