How Safe is the Kia Cerato?

With the growing popularity each year towards Kia Cerato, most of these car model enthusiasts are concerned about its safety ratings. To begin with, Kia Cerato is a modern automobile that comes fitted with a 2.0-liter petrol engine. The engine gives a power output of approximately 115Kw and at the same time has a torque of about 194Nm. The vehicle comes either as an automatic transmission or as a manual transmission.

Like any other car, safety comes on top of the list, and Kia Cerato manufacturers and designers give it a thought when designing this car model. One of the main characteristics of this Kia Model is that it comes purposely fitted with six airbags in various locations of the vehicle to protect the automobile occupants in case an accident happens.
Consequently, Kia Cerato gets ranked as one of the few super stable cars in the market currently. It is mainly attributed to the electronic stability control that the car comes already fitted with. Similarly, Kia Cerato has some of the best working speed sensing signals, and usually, it alerts the driver while they over speed. Such features make this model one of the safest cars to drive on the United states’ roads.


According to Car Expert, another critical safety feature that most persons consider necessary while considering to purchase a vehicle is the door locks. It mainly applies to those who intend to use the automobile as a family car. Kia Cerato model comes with auto door lock capability allowing you to automatically lock all five doors from a central location. This feature is predominantly essential as it ensures the safety of the occupants while on the road.

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As a safety enhancement, Kia Cerato comes with an already equipped rear view camera fitted in the automobile to allow clarity of rear vision while reversing the car or having a sneak view of what is behind you. Such an added safety precaution has raised Kia Cerato’s status to the industry’s safest automobile models.

Another essential but underlooked feature that plays a safety role in determining how safe a vehicle is is the side mirrors. Kia Cerato gets listed among the few cars with wide side mirrors that allow the driver to have a comprehensive view of their surroundings, enhancing their clarity while driving.


Kia Cerato model comes with super sensitive parking sensors fitted in the vehicle allowing the driver to park their car with very much ease. The parking sensor also gets equipped with an alert system that continuously warns the driver by constantly beeping when approaching an obstruction. Such a feature allows the driver to avoid hitting objects and causing accidents while parking their car. At the same time, Kia Cerato gets quite a high ranking in road safety due to such enhancements.

Kia Cerato comes with various safety features that make the vehicle adjust its system depending on the surface the car is getting driven. As a driver, you will experience varying experiences depending on the road the car is on. Some of the various modes that change the vehicle safety system include rough road system, highway, and smooth city roads. The car gets fitted with sensors that automatically adjust itself depending on the road’s roughness or smoothness.

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With its small engine of approximately 2.0 liters, Kia comes designed for city roads that are not bumpy or rough. The automobile gets mainly intended to allow the driver to take control of the navigation through traffic. Also, the vehicle comes with sharp corner navigation assistance, an incredible safety feature that allows the users of this model to avoid unnecessary accidents while bending sharp corners. The car gets fitted with sensors that scan the road ahead of you and either slow you down or alert an incoming object. Consequently, Kia Cerato has one of the most stable and excellent suspension systems than the other releases from the same manufacturer. A good suspension is a critical safety component while considering the safety ratings of any car.


Suppose you happen to be a first time driver without much experience in driving and controlling such an automobile. In that case, Kia Cerato comes in either automatic transmission to cater for such cases and a manual transmission for drivers with some experience in handling motor vehicles. The automatic transmission allows the driver to concentrate on the road as the transmission system takes the gear shift for you. When Climbing a steep slope which is sometimes a challenge to automatic cars, has been sorted as Kia Cerato accelerates with ease just like any other car in its category. Therefore, if you happen to be a city dweller and you want a safe vehicle for you, then Kia Cerato would feature on that list.

Another important consideration when it comes to the automobile is its handling of speed and pressure. If you put Kia Cerato on a highway, you are about to experience a stable vehicle that can speed up within the shortest time. Kia Cerato comes with safety precautions of a small car that can handle some bits of luggage either for your holiday and at the same time offer you optimal performance. If you take slightly heavier luggage, you will be required to step a bit hard on the throttle, but Kia Cerato is still stable on the highway. The car has impressive performance under high speed, and its gliding gets effortless, especially when the car picks up a high speed.

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In case of an accident, Kia Cerato is one of the few vehicles fitted with the new safety assist that allows the vehicle to perform vulnerable road user protection. The system automatically engages the autonomous emergency braking system to prevent what might have been an accident. Consequently, Kia Cerato comes with lane support functionality that allows the driver to stick to their lane while on the road. Kia Cerato gets ranked either five stars or a four stay in security and safety ratings ranking it among the safest models available in the market. The extra added features to enhance its performance and ensure other motorists’ safety on the road adds to its list of the safety functionality and characteristics associated with this automobile.