Fix SSL Version Interference

What is the cause of the SSL VERSION error?

Error message to disrupt the SSL version, often caused by a conflict in the SSL versions enabled in the system. This error can also be caused by third-party antivirus software. There may be other reasons for this error.

The ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE error can cause one of these problems :

  • Incorrect date and time settings on the computer.
  • Hardware acceleration occurs
  • Outdated versions of Google Chrome or Antivirus
  • The data in the browser’s cache is corrupted


The solution that worked best for users who want to have the ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE bug fixed is to disable Google’s Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 protocol, which provides privacy and improved performance over previous versions. For this reason, many users have debated whether this is a solution, as disabling this feature reduces online safety.

Anyway, there are many ways to deal with this problem, let’s learn.

NOTE! Disable the firewall and proxy server before applying solutions.

ssl version interfering solutions

Deactivate TLS 1.3

The ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE bug in Chrome can be quickly fixed by disabling TLS 1.3.

  • Type in the address bar: chrome: // flags
  • Enter TLS in the navigation bar.
  • When the results are displayed, search for TLS 1.3.
  • Set the setting to Off. After you have saved the changes, restart your browser and try to access the website.

Make sure your software is up to date.

Make sure all your programs are up to date, including your Windows operating system, antivirus, Google Chrome, etc. Several bugs and security issues are fixed with each patch release, so this can be a solution for ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE.

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Uninstalling or reinstalling antivirus software

Many reports indicate that some antivirus programs (e.g. Kaspersky and Avast) have caused the ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE error among users. First of all, I recommend that you update your security software to the latest version and see if the problem persists. In this case, it may be useful to reinstall the antivirus software.

  • Find the hidden bins in the toolbar and click on them.
  • Find the security software icon, right-click and select Edit.
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the task manager.
  • Find a task related to your antivirus engine and disable it.
  • Click Start and open the Control Panel.
  • Go to Programs and Features > Uninstall a program.
  • Select your antivirus, right-click it and select Delete/Modify.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Disabling anti-virus software

Another solution would be to disable HTTPS inspection in the antivirus software, because some antivirus programs use an intermediate scanner that may not support the same TLS 1.3 version. Basically, you need to find everything that controls the activity on the internet.

  • Open your antivirus program and click Settings > Advanced.
  • Click Network and search for Check Encrypted Connections.
  • Select Check unencrypted connections and confirm your decision.

If the SSL error persists, try disabling your antivirus program while investigating the cause.

Check date and time

When establishing a secure connection, the SSL protocol uses certain settings provided by the system via the browser and system settings. These parameters also have a time stamp. If it is not installed correctly, you will see an ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE code when you open the website.

  • Open the Control Panel with the control command in the Run window (Win + R).
  • Switch to the display of the large icons and go to the date and time.
  • Click on the date and time setting.
  • Activate the automatic time and time zone settings in the next window.
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Plain text data

If the ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE error persists, try deleting all browsing history, cache and other temporary information stored on your computer.

  • Open Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + Del. You open an empty history window.
  • In the Time pane, click the Advanced tab and select All Time. Click the Clear data button to start the cleaning process.

After restarting the browser, try to open a website that has previously failed due to an SSL intervention error.

Disable hardware acceleration

For example, the hardware acceleration function allows the browser to speed up the hardware. B. the Central Unit, to process the tasks. However, disabling this feature may help to resolve the handling error in the SSL :

  • Open Google Chrome and tap Menu > Settings > Advanced.
  • Scroll down and find the System category.
  • Shift off the hardware gear, if available.

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