FIX: Apc_index_mismatch ntoskrnl.exe [Full Guide]

How do I fix apc_index_mismatch ntoskrnl.exe error?

1. Use special repair software

If you are having problems with the BSOD apc_index_mismatch ntoskrnl.exe error, the easiest way to fix it is to use specialized repair software.

Restoro relies on an online database that contains the latest working system files for the Windows 10 PC, so you can easily replace any item that might cause a BSoD error.

This software can also help you by creating a restore point before you start the repair, so you can easily restore a previous version of your system if something goes wrong.

Here you can learn how to fix registration errors with Restoro:

  1. Download and install Restoro.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Wait for the software to detect stability problems and possibly damaged files.
  4. Click on Start recovery.
  5. Restart the computer so that all changes take effect.

Once this is fixed, your PC should run smoothly and you should not have to worry about BSoD errors or slow response times.

⇒ Get Restoro

Denial: Some specific actions require upgrading this program from the free version.

2. Reinstall the Graphics Card Reader

  1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager from the list.
  2. Find the driver for the graphics card in the cradle, right click on it and select Uninstall Driver.
  3. If present, check the Remove drivers for this device option and click the Remove button.
  4. Once the driver is uninstalled, update it to the latest version.

Note that audio drivers can also cause this problem. Users had problems with the Dell drivers, but after upgrading to the Realtek HD Audio driver, the problem was solved.

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The Apc_index_mismatch ntoskrnl.exe error is often related to video card drivers and it is recommended to use DriverFix software to update them quickly.

⇒ Get DriverFix

3. Removal of problematic software

  1. Press Windows key + I to open the Settings application and go to Applications.
  2. Find the Star8 software, select it, and click Uninstall.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove it.

Note that other applications can also cause this error, especially applications that modify the Windows shell. So if you have applications that change the look of Windows, make sure they are removed.

4. Checking BIOS Settings.

  1. Go to your computer’s BIOS. If you don’t know how to do this, please refer to our BIOS Access Guide.
  2. Now find the Gaming Boost setting and turn it on.
  3. Not necessary: If you don’t have this setting, try increasing the speed and voltage of your memory a bit.

Sometimes BIOS settings can cause apc_index_mismatch ntoskrnl.exe error, but after following these steps the problem should be solved.

5. Check your equipment

In some cases, your hardware may be causing this BSOD error. If this is the case, you can remove the newly installed hardware or check that everything is working properly.

Some users have reported that this problem is caused by their processor or PCI-E wireless adapter. Check them first.

Fixing apc_index_mismatch ntoskrnl.exe doesn’t have to be tedious, and in most cases reinstalling or updating the drivers can solve the problem.

Has this error already occurred on your computer? Share your solutions with us in the comments section below.

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