9 Things You Should Know About Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing

In life, we often have the feeling that we are being led by some higher power. As a powerful inner guide, intuition occurs through a premonition, a specific physical symptom, spontaneous association, remembrance of a past event or person, and inspiration.

The path to inner wisdom leads you in an easy-to-understand way and step by step towards developing and using innate intuitive abilities and guides you along the path towards discovering your own inner wisdom.

A person who believes that he is on the way to making a great business move even though everyone convinces him otherwise or simply does not trust someone even though he has no concrete basis for that when he confirms his doubts, will probably say for himself – that he has very good intuition.

What many want to know is whether it is something we are born with or acquire over the years. Or it is something we can gain through some training or counseling. The good news is that anyone can develop intuition through counseling if they give themselves time and effort.

You have to be ready for change

If you want to have a happier and more intuitive life, you must be ready to change. Learn to listen to the voice within you because it is exactly what should guide you. You will know that intuition is at work because your body will also light up or you will feel that moment, relief, or something similar.

Energy healing

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The fact is that man is not just a physical being. Our body consists of several levels – mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, which also affect our physical health. Spiritually gifted individuals are people of strong intuition who have the ability to feel what others cannot. Is it clearer to you now why bad energy and intuition can barely fit into the same sentence?

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Influence of the lunar phase

Through intuitive counceling, you will learn that the full moon has a lot of influence on how a person feels. If you then feel indescribable restlessness, do not worry, it is a sign that you are on the right track and that you feel things that others around you do not notice.


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The aura is luminous ovoid in shape and surrounds the human body about two meters in all directions. It consists of seven layers, and the layers differ in color, gloss, shape, fluidity, density, and functionality. Each layer is connected to the chakra. Thus, energy is transferred from one layer to another through the tops of the chakras, and in some people, certain chakras are blocked and it is necessary to unblock them in order to continue on the path of healing.

Importance of womb

It may sound to some that this word has no place in the article, but you are wrong. Intuition and energy are connected because it is this organ that feels and collects the trauma, pain, and energy of another person. In other words, it is important that you feel beautiful in both moments, and you will not succeed if you do not heal the negative energy. You can find out more about it if you visit brendakipling.com.

It won’t be easy

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It is quite certain that there is no man, who at least occasionally has not encountered major or minor personal problems. When problems come down on us (crisis, illness, defeat, discouragement, anger, despair…), it is necessary to see an opportunity in this life situation, which opens new vistas and directs us to the right path.

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A lot of people with difficulties and crises in life struggle very hard and in search of a solution they have been spinning in a circle for a long time and do not know how to proceed. Maybe you are among them and you need help in the form of personal counseling with a counselor, who understands people and their ways of thinking and behaving.

Individual or group therapy?

The most significant advantage of individual therapy is direct communication (verbal and non-verbal) with the therapist about personal, intimate, and often hidden life situations for the client. However, many point out that the advantage of working in a group is that during communication and solving a problematic situation of one member, the trigger for change is activated in other members of the group by “recognizing” the individual’s situation in life situations.


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Meditation is necessary when it comes to healing energy. During meditation, try to invoke intuition and connect with it. Of course, don’t expect this to happen in vain, it will take time. He who is patient will easily recognize it, it is important that you try and do not lose hope.

Constant work on yourself

Know that going to counseling is not enough if you will not apply what you have heard in your daily life. At first, it will seem that all this takes a lot of time, but you will soon realize that it is a way of life.

It is clear that intuition is of great help in everyday life: it often warns us of danger or inconvenience, guides us in the process of decision making and making choices, helps us solve a problem by directing us directly to the solution, and allows us to skip steps which we should think about rationally. In order to have the guidance of intuition, it is necessary to acknowledge its existence without prejudice. Something you don’t believe in can’t lead you through life.

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Final thoughts

The good news is certainly, even if you are not in an idyllic relationship with your intuition, you can somehow correct it. Intuition can be strengthened through various activities such as running, walking in nature, cycling, relaxing in the bathtub, meditating or yoga, listening to light music… or all those activities in which we can reconsider and deal with our thoughts and feelings. It is dangerous to run away from yourself and it is good to come back, says Irena. And he gives advice to everyone – and that is that at the end of the day we should all ask ourselves one question: ‘What would a self-loving person do?’ This should be a priority for everyone in decision-making, although the hardest path is sometimes the most correct. So what are you waiting for, work on yourself!