How E-Commerce Businesses Can Compete with Sites like Amazon Using SEO

Nowadays, small E-commerce businesses have to struggle a lot to establish their brand names in the market. However, well-planned SEO strategies make it possible for these smaller businesses to compete with big and globally prominent sites like Amazon.

In this post, we shall talk about the SEO approach that can help small businesses in competing with big fishes in the market.

Where can you get help regarding it?


SEO involves a lot of methods like guest posting, blogging, local citations, paid ads management, press release publications, article marketing, social media management, and lots more. Most of the companies do not have SEO experts in-house. Therefore, they will need to hire the services of professional SEO services to take care of internet marketing tasks.

You will need proper support from experienced SEO Agencies to plan and execute the SEO strategies, which you can on It is one of the leading online marketing and SEO agencies based in Sydney. They have experts to develop and manage customized SEO strategies for their clients. They also specialize in managing PPC advertisements like Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

The best advantage of hiring the services of SEO companies is that you get a one-point contact to take care of the tasks. They will not have to individually deal with content writers, proofreaders, blogger outreach experts, marketers, campaign managers and analysts, keyword researchers, etc. These companies because bring the services of all the professionals under one roof.

They create high-quality backlinks and send reports to their clients. It allows room for businesses to focus on other key aspects of their business, without having to worry about creating quality backlinks to their landing pages. Moreover, outsourcing SEO works out much cheaper than hiring professionals and spending money on the infrastructure for them to work.

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How can SEO be helpful for small E-Commerce Businesses?

Amazon is a global eCommerce leader that is operating in many countries. This platform is known for selling almost all kinds of products at comparatively lower prices. They spend millions of dollars on marketing their platform. Also, their customers tend to share the product links, which further enhances their great reach.

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that it is tough to compete with them. However, with the help of proper SEO strategies, smaller companies can compete with them on macro-categories and niches.

Let’s check out how SEO can help helps small eCommerce businesses grow:


  • SEO helps to improve the page rankings on the search engine results for specific targeted keywords. You can earn better rankings and domain authority for those particular product categories.
  • SEO makes it possible for you to place your contents and links in high domain authority blogs and directories. You can get a healthy score of targeted traffic from those sites.
  • Your contents and links on those high DA sites will also pull up on search results when people look for keywords that you are targeting. What it means is that your brand will be showing up above or close to Amazon pages on search results. Therefore, it creates an excellent opportunity for you to get high traffic from search engines.
  • The key to success for smaller eCommerce sites is to target specific categories, rather than trying to make it a one-stop-shop for all products like Amazon. It will help your business stand out from the crowd and get noticed by prospective buyers.
  • SEO strategies also include optimizing your sales pages to provide the best user experience to your visitors. It induces things like content optimization, image optimization, page-load speed optimization, etc. These steps will help in improving the sales conversion on the pages.
  • With heightened brand awareness, you will also need to have proactive customer support and robust shipping and supply chain management. It will help in retaining the customers and encouraging repeat business on your eCommerce website.
  • It practically boils down to drawing traffic, improving the customer experience on your site, and your after-sales management system.
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How can you compete with eCommerce leaders like Amazon?

To get a good rank in the Google search results, there are certain things that you will need to focus on. So let’s have a look at those things:

Make your product more interesting


Amazon-like sites have a well wide range of products that they sell. They however don’t have enough depth for promoting thousands of products individually. Since you are targeting fewer product categories, you will need to make sure that the quality of your products is on par or better than the ones that are sold on Amazon. You will need to give the impression that no one else can give the kind of specialized or unique products that you are offering.

Be more niche focused

Even though Amazon sells a wide range of things, they certainly don’t have every possible product under the categories. You can use this information to your advantage to sell the products that are not available with them. Even if they do have them, you will need to talk about how your company can give specialized features that are not available on those products. Market the stronger points that convey the quality and extra features of your product.

Add compelling and attractive products descriptions


Product description pages are where people decide whether to buy or not. You will need to have highly optimized products pages with clear descriptions and images. Also, you will need to offer many payment options to make it convenient and easy for the buyer to make purchases.

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Invite Reviews:

Invite reviews for your products, because many people tend to buy products with good product reviews. Sometimes, there could be issues with the products or shipping. However, you will need to have a good support team to help customers resolve the issues as quickly as possible. That will encourage them to give positive reviews even though you managed to satisfy them on the second attempt.


This is how SEO helps small E-Commerce Businesses to grow and compete with big sites like Amazon. To get the best results from the SEO efforts, you will need to hire a reliable SEO agency. Let the experts take care of the tasks, while you enjoy the increase in sales of your products.