8 Pros and Cons of Custom Writing in Academic Education

Every student can attest that they’ve written at least one essay throughout their stay in school, whether primary, secondary, or tertiary school students. However, this isn’t a pointer for interest – you can bet on your life that several students detest essay writing. As such, many of them try to skip this activity.

One of the major reasons students hate college paper writing is the perceived difficulty of the writing process. However, the paper writing activity is easier a task than students think. On the contrary, it is an interesting activity that improves students’ writing, creativity, and organizational skills.

Unfortunately, only a few students understand the benefits of writing their college papers themselves. So, most employ custom writing services from sites mentioned on RankMyService, to get their papers done. Custom writing allows students to focus on other important academic activities while ensuring they ace their college papers.

Since several students patronize custom writing services, it is necessary to understand their impact on students, hence this article. This article will examine the pros and cons of custom writing in the academic sector. But first, there is a question that many students need answers to.

Why So Many Essays?

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First things first! Why do students have to deal with so many essays?

Although college paper writing has long been a requirement in academic instruction, students write more papers than ever before. Previously, students wrote mostly short essays, known as themes, to explain their grasp of a topic. But over time, the length and frequency of college paper writing have increased. The question is why.

One of the main reasons academic education requires so much essay writing is the mental laziness that accompanies the invention of the internet. In the past, students had to memorize the most important information for a course and repeat and demonstrate them in multiple-choice and short-answer exams to prove that they had mastered it.

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However, the need to read and memorize course information has reduced due to the development of search engines and the availability of internet resources online. As a result, memorizing has become less important in college courses in favor of higher-level skills.

So, the obvious answer is that academic institutions give students research-related paper writing tasks to accomplish this. When writing essays, students can employ various research methods to get the paper written, develop analytical thinking, and improve their academic performance.

Therefore, it is safe to say that essays are now a popular and effective technique for assessing and developing analytical abilities.

Unfortunately, this reason for this increment is still being defeated because most students still patronize custom writing service.

Pros of Custom Writing in Academic Education

Truthfully, paper writing can be daunting. You need to ensure you have well-researched, well-opinionated, and original content on the topic and ensure it is plagiarism free, grammatically free, flows well, and persuades the reader. This is where custom paperss come in – most can help you achieve these goals at a little token. Here are some advantages of custom essay writing in academic education.

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1. Custom-written papers save you time

The primary benefit of custom writing services is the time saved. Giving out your college papers gives you time to attend to other homework and academic and extracurricular activities. It also affords you time to keep up with work or your side hustle, if you have any.

2. It saves you stress

College papers are undoubtedly stressful to write. When writing a college paper, you need to conduct in-depth research, create an outline, write your findings, and edit your work. You will agree that each of these steps comes with different stress levels. Custom writing saves you this stress and allows you to rest after a long day at school.

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3. Professional and A-worthy essays

Custom writing services are primarily offered by professionals who have been writing essays and academic pieces for years. This implies that essays written by these professionals are high-quality, unique, and more likely to gain you good marks. So, since the majority of custom essays are written by professors you can be certain that your essay is in good hands.

4. Speedy delivery and submission

One of the most interesting perks of custom writing services is speedy deliveries. Most custom essays are written by experienced authors and professors. Do you know what this means? It means that they are likely to finish and deliver at a faster rate than an amateur student.

Sometimes, these deliveries can even be fast-tracked, particularly when you have an urgent deadline – you will only have to pay a small fee for this.

5. It offers you an opportunity to learn

Learning doesn’t always have to involve active participation. Students can also learn by reading and observing. Getting your essay written by professionals allows you to study and understand how to write an exceptional one. It also helps students improve mechanical writing skills, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation, referencing, and syntax. These skills are essential because they are often used in all written forms of communication.

Cons of Custom Writing in Academic Education

Although custom writing has its pros, it is not without its cons. Here are some of the cons of custom writing.

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1. It makes students lazy

Student or not, everyone likes a free pass. Whatever takes the burden off our shoulders, we’re down with it. While this isn’t bad, it can become excessive and make us lackluster. When students consistently do this, they gradually lose their spark and increasingly become lazy. With time, even regular homework becomes a burden.

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2. It may cost a tad

Although not every custom writing costs much, several of them do. But, even at cheap rates, the cost of these essays eventually builds up to outrageous amounts.

Most students who use these services have to pay out of pocket or work extra hours to afford the fees – we all know students need money for more important things.

3. Poorly-written content

Several online custom writing services offer poorly written content with plagiarism, poor grammar, and punctuation. Such essays are usually done at meager rates and by unreliable and unprofessional custom paper writing sites.

This is one of the most important disadvantages of custom paper writing. Unfortunately, several students fall prey to these services and end up paying the price for them.


Writing a college paper is more beneficial and straightforward than it seems. However, if you’re having trouble writing your essay, one of the best things you can do is find professional custom writers to help you. Remember that they can quickly write you a distinction-worthy essay while allowing you to learn more about writing.