4 Tips for Finding the Best Betting Arbitrage Software in 2024

Online betting and gambling is a fast growing industry, one of the fastest for that matter. As people want more forms of entertainment and more ways in which they can feel the thrill of potentially winning money, betting companies and gambling houses form far and wide come up with new and exciting things. Players appreciate it and they are quick to jump on the new form of betting and experience brand new forms of their favorite pastime activity.

One such novelty in the world of betting is arbitrage betting. Not really that new, it is actually now getting more traction as bettors from all over discover it and incorporate it into their daily betting practices. But what is betting arbitrage and how do you actually do it? You have maybe heard of it already, and perhaps you even know about the software that exists that will help you. Whatever the case may be, as a modern gambler you have to know about all the tricks in order to win more and lose less.

In this article we talk about the best tips for finding the best betting arbitrage software there is. If all of this sounds interesting to you and like something you can have the use of, make sure to read the article in its entirety. What is more, we highly advise you to check out sure.bet and learn more about arbitrage software and which one to go with. Without further ado, let us dive deeper into the matter.

What is This Software Really?

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Arbitrage bets (arbs) are usually described as those with higher odds that allow the players to bet on every possible outcomes of a single sports event and still profit. Such betting opportunities happen when the provided bookmaker odds meet a very specific combination of conditions and terms. Such bets are quite rare and not at all a common occurrence. Players have been known to scour the offers for hours only to come up short and settle for ordinary bets. Even if you manage to find a few, they may not be true arbitrage bets.

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Lucky for the players, there is a straightforward solution to this problem and it comes in the form of a specialized software. Surebet software, as it is also known, is capable of scanning the odds of dozens and even hundreds of bookmakers available and find arbitrage bets among the different matches. It does this for multiple sports, leagues, tournaments, and competitions at once and saves you a lot of valuable time in the process. Once an arbitrage bet has been found, the player gets a calculated profit margin and a notification. You are then left to proceed further however you like and either bet on it or skip it.

Basically, all it does it look for what you need and save you hours, if not days. You therefore have enough of it to do the exciting part of the whole betting affair, which is actually placing the bets and following the games. It depends however what kind of software you use and by which company. Most of the best ones will cost you, and the free ones are not always that useful. Therefore, you need to know how to find the best one for your specific needs.

Tips for Finding the Best Arbitrage Software

Features of this type of software are typically quite easy and straightforward to pinpoint if you think about it.

Following are the things you should evaluate before going with your preferred arbitrage betting software.

1. Check how quickly it refreshes

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Bets appear and go away all the time so you will need a program that refreshes quickly and updates you in real time. The best arbitrage bets go away in minutes, sometimes even seconds, so knowing that they exist is prevalent. It is imperative that you have the right information at the right time and that can only happen if your software refreshes the searches quicker than others.

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2. A reliable calculator is crucial

Even if you constantly have notifications and updates and you are able to react quickly, you will not be able to do much if you do not know the exact stakes and profit. If the calculator feature is off, or if it is too slow with estimations, you lose precious time and therefore the bets themselves. Automatic calculations are the key component of this feature and there should also be an option for rounding the stakes, as it helps with the possible suspicion from the bookies.

3. Number of bookies covered

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The bread and butter of every such software is the amount of bookmakers it covers with its searches. More bookies covered means more potential arbs, which further means more profit to be had. You are of course much more likely to find the most lucrative odds if you get info from a variety of different places. Over time, your account may get certain limits so more bookies available will help you there. Just like with other types of gambling and betting, the more options you have the better chances at having more fun and being a more successful bettor.

4. Security and defense

We touched upon the topic of having your account limited a bit, but here we will discuss it more. Arbitraging bettors are no strangers to having their accounts limited, blocked for a time, or even suspended if the bookies suspect foul play based on their winnings. The best software available nowadays has a measure against such problems because it comes equipped with hiding features. Your arbitrage activity is hidden and therefore impossible to track. The bookies will not be able to find out what you are doing based on your browser and social media activity either, since the cache and cookie info are cleared before and after every session you have. Such features are important at the moment since most arbitrage bettors do not have long careers. Eventually, they are forced to stop but with proper defensive features like these, you will surely have a long and prosperous career.

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