6 Exotic Fruit You Can Grow Indoors

If you are a fan of gardening or caring about plants that make your home happy, but you don’t have the conditions to do that in your home, especially if you live in an apartment or you have a house without a yard, you can still grow plants that produce fruits indoors. Not only that you will have something to try that you have been growing yourself, but the plants will also make your home more beautiful, acting like a décor that is actually alive.

Other than the regular plants that you can grow inside your home, you can also try to grow exotic fruits if the conditions let you do that. If not, you can still manage to grow them, but you will have to spend more time caring about them and give them the proper conditions like warmth, humidity, and enough water.

In this article, we will talk about some of the exotic fruits that you can grow inside your living space, having interesting fruits that you can find on the market at home, and having your area improved.

Passion fruit

Source: chefsmandala.com

This plant is as easy to be grown as it is delicious. Maybe this is one of the easiest plants that you can grow inside your home that produce a fruit that is actually exotic. If you were wondering, how can you do that, I will tell you since it is really straightforward. All you have to do is buy the developed garden seed with a little branch coming out of it, and you plant it inside a pot that is not too big and not too small.

After that, you will have to give it enough sun exposure because it is still a tropical fruit, so around five hours of direct sun exposure should be enough. The watering is on a medium frequency, so if you forget to do that, you can water them the next day without causing a problem. After around two to three months, you can expect the fruit to be ripe enough for you to try it. If not, the next year definitely will have a fruit that you can try and enjoy.

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This tropical fruit is another one that can be grown inside your living space pretty easily. However, you should keep in mind that it can grow pretty tall, so if your ceiling is low, you may want to consider ordering a baby tree that grows a lot shorter than the original one while still producing fruits. If you don’t have the option of having the baby tree, you can cut the plant from the top to avoid growing bigger than you can maintain.

The growing process is the following, you get a developed garden seed and you transfer it to a big container or pot because it grows tall and the roots are big as well. You will need to have to match the earth inside the pot properly so it can grow with full potential. After that, all you will have to do is to water it properly and to expect the fruit to be grown in a year.


Source: unsplash.com

If you have seen how these trees look in nature, you can notice that they are pretty big, and you might wonder how can this tall tree fit inside your house. The gardening industry is pretty well developed, so you can find trees like this that grow only a meter or two that still produce fruit. You will have to get a mango gardening seed that has roots already coming out of it, as suggested by gardenparadiseseeds.com. Since it is a big tree, you will need to plant that in a bigger pot so it can grow properly.

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The ground inside the pot is not really important, so you will not have to buy a special one for this tree because this plant is not as choosy as some other ones. After watering it regularly, and exposing it to the sun as much as you can, you can expect to develop fruits in a year or so.


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Growing these fruits inside your home is also an easy task to do because they are not hard to maintain, and they don’t require much time for their care. The plant looks really good, and you can even compare it to an aloe because of the similarity of the leaves. To grow this plant, you will need a small plant that you can transfer into a bigger pot. The earth inside the pot can be regular, and watering should be done occasionally just to have the earth moist. After some time, you can expect the fruit to fully develop and be ripe enough so you and your close ones can enjoy it.


Source: unsplash.com

This is not a fruit, but it is still a really great plant that you can grow inside your living space. Since it is a medicinal herb, it has benefits that other fruits might not offer. This flower is really easy to be grown, they just need warm places and efficient sun exposure so they can grow properly, so you can place them near your windows, and you will be done. After that, you will have to water them but not very often because they enjoy the dry conditions.

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You can use these medicinal herbs on many occasions and situations like food supplements, so you can put them inside your drinks and foods to improve the taste. Also, you can use these herbs for aromatherapy because their scent helps with stress relief and reduces depression feeling.


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This is another medicinal herb that you can grow inside your home. They need more of a wet environment to grow how they should, so you will have to water them properly. To use them, you will have to pick the leaves in a moment where they are ready because if you are late, they might not taste as good. These medicinal herbs have benefits that can be used in different ways. You can brew the leaves and drink that peppermint water, so it helps with digestion, also, you can use these leaves to make cocktails in the summer for much-needed refreshment.


If you enjoy taking care of plants, there is really no excuse that you can’t grow them because you live in an apartment. With many different options, you can choose whatever you want to plant inside your home and have a product that you will be proud of. Other than fruits, medicinal herbs are something that you can grow as well, both for their benefits and for a variety of plants.