Relationship Problems Due To An Erectile Dysfunction? Some Solutions!

Sex plays an important role in a relationship. The importance of sex in the relationship differs per couple and can differ according to the phase the relationship is in. It is often the case that one partner has a higher libido than the other and it comes down to finding a balance that both can be satisfied with.

If the man has erectile dysfunction, a problem can arise. They should use kamagra. This causes a lot of stress for both partners. The man often feels ashamed, it is often felt as being ‘incomplete’ as a man, and starts to feel insecure or powerless.

As a woman you may doubt yourself: are you attractive enough, are you doing something wrong? And both probably want to be intimate with each other, and miss that part of the relationship.

Sex releases energy and makes both partners really feel closer to each other. Failing this, tensions can easily arise, which take a lot from both of them to deal with. So often relationship problems arise due to erectile dysfunction.
Many people struggle with shame to discuss the problem or to seek help. However, it is a problem that affects more people. In the Netherlands, about 15% of adults suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction can have various causes. Some of these can be dealt with, so it is advisable to talk about them with an expert.

Erection problems can be caused by physical or psychological causes. Certain diseases, medication use, neurological problems can have a major impact on erectile dysfunction, kamagra can help to overcome.

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Age can also play a role. The cause of erectile dysfunction is often psychological. This may be because the man experiences a lot of stress, struggles with fear of failure or a negative self-image, because of tensions in the relationship that cannot be talked out. These are just a few of the possible causes.

Less pleasure in sex

Having erection problems can put a lot of pressure on your sex life & use kamagra .You may be afraid that you won’t succeed again. This way, sex becomes something that is subject to a lot of pressure, instead of something that you enjoy.

Partner effect


Your partner may have a problem with your erectile dysfunction. After all, it also affects him/her. Every partner reacts differently to it. Your partner may start to doubt her own attractiveness because of your erectile dysfunction. It can also happen that your partner is angry or disappointed. This often stems from your own insecurity about the situation. Your partner may also feel sorry or accept it. Whatever the reaction, it’s important that you talk to your partner about your erection problems, no matter how difficult it may be. Talking about it will make you less distant from each other and can help reduce the pressure of getting an erection. Talk about it in a quiet moment, don’t do it in a sexual context.

Conditions for the use of erection drugs

The agents should not be prescribed with concomitant use of certain vasodilators such as those containing nitrates. Furthermore, the use of the drugs is not recommended within six months after a heart attack or stroke. Before they can be prescribed, it will have to be estimated whether the physical load that the sexual activity costs is not too heavy. The degree of physical exertion is shown in METS. During sexual activity, it is comparable to walking up two flights of stairs smoothly. This effort is, of course, dependent on the intensity of the sexual activity. If these activities don’t cause any problems, sexual exertion usually won’t cause any problems.

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When building up sexual activity after a heart attack, you will be asked to slowly build up sexual activity.

Vacuum pump or erection pump

Although the erection pump has been ridiculed in many movies, it can be very effective. The vacuum pump is a simple and safe method to more or less induce the erection. The device is often recommended if medicines do not work, or if the side effects of the above medicines are too great. The great advantage of a vacuum pump is that it is a natural remedy that can be used as required. There are actually no side effects and it works quickly and effectively. An erection can be obtained within a few minutes.

The disadvantage may be that the user will have to develop some dexterity. He and his partner will also have to get used to the use of a device, because the lovemaking has to be interrupted for a while, and it can take a while before it has been given a good place in the lovemaking.

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How an erection pump works


The vacuum pump works by drawing a vacuum in a cylinder that is placed airtight over the penis. The vacuum fills the penis with blood. A ring is then slipped over the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing back out of the penis. The penis then remains erect. The advantage of this method is that every man can use this tool. This also applies to men for whom medication or a local injection in the penis cannot be used. The vacuum pump is not reimbursed. Many men can get an (almost) normal erection with a vacuum pump and have sexual intercourse satisfactorily.

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