5 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in 2024

Car accidents can be traumatic! Beyond the stress that comes to the accident itself, you still have to navigate complex laws, deal with insurance companies, hospital visits, anxiety, and all the challenges following an accident.

The good news is, you can hire the services of a car accident lawyer to help you navigate all these complications. Now, you might be asking yourself if hiring this professional for your car accident case is worth your time.

In this article, we discuss some of the reasons you need to hire a car accident lawyer.

1. Dedicated negotiator

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Studies show that many car accidents that settle through pretrial always end up with the victim not getting a fair settlement. And this is something you want to avoid at all costs. Since you may not have the experience negotiating for the best in your claim, you may end up asking for little, which may inhibit you from getting the compensation you deserve. Or ask for too much, which could result in denial of the claim.

With an experienced car accident lawyer on your side, you can be confident that you have a dedicated negotiator representing your interests. Since insurance companies are determined to give lowball offers no matter what it takes, a qualified car accident attorney knows this and will arm themselves will every relevant document or evidence to ensure you do not get played. But get paid to the last coin.

2. Calculate your compensation

The amount of compensation you receive following an accident depends on the magnitude of the accident and injuries. In most scenarios, the insurance company will object and ensure that you get less compensation. However, a car accident attorney will evaluate your losses. And ensure that you get the rightful compensation.

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The best weapon is to approach the services of an experienced car accident lawyer such as MAJKLaw. They will increase your chances of getting the highest insurance claim.

3. Frequent communication throughout your case

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A professional car accident attorney keeps you updated throughout your case. Remember, you may still be required to make hospital visits and follow up on some issues regarding your claim. And this could take up so much of your time.

A professional car accident attorney could never leave you in the dark! They will become your primary point of contact between you and the insurance company or the at-fault party. And help return your life to normal.

4. Investigate the accident

A professional car accident attorney will launch a comprehensive investigation into your accident and its cause. They will dedicate their time and attention to help gather evidence. And this proves liability on the part of the other driver. That includes photos, evidence such as skid marks, eye witnesses, etc.

Additionally, they will contact any professional needed to determine the complexity of the crash. Or how it happened. A dedicated car accident attorney will partner with you, availing all the resources to prove your case in court.

5. Advocacy

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Even though some car accident cases settle outside of court, some end up going to trial. In case the other party files a counterclaim once you take your case to court, a car accident attorney will be there to represent and defend you in your case.

What not to do after a car crash

While it is essential to approach the services of a car accident lawyer after your car crash, there are several things that you need to avoid to keep you from jeopardizing your claim.

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Avoid arguing with people after the collision, admitting that you were in the wrong, making promises regarding payments, or saying that you did not experience any complications after the accident. That is because most injuries, even though not physical, may result in soft tissue damage and internal bleeding and will not produce symptoms immediately.

Choosing the best car accident lawyer

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When choosing a car accident lawyer, there are several factors that you need to consider. Some of these include:

a. Experience

When choosing a car accident attorney, you need to consider one with many years of experience. With expertise, they help you obtain the compensation you deserve, collect and analyze the police report and investigate your case to determine the fault. They negotiate with the insurance company, calculate your damages, ensure you get maximum compensation, represent your interests in court, draft your insurance demand letter, etc.

The more years in the industry, the better their skills in navigating car accident cases.

b. Strong track record

Bear in mind that there are personal injury lawyers with many years of experience. But do not have a strong track record of success. For instance, they may not have a history of winning the most complex cases or be known for giving in to low ball settlements from insurance companies.

To ensure that you make the best decision, you need to research whether they have handled complex, multi-million dollar and verdicts for clients before, several cases they have dealt with successfully. And if they have won any awards for their verdicts and settlements.

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c. Reviews

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, you need to assess their reviews. The best professionals have positive ratings on their websites and reliable sites such as Google and Avvo Rating. You might want to steer away from those with negative reviews since it could mean that their skills and services are unreliable.

Additionally, remember to ask for recommendations from family members and trusted friends. That will help save you time and money in the long run.

d. Availability

Another factor to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer is their availability. The best professionals are present 24/7 and will give you all the help you need with your case. Should you need to reach out to them on the phone or messages, they should be responsive and show a keen interest in fighting for your wellbeing.

Besides, they should also be bilingual, allowing you to seek their service even when you cannot speak or understand English.

e. Portfolio

Finally, before hiring a car accident lawyer, you need to check their portfolio. Assess all car accident cases they have handled before and have turned out to be successful. With this knowledge in mind, you get more insights on the outcome to expect.