Learn why it is crucial to have KN95 masks now more than ever!

Even once Covid ‘ends’ and we are back to normal, things may never truly be the same. We went from a world of no safety precautions to one where we were restricted from seeing our own family members living in a different room of the house. Since the world will transform into a more cautious one, we think, once this pandemic ends, there are certain things we can learn from this tough time that will make us a healthier world.

One aspect of this pandemic that can carry over to regular life is wearing protective face coverings to prevent the spread of illnesses, whether it be the common cold or the flu.

Why are KN95 masks so important?

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KN95 masks, similar to the popular N95 mask used in hospitals and doctor’s offices, are crucial to keeping you safe and protected during the Coronavirus pandemic. These masks filter out at least 95% particles that can be transmitted in the air via sweat, talking, or singing near someone else’s face, reaching out to buy online face mask online.

These masks are usually worn by medical workers and are now deemed the ‘gold standard’ in most countries, with people often finding a KN95 for sale online at various retailers.

Other masks, like surgical masks or ones you used to find in dentist’s offices, don’t create as tight of a seal. Therefore, these masks do not protect as well against foreign particles from getting into your mouth and nose.

5 reasons to wear a KN95 mask

Masks protect others

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If you have a loved one, friend, or colleague, chances are you wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of Covid, the flu, or the common cold. If you know someone who is highly susceptible to getting sick, whether it be someone immunocompromised or of old age, wearing a mask is thinking of them.

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The main way Covid spreads is by person to person speaking or singing, since droplets can be produced when a ‘positive’ person gets any of their moisture on another person. Wearing a mask prevents you from knowingly infecting another person, since you may not have any symptoms.

Studies have shown that face coverings, especially N95 or KN95 masks, are effective in reducing the number of droplets via transmission. By wearing a KN95 mask, droplets can be substantially reduced in terms of how far they can travel.

You may not know you are contagious

Many people have Covid or another disease without any symptoms. Either you are not showing symptoms yet, or you may be completely asymptomatic while still infected. Masks are a way to keep others protected when you are not sure if you are positive or not. If you are vaccinated, you don’t have to worry about this fact – but everyone else, which is the majority of people, needs to wear a KN95 mask to prevent the spread.

Masks can protect YOU too

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Masks offer some protection for the wearer, as well, since the overall circulation of the virus will be diminished. If everyone wore a KN95 mask while in public spaces, the virus would not be able to transmit between positive and negative people.

If the virus cannot be transmitted due to everyone wearing masks, it will have nowhere to go. By blocking the virus passage, everyone benefits in one way or the other. If everyone was mandated to wear a KN95 or N95 mask while in public, the spread of the virus could have been halted – preventing 450,000 Covid cases in the US alone.

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Masks can help the economy

Another reason to wear a KN95 mask is to help the economy and the world get back to normal. By protecting others and protecting yourself, you can go back to in-person shopping, venues, sporting events, and other recreational activities. A national face mask mandate for every country could help reduce the prevalence of lockdowns and quarantines.

No good alternatives

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When comparing the alternatives to wearing a KN95 or N95 mask, no other option has the same effectiveness rate. Preventative measures are okay for slowing the spread or preventing it in the first place, but since Covid is already here and making its mark, a mask is the most responsible way to intervene.

Why You Should Purchase a KN95 Mask For Sale

KN95 masks help reduce the risk of getting and spreading Covid, along with other airborne illnesses or diseases. Wearing any type of mask in the future, whether it be an N95 or KN95, can be a good way to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Other steps you can take to stay healthy in the future are to avoid poorly ventilated indoor spaces, avoid crowded areas, stay home when you are sick, and wash hands frequently with soap and water.

Furthermore, masks protect other people. If you find that you are having symptoms of an illness, putting on a KN95 mask is a courteous consideration to other people if you have to leave your house. A mask is a barrier to prevent virus particles from escaping and landing on another person. Wearing a mask is especially important when visiting those at risk of catching illnesses, like immuno-compromised or older people.

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Lastly, you might not realize you’re contagious. If you find that you have mild symptoms, but chalk it up to a bad night’s sleep, wearing a mask to take extra precautions ensures that your friend and family will not catch your illness.


Although we think that everything is going to return to ‘normal’ once Covid ends, we will be looking at a ‘new normal.’ We may see that people are more health-conscious, carrying around hand sanitizer, avoiding touching public surfaces, wearing KN95 masks in crowded spaces, or maintaining distance between strangers at restaurants or movie theaters.

To stay safe and limit the spread of any illness, like the cold or flu, keeping KN95 masks in your house after Covid can be a smart and healthy move for you and your family.