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Five Must-Try Electronic Gadgets In 2024

Looking for inspiration for smart homes? Do you need gadgets for another specialty? Are you all bored and trying to get your hands on a brilliant new technology? If you need cool gadgets, we have made our specialists aware of this new technology and selected what we think is the best new tool for 2024.

Of course we won’t waste your time with useless little things, and with a practical test we’ll let you know we’re getting our little hands dirty, just look for our initials.


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FIXD is a relatively new and creative product that will save you a lot of money on unnecessary car repairs. It can also help clarify ambiguities revealed by the mysterious warning light in the engine control system.

Just plug it into your car’s diagnostic port and a small device will tell you exactly where the problem is. It only works on cars built since 1996 and has already been sold for more than $50 million by 2018.

New Amazon Echo Point

The new echo point of the Amazon.

He’s the new Amazon spokesperson, smart and fat.  This Echo Dot (4th generation) is smoother (and rounder!) and this time has a much higher quality (and much better bass) than ever. It is available at many electronics stores in Toronto. So buy a single stream of all your favorite songs, play Alexa games, turn so many things on and off in your smart home and more.

Arlo video doorbell

An Arlo Video Intercom is our best option for the best video intercom. It offers a good balance between cost, luxury and functionality if you want a high-quality, intelligent doorbell that works efficiently without creating an intrusive experience.

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The special feature, which distinguishes people, animals, cars and bags and only sends you the right updates, means that you never get a warning when a strong wind sends a plastic container on the road.

The ability to detect traffic zones so that you are only warned when someone is in those areas and the ability to disable all alarms when you are at home make a smart doorbell not only an electronic nuisance, but a useful security tool.

Osmokarma Man

This camera is a fully functional, calibrated 4 kilometer camera. You heard right. The Osmo Pocket fits directly in your pocket and offers a more powerful clip than any other professional photographer.

You get clean, absolutely unshakeable shots thanks to a 4K-channel handle, the head of which rests on a stable cardanic suspension. You can also set up camera elements or connect your phone to the large preview screen.

When you see your head floating around these things, it’s like seeing a robot coming out of Star Wars. That’s all you need for videos or blogs, especially when you’re on the go.

OTHER intelligent switches

IDTY Intelligent switch

To get rid of the switches there is intelligent lighting, but with a switch it’s unbelievable, you’ll want to go back. A similar issue is being raised directly by MI6 Headquarters. It is a decent platform for your intelligent lighting systems, with subtle and beautiful lighting, dimmers and intelligent integration in the home.

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