Cannabis Brand Building – 8 Things Marketers Should Know

Did you know that cannabis is legal in 29 states?! It can be used for both medical and recreational reasons, while it is not as popular or legal in Europe. But it should be! A ton of US states have pointed out that weed taxing allowed them to invest back into society + there was also a reduction in crime thanks to clearing up street dealing. Cannabis can be used for a lot of different reasons, but it is up to you to figure out how you can build the brand, and get exposure. If you want to get some tips and tricks for it, keep on reading!

Cannabis Brand Building – 8 Things Marketers Should Know

1. Think about the marijuana brand naming

As with any other industry, an effective cannabis brand begins with a memorable name.

The name of your brand is the first and most lasting impression you’ll make on customers.

It must stand out from the crowd and make a strong first impression. It should also be meaningful to your intended audience. Do you want people to perceive your brand as authoritative or approachable?

Because the brand name is the first impression customers will have of the product or service, so think wisely!

2. The uniqueness of it all


You may produce your own marijuana or buy it locally. Your clients should care about what makes your firm stand out.

This is why you should have a proper ‘about us’ section, along with the FAQ section. There are some people who really like to read and get informed about their products.

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Educate your audience about cannabis, the items you sell, and the cannabis industry as it relates to your business. As long as you stand with something new and different + if you have something to offer that others haven’t done just yet, you will be getting a ton of recognition!

3. Build with caution

The brand strategy of your company should reflect its goals, principles, and ideals.

How would your brand be perceived by people? For instance, some customers will only purchase Android devices because they will not consider purchasing anything made by Apple, and vice versa. People frequently prioritize purchasing a product based on the brand name rather than the product’s features and benefits. A consumer’s feelings about a brand and their purchasing decisions are frequently inextricably linked. This is why you may want to hire professionals to ensure that your company’s brand is consistently executed.

4. The right website + social media investment


A strong online presence is critical to the success of any business in today’s digital world. Every person has to adapt to new changes, updates & modern options. So, why not try to get your business popping on TikTok?!

If you’re in the cannabis industry, you must have a website because the majority of your customers are likely to be members of Generation Z or the more tech-savvy millennial generation.

Try and build an amazing website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok account to get exposure (you know, the usual sites).

5. Make sure your intellectual property is safe

To protect your company’s reputation and bottom line from potential harm, four types of intellectual property are required: trademarks, copywriting, patents, and trade secrets.

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One of the first steps in creating a brand identity is to create a memorable mark or trademark.

The other three are critical for protecting your brand’s intellectual property, whether it’s a collection of works of art protected by copyright or a secret method of production used by your company. Any big or small business should think about this step before they get to selling goods.

6. Invest in effective public relations and advertising


The three strategies for improving a cannabis brand mentioned above work together to form a unified whole. Effective public relations and marketing strategies are the foundation of any successful business. They are also used to get exposure organically and within the right sector and by the right group of people.

The first step in making your company a household name is to understand how people perceive it.

Creating a solid public relations and overall marketing strategy is the most effective way to manage how people perceive your brand. If you want to encourage positive customer interactions, make certain that your marketing strategies do not offend or injure anyone.

7. Triple-check any type of safety regulations

Before you present the product (in this case cannabis) to the world, you have to know if it is safe and legal. Marketing your business requires a bit of creativity and research on current regulations in your state/country. Cannabis laws don’t just apply to the products you sell and where you can do business, they can also dictate where and how you advertise. Also, these can vary quite a lot and change as time goes on, so doing constant research and updates is more than vital. For example, did you know that radio ads are typically not allowed in most communities?! This also applies to ads on Google or Facebook, and you don’t want to get a penalty for disobeying them.

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To avoid getting your website or social profiles flagged, find an agency with experience marketing on Google and social media, or if you can do it yourself invest enough time in sorting it out on your own.

8. The right type of packaging


All of us love shiny wrapped-up presents and cute packaging, don’t we?! This is why you should also think about the presentation of your cannabis products. Nowadays, people are all about sustainability and eco-awareness, which is why you should check out Sanapackaging! They know that sourcing impactful materials are important, along with your printing and labeling needs. They will simplify the packaging process and make sure that your brand, and your purpose, are well served while not making waste. You can request a sample before you make your purchase.

The brand also has edibles, vape cartridges, add-ons, and many, many more. Give them a go and see for yourself.